Software for automatic shortlisting of candidates

HireWand drastically reduces cost of hire and minimizes time to hire
by Intelligently matching just the right candidates for your requirements
across all sources.

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Build your own talent pool

Aggregating profiles from all sources, be it social networks, referrals, job boards and more

Automatic shortlisting & ranking

Instantly shortlist top candidates for an opening and be alerted when the right candidates get added to the pool.

Standard, insightful profile view

With insights beyond what is available in the resume, making it easy to compare and pick the best candidates.


Building your own talent pool

Hirewand collects the resumes received from various sources and automatically builds a single talent pool that is searchable.

There is ZERO effort required to build and use the talent pool.

The various sources supported are

  • Your mail box
  • Your career site
  • Your social channels
  • Employee referrals
  • Downloads from any sites
  • Vendor networks

For a new opening

HireWand's detailed requirement builder allows you to set all the criteria required to pull up just the right candidates.

E.g.,Comp Sc Graduate with 2 – 6 years of experience, an expert in Java and Jquery, with some experience in MVC

HireWand shortlists the best set of candidates from your talent pool and makes them available in seconds for a requirement

HireWand presents the shortlisted candidates in a structured, consistent view along with additional insights beyond what is provided in the resume, helping you pick the right candidate quickly.


Keeping a lookout

HireWand continues to watch every incoming profile across sources. You will be alerted if any of the incoming profile is a good match for your opening.

You will be notified of a match on our desktop notification app, mail and our web app.

All relevant information about the profile is made available in our desktop app. You can browse through them and choose to pick or ignore the candidate in minutes.


Our matching and ranking of candidates

For every requirement HireWand ranks the shortlisted candidates and categorizes the candidate as “EXCELLENT FIT”, “GOOD FIT”, “MEDIUM FIT” and “LOW FIT”.

HireWand also provides you with a match card, which is the summary of reasons why the candidate is a good fit and concerns that you need to be aware of while picking the candidate.


Crisp and insightful profile view

HireWand presents a structured and crisp view of the profile. A standardized view of the profile makes it easy for the user to compare and take a call.

For each profile HireWand adds insights not available in the resume, but can be useful in making hiring decisions. HireWand has a semantic knowledge base that allows us to provide additional information about the candidate. This knowledge base is growing and is self learning, that allows us to bring more and more value to you over time.

E.g., Tier of the college, Type of company worked in etc.,

A more detailed view of the profile shows the company timeline and the projects within each. This view is structured and consistent across all profiles.

If you would still like to go through the detailed resume, that is still available within the app


HireWand marketplace

Open your requirements to be serviced by 100s of verified recruiters on our platform. They can push candidates for your openings, if you are unable to find them through your existing channels.

HireWand does the required duplicate check with candidates in your database or with candidates pushed in by other recruiters.

Depend on HireWand’s unbiased rating of the candidate, insights provided and the recruiters own assessment to make the right decision about the candidate