The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) is a global organization that develops science and advice to support the sustainable use of the oceans.

ICES is a network of more than 4000 scientists from over 350 marine institutes in 20 member countries and beyond. 1600 scientists participate in our activities annually.

Through strategic partnerships our work also extends into the Arctic, the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, and the North Pacific Ocean.

ICES is committed to building a foundation of science around one key challenge: integrated understanding of marine ecosystems.

ICES advances this through the coordination of oceanic and coastal monitoring and research, and advises international commissions and governments on marine policy and management issues.

ICES strives to provide the best available science for decision-makers to make informed choices on the sustainable use of the marine environment and ecosystems.

The United States is a member of ICES. US scientists, from government and academia, participate in many of the ICES expert groups. US scientists attend each ICES annual science conference where many present papers and posters. Each member country nominates two delegates to serve on the ICES Council. Our current government delegate is Dr. Bill Karp, Science and Research Director for the NOAA Fisheries Northeast Fisheries Science Center (, and our current academic delegate is Dr. Steve Murawski, who is a professor at the University of South Florida ( More information about ICES, and membership of ICES Committees and Expert Groups can be found at: Notices and information of particular interested to US scientists involved in ICES can be found here.

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