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FishBox open-source code repository for ecological modeling and statistics
Disclaimer: The code on this site comes with no warranty as to its correctness.
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A project by the Mathematical Biology and Systems Monitoring Program at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Seattle WA to create user-friendly webtools for scientific code collaboration.
Web site owner: NWFSC

User Agreement I agree that any document or data I provide to the NWFSC (Center) FishBox website may be used by authorized users of the FishBox website. If there are any restrictions on the use of the document or code, they shall be clearly marked on the project or files. This will include any copyright notice. I further agree that I will use any document or code to which I am given access on the website in a professional manner and consistent with any posted restrictions on that document or code. Failure to do so may be the basis for termination of my access to the website. Since this website is owned and controlled by the Government, any submitted document or data may be subject to a request under FOIA, however the submitter will be notified prior to any release by NOAA. By signing into this portal or downloading code, you have agreed to the above terms and conditions.
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