Download Query Manager and MARPLOT Applications, Data, and Maps

Query Manager Version 2.96/MARPLOT Installer [Windows Executable, 9.41 MB]: Download Query Manager Version 2.96 for access to data for water, oil, sediment, tissue, and bioassay matrices.

Query Manager Dictionary Files are frequently updated with additions to species, tests, analyses, or chemicals. If you have a previously installed version of Query Manager, you may need to update your version by downloading the most recent dictionary files. Download these dictionary files from the table below. No error message will appear if you are using an outdated dictionary.

Check out this tutorial for a step-by-step guide of how to download and install Query Manager.

Data and Maps

Watershed (Fact Sheet or Website) Database
Map Dictionary
Alaska / Arctic 06-01-2015 Map 06-01-2015
Anacostia River, Washington, DC 02-27-2013 Map 02-27-2013
California 05-21-2015 Map 05-21-2015
Charles River, Massachusetts 11-01-2007 Map 08-21-2007
Delaware Estuary, Mid Atlantic Coast 03-23-2013 Map 03-23-2013
Elizabeth River, Virginia 03-24-2012 Map 03-09-2012
Great Lakes 05-19-2016 Map 05-19-2016
Gulf Coast Historical 09-24-2014 Map 09-19-2014
Hudson River, New York 02-03-2016 Map 02-03-2016
NY / NJ Harbor (formerly Newark Bay) 09-27-2016 Map 09-27-2016
Pacific Islands 03-21-2010 Map 03-08-2010
Portland Harbor / Willamette River, Oregon 11-18-2013 Map 11-12-2013
Puget Sound, Washington 03-23-2016 Map 03-23-2016
St. Andrew Bay, Florida 07-06-2001 Map -
St. Johns River, Florida 03-09-2004 Map -
St. Lawrence River (Grasse River) 06-24-2014 Map 12-24-2013
National Datasets (includes NOAA NS&T and EPA EMAP) 09-22-2014 Map 09-19-2014
Vieques Island, Puerto Rico 08-28-2007 Map 08-21-2007
  -  -     Map -

National Sediment Inventory Data

Watershed Database
Map Dictionary
National Sediment Inventory 05-18-2007 - -

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