The Modern Workplace: Increasing Employee Engagement with Emerging Technology | 4/13, 2pm ET

Is it IT’s responsibility to keep employees engaged? Ten years ago, the answer would have been no, but today, as organizations become more technologically dependent, IT is suddenly at the center of the engagement conversation.

Join world-renowned futurist and Gigaom Managing Director of Research Stowe Boyd as he moderates a panel of leading IT professionals, futurists, and employee engagement specialists. The panel will help you better understand how to build a modern workplace where technology never holds anyone back.

When you leave this webinar, you’ll have heard:

  • Realistic future of work predictions from renowned futurists
  • Emerging technologies that will change the way your employees work
  • Actionable techniques for increasing employee engagement with technology
  • Relevant IT best practices that will help increase employee job satisfaction and productivity


STOWE BOYD, Managing Director for Gigaom Research

He is a well-known futurist, researcher, and analyst. His focus is the future of work, and the tectonic forces pushing business into an unclear and accelerating future. Stowe worked as an analyst, and later lead analyst, for the original Gigaom Research from 2011, and as the research lead in social tools, work technology, and the future of work area since fall 2012. Stowe has been tracking the social revolution online since 1999, when he coined the term ‘social tools’, and starting blogging. He was president of Corante, a blogging pioneer, in the mid ‘00s, and has been widely recognized as a theorist and influencer in the social web. He coined the term ‘hashtag’ in ’07 during an online conversation with Chris Messina, the originator of the convention. Stowe has participated in numerous conferences and events worldwide, including Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Gigaom Net:Work, Reboot, Next, Mesh, Shift, Lift, SIBOS, Defrag, SxSW, and several TEDx events.

CÉLINE SHILLINGER, Head, Quality Innovation & Engagement at Sanofi Pasteur

Portrayed in Forbes as “driving some of the most award-winning and buzz-worthy employee initiatives at Sanofi Pasteur”, Celine directs Innovation and Engagement for Global Quality at Sanofi’s vaccine division. A leader in collaborative projects for business and organizational transformation, Celine has been recognized multiple times for her innovative engagement initiatives in the pharma world: Most Valuable Patient Initiative finalist (2016), Most Impactful Emerging Initiative (2015), Best Use of Social Media for Healthcare (2014), French Businesswoman of the year (2013). Her career spans Communications, Business Operations, HR, Marketing, and Social Engagement across Asia, Europe and now the United States. A TEDx speaker, Celine is passionate about people-centric innovation to modernize the business environment and increase performance.

CHAD SMITH, Manager at Maven Wave Partners

Chad Smith is a manager at Maven Wave Partners. Smith has 10 years of IT consulting experience, working on various initiatives including ERP, master data management, and cloud solutions across industries. Smith has spent his career advising large orgs to execute transformational initiatives. Now, he provides expert advice to improve organizational collaboration and communication through the use of technology and change management. Smith’s passion is solving problems with a blend of business aptitude, technology know-how, and strategic vision.