Eric Garland


Strategic analyst for businesses and government agencies. Linguist. Bassist.

Joined October 2008

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  1. Read THIS. ALL OF IT. You may want to break out a whisky, though

  2. Don’t be inspired by me. Be inspired by Stanley Spadowski. He is my mentor.

  3. Favorite description of anything I’ve done, maybe ever.

  4. Le Grand Jeu, in Storify form, courtesy of

  5. I would like to enlist and the rest of America and fund a Hamilton Memorial. On the site of the current Trump Tower. Doable?

  6. Another stunning thread to read and reread on a Sunday afternoon. Resistance is NOT futile.

  7. </THREAD>

  8. Now is a time for patriots. It's also Sunday afternoon. I'm gonna get a beer and watch football. God Bless America, and all nations.

  9. America is all these things, and should yet another absolutist demagogue, foreign or domestic seize her, it will be far from the end.

  10. America came from the Torah and Voltaire's Candide and Adam Smith and zen koans and Greek mathematics and Rumi's poetry.

  11. America came from the olive groves of Italy and the shipyard of Plymouth and the islands of the Philippines. Indivisible.

  12. But America will go on, even if by another name, unless all who have heard her name are extinguished. This is just the locus of promise.

  13. That America will last long after I have died, long after new people have picked the torch. Long after we betray it again, as we will.

  14. That is America. That is the promise that Americans oft ignore and which more cynical nations would defile for their own gain.

  15. The Progress demanded by our Creator can be achieved by immigrants and natives, skeptics and believers, the elite and the humble alike.

  16. Progress can come from Traditionalists or Labor Unionists or mystics or musicians or doctors or Senators or journalists. All are exhorted.

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