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ABAY Derby 2012

Thursday Jan 26th 2012 – arrive at camp around 6:30pm after work.  Paul, Craig, Reggie, Rich and Melissa there, had Pizza and Wings for dinner. Reggie caught a 33 inch pike earlier that Craig threw back. Pello and Critter stopped down.

Friday Jan 27th 2012- pouring rain, 3 inches of water on the ice, pello brings his 4 wheeler down, we fetched Richs shanty and setup towards Goat Island around 7:30am. Pouring rain, were soaked by 8am.  Early flags, caught 10 or so pike, a few nice perch, Rich came out after work for a few hours and got a pike. Critter jigged a half bucket of nice blue gills in front of the red camp.  Packed it in late, almost couldn’t see tip ups (that’s why I forgot one there). Went back to camp, Donnie, Edwards, Travis and Welch had arrived.  Paul and Craig had a decent day of fishing in front of camp.  Played some cards, laughed a lot, Welch and I won the card game.  Everyone put in $5 for the longest fish, Donnie and Edwards went back to the northstar. Nert was a no show.

Saturday Jan 28th – up at 5am, Awesome morning!  Drove 3 cars on the Ice, set up about 500 yards before goat island, told Craig it wasn’t the spot and not deep enough.  Busy morning, lots of flags lots of small pike, Craig got a rock bass.  Rich smoked a roast, Paul had some tasty home made bacon, Craig smoked some fresh perch in bacon grease.  Had lots of other great food, venison and beef.  Craig’s 26 inch pike took the pot.  Started to get windy after the sun was out for a bit, gulls were eating old minnows.  Pello rolled in around 11am or so.  We left the shanty there and packed up at 4pm.

Craig got stuck getting off the ice, not really a big deal, was fully on the launch, no chance of car sinking.  Went to the weigh in, don’t remember what won, 15 pounder? I guess a lot of these winners are tank kept.

Sunday Jan 29th – Rich’s shanty sinking! Had 50mph gusts last night and it blew down to goat island and fell into a pressure crack.  Used pellos 4 wheeler and winch and 3 guys pulling to get it out, wasn’t too bad.  Luckily a corner was still above the ice or we would have been there a while. Rich fixed it to a hook at camp, minimal damage.



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