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The Clayton derby was canceled, something to do with local politics and crybabies, so we entered the Plessis FD derby, held at the Flatrock.


Just Pello and I…….I think some of the usuals just dont want it anymore.

Pello and I got on the ice around 11am; the recoil on the auger was giving us trouble.  The new recoil was different than the original part that broke.  We got it fixed and started fishing.  We set up a few hundred yards off shore, but a little north.  Poor choice….shallow and brackish water.  I think we had less than 5 flags and only got 2 perch.  30 MPH winds didn’t help either.


We tried Chippawa again; it was like night and day from yesterday.  Full sun, no wind, about 25 degrees out.  Flags most of the day, perch city, the water was about 6 – 7 feet deep.  We set up wayyy out, right next to the fist island.  The water was crystal clear; I believe the island was Cedar Point State Park (edit-the island was 100% Manzanita Island, not Cedar)


I caught my biggest perch ever, over 14 inches.  Pello got a pike entry and I got a pike entry on #6 right before we picked up.  The weigh in was much better than last year, they are still a bit slow on announcements.  The prizes were very good; the biggest fish was only 12 lbs. that took $500.  Luck of the draw took $1000.

I filleted the perch and Lorie made an awesome Broiled Pineapple and Pepper
glazed perch dinner, it was the best perch I’ve ever had!

chip plesis

Broiled Pineapple and Pepper Glazed Perch

perch dinner


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