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Once home to Blackbeard and Pablo Escobar...
Fyre Cay awaits you.

From an immersive treasure hunt, to the greatest minds in music, art and cuisine.
Join us.

The Island

A secret hideaway in the Exumas

It was home to Blackbeard and a playground for Pablo Escobar.
But for us, the island is an escape from the expected.
Just an hour from Miami yet a world away from the familiar, the rugged landscape and pristine beaches of Fyre Cay are an invitation to let loose and unplug with the likeminded.

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The Hunt

A treasure hunt of
exceptional proportions

Hidden in unexpected spaces and secluded places,
a string of clues leads hunters to incredible rewards.

Rare luxuries.
Over $1 million in treasure.
And perhaps an island of one’s very own
await the curious and the brave.

The Program

Engage the senses

We’ve tapped the brightest minds in music, cuisine, art and hospitality to mastermind experiences designed to delight and seduce. From innovators and thinkers to multi-platinum artists, you will find yourself one-on-one with some of the greatest talent on the planet.


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“Set your life on fire.
Seek those who fan your flames."

- Rumi

The Journey

This journey begins with
a departure from the everyday

Less than an hour from Miami, reaching the island is a breeze via private aircraft alongside a handful of fellow travelers. The flight is short, but you never know who you might meet on the way...

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The Packages

Join Us

Your Fyre ticket encompasses all flights, culinary delights and accommodations.
General Admission is your key to the experience, but VIP unlocks another level of possibilities.
From backstage parties to custom experiences, VIP offers uncompromising access to the best of the best.

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The Experience

Like all great stories,
this is a voyage

This is a world of surreal experiences and inspired curiosity that touches the sweet spot between imagination and possibility. A place where the tropical sun shines all day, and our celebrations ignite the night. This is an invitation to unplug, connect with something deeper, and hunt for something bigger.

Join us. It’s Lit.

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