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Protect your facility and your members by creating an emergency plan.

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Help your members get ready for emergencies.

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Learn how your house of worship can get involved in disaster relief for the future.

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Faith-based organizations play an integral role in local readiness and recovery efforts. To support these efforts, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security is introducing a new initiative, Praise & Preparedness.

In light of recent unfortunate events, many houses of worship nationwide are working to take the necessary measures to prepare their houses of worship for not only natural disasters, but human-caused disasters as well, specifically Active Shooters. Below are some resources where houses of worship will be able to get more information to become more prepared regarding active shooters.



http://www.justice.gov/crs (Community Relations Service)

http://www.justice.gov/crt (Civil Rights Division)

Another great resource that houses of worship may not be aware of is the Nonprofit Security Grant Program through FEMA.

The NSGP provides funding support for target hardening activities to nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of terrorist attacks and located within one of the specific Fiscal Year 2015 Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) designated urban areas. Atlanta is the eligible area of Georgia.

Each organization may apply through a State Administrative Agency for awards up to $75,000 to help with the acquisition and installation of security equipment on real property (including building and improvements) owned or leased by the nonprofit organizations, specifically in prevention of and/or protection against the risk of terrorist attack. Allowable equipment is limited to Physical Security Enhancement Equipment and Inspection and screening Systems. For more detailed information about the Allowable Equipment, please visit http://www.fema.gov/preparedness-non-disaster-grants

A list of State Administrative Agency contacts can be located at http://www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/documents/28689?id=6363

This grant may also be used for security-related training courses and programs. For more information of what allowable training-related costs are limited to as well as mark when the next application period opens, please visit http://www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/documents/103704.


Free Online FEMA Courses regarding Security Preparation that can be found at http://www.training.fema.gov:

IS-360: Preparing for Mass Casualty Incidents

IS-366: Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters

IS-906: Workplace Security Awareness

IS-907: Active Shooter: What You Can Do

IS-909: Community Preparedness

IS-914: Surveillance Awareness: What You Can Do


Praise & Preparedness provides congregations with the resources needed to prepare before disaster strikes. By acting on our simple message to “prepare, plan and stay informed,” you can help reduce the impact of any large-scale emergency on your organization and members.

Want to bring Praise & Preparedness to your congregation? This site is here to help. Check out our toolkit of resources, join the Praise & Preparedness Partnership Program or email praise@gema.ga.gov for more information.