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Welcome to Family Program portal on the New Hampshire National Guard website!

Joint Services Support

To get the latest updates, information and resources about the family program, please sign up for an account with the National Guard Family Program at , a "one-stop-shop" for families, servicemembers, and volunteers.

New Hampshire Deployment Cycle Support Program (DCSP) Executive Summary

NH DCSP addresses many areas: ability to deploy, retention, homelessness, unemployment, mental health, overall family fitness, and integration of community services with existing veteran services. DCSP treats the service member and family as a single case and not separate populations, and breaks down barriers to support pre, during and post deployment for NH Guard and Reserve – Army, Marines, Navy, AF, and Coast Guard. 

Guidance for NHNG Commanders

Unit commanders in the Army and Air Guard provide the leadership and guidance necessary to make Family Readiness Groups run smoothly. The following resources include references and guides, policy information and education tools to help commanders facilitate a healthy FRG.

  • Commander's FRG Toolkit - this Army and Air guide includes information and links to help commanders create a successful FRG
  • Commander's FRG Toolbox - this collection of documents includes policies and regulations, sample forms, and educational materials



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General Information: (603) 228-1135

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  Concord: (603) 225-1326
  Littleton: (603) 715-3452

ID Cards - Air: (603) 430-3514

Public Affairs: (603) 225-1340

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