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Empowering learning since 1994

The Kentucky Department of Education’s Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) uses project-based learning principles to empower student learning and achievement through the utilization (and creation) of technology to solve school and community needs. STLP provides a means for student to design, make, connect and learn.

Student products, projects, and services are showcased through local, regional, and state events. The “Big 3” events include Regionals, DPOJ, and STLP State Championship.

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STLP is designed to make connections between students, technology use, and learning. Schools determine how best to utilize STLP events & resources to help forge those connections.

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STLP starts at the school level. Schools decide what projects, products & services your STLP will explore. These day-to-day, week-to-week activities/projects help students gain technology & leadership skills. All you need is a teacher to act as STLP Coordinator and interested students to get going!

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More Than A Club

STLP should be custom built to fit the needs of your school/classroom. STLP is most often incorporated into daily classroom activities, but also works as an after/before school organization. Take part in regional/statewide STLP events by sharing what your students are already doing in class!
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Share your skills

STLP relies on the help of volunteers to provide district, regional and state wide events for students. STLP alumni, active or retired educators, and edtech industry leaders make great STLP Volunteers! Lend your skills to your local school’s STLP groups — or jump in and help at Regional or State events.
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Get started in 3 steps…

Get Recognized!

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The easiest first step into STLP is to submit your school’s info and become a “Recognized” STLP. Get started and put your STLP on the map!

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Level UP!

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Start collecting STLP badges to highlight the great things your STLP is doing. Use the Level Up badge list to help guide activity ideas for your STLP.

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Get Connected

Get connected with STLP

A terrific collaborative tool (and free to join) the KYSTLP Listserv is a buslting hub for STLP info and interactive discussions.

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Helping Fill In the Blanks

The STLP website houses a collection of resources to help make your STLP stronger — but also to help you maximize your investment in STLP.

Access to frequently requested documentation, guiding rubrics, graphic arts, and commonly used forms await your discovery (and customization) throughout the Resources section.

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Mark Your Calendar

Important Dates: 2016-2017

08/2016Students explore project, product & service ideas
Aug--MayDistrict/School Showcases
10/24/2016Deadline to register to attend a Regional Qualifier
2016 Regional Qualifiers
11/03/2016Murray State University - click for details
11/10/2016University of Kentucky - click for details
11/14/2016Northern Kentucky University - click for details
11/17/2016Morehead State University - click for details
11/29/2016University of Louisville - click for details
12/05/2016Center for Rural Development - click for details
12/08/2016East Kentucky Expo - click for details
12/12/2016Western Kentucky University - click for details
01/13/2017Deadline to submit Digital Products for DPOJ
02/18/2017Deadline to submit Gold Status application
03/04/2017Deadline to register to attend State Championship
03/08/2017STLP Engineers at KySTE, Galt House, Louisville, KY - click for details
04/12/2017STLP State Championship, Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY - details
06/2017STLP Champions/STLP Engineers to ISTE - click for details
June--JulyDistrict Summer STLP events, STLP PD opportunities
08/2017STLP info updated for 2017-2018

Upcoming Events

  1. Deadline: DPOJ Registration

    January 13, 2017 @ 11:55 pm EST
  2. Deadline: Submit Gold Status Request

    February 18, 2017 @ 12:00 am EST

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Next Deadline: Register for DPOJ

January 13, 2017
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The STLP “Big 3”

Major STLP Events Out of the Building

The work a school does in the building to help support technology and help students and teachers gain technology skills is the most important work an STLP can do. Many schools begin reaching out in the community to offer help using technology.

A school can decide to become involved outside the building by attending an event in which student demonstrations and recognition is woven into each event.

When a school leaves the building for one of the events, a judge must be asked to attend, too.

STLP Regionals

Project Based Learning at it’s best!

Regional Qualifiers

The first stop on the #STLPRoad2Rupp

Since the beginning of STLP, project based learning has been at the core of the program.  Projects offer an opportunity for STLP students to observe a need in their school or community and utilize technology to develop and implement a solution.  This journey is based on the vision of the students and (with the guidance of the STLP Coordinator/Teacher), active, authentic, cooperative and inquiry-based learning will occur throughout the process.

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Design. Make. Connect. Learn.

Digital Product Online Judging

Putting the “A” in STEAM education!

Digital product creation is part of learning in classrooms across KY. The DPOJ event provides every school the opportunity to share products students are creating — whether it’s part of the daily curriculum or a stand-alone STLP activity.

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STLP State Championship

Celebrating Kentucky’s Best & Brightest Students

STLP Championship Projects Top Ten Teams

The State Championship allows students from across Kentucky to come together and demonstrate for other students, school and community persons what they know and can do with technology.

More about STLP State Championship

State Championship

All STLP schools are welcome to attend the State Championship to learn and achieve. There are no registration fees. All schools attending are asked to register online whether they are prequalified to compete, entering on-site competitions, or simply planning to attend.

Nearly 7,000 K-12 students & 1,800 adults registered to participate in the 2016 STLP State Championship. 499 schools from 99 districts came to show what they know using technology. Hundreds of volunteer judges determined the winners of over 40 educational technology related categories.

STLP State Championship collage of images
Get Details on STLP State Championship
STLP State 2017 Image


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