Aruba Beaches

Aruba is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. It is an island nation located to the north of Venezuela and together with Bonaire and Curacao, forms the group of islands known as the ABC islands. The island is blessed with a pristine beauty that makes it one of the best options in the Caribbean. There are a huge number of excellent options available here for beach connoisseurs.

The west side of the island of Aruba is where the popular beaches are located. The water here is protected from the winds and is as a result quite tranquil. The beaches are mostly quiet and peaceful. Let us look at the best beaches in Aruba Island . . .

Baby Beach . . .

Bay Beach is among the more popular beaches. It does not rank very high in the peacefulness factor, but is really beautiful. The beach is situated at the most extreme eastern end of the island and is about one mi from the Colorado Point Lighthouse. The warm waters and the crystal clear waters here make for a great time for all concerned. There are a great number of huts here and grape trees that will provide shade. The waters here are shallow and are suitable for families with children. Snorkeling is quite popular here.

Eagle Beach . . .

Eagle Beach is a peaceful beach that extends for a number of miles. The waters here are tranquil and clear. The beach is also ranked high on accessibility and there are a number of hotels located along the beach across the street.

The beach is popular with water sports enthusiasts. There are many Caribbean sports offered, and the beach is extremely popular with snorkelers. The beach is one of the best options in Aruba, as it is a peaceful destination that has enough space to distribute the crowds. In addition, it is located at an easily accessible distance from the towns as well. It is close to the two of Nord, and has hotels such as Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, Bucuti Beach Resort and the La Cabana All Suite Beach Resort & Casino.

Hadicurari Beach . . .

Hadicurari Beach has pristine white sands and crystal clear waters that are shallow and safe for swimmers. The beach has huts for shade. It is situated at the North West corner of the island, close to Palm Beach. It is a destination that is famous with wind surfing enthusiasts. There are many competitions held here, there are a huge number of excellent facilities where you can rent gear or seek guidance. Beginners to the sport can take advantage of the opportunity to learn and more experienced wind surfers can brush up their skills.

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