5/25/2016: Customer Alert: VITA will be retiring all Unisys Mainframe services with a target retirement date of December 30, 2016. Please contact your AITR or CAM with questions or concerns.

5/16/2016: Agency-owned Device Support service for Surface Pro tablets: The Agency-owned Device Support service is available to agencies. Purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet through eVA, and set it up for monthly support by VITA.

4/7/2016: Self-provisioning Virtual Servers: Now Available! Simplifying the ordering process for certain Virtual Servers. For more details, visit the service page for Self-Provisioning Virtual Server.

3/23/2016: VITA OneStop: Simplifying customer service. Send a message to our VITA OneStop team to get answers to any service or process question that comes up as you peruse the Service Catalog. Cannot find a service that you are looking for? Share a description of the service with VITA OneStop and we will respond with help regarding the next steps.

2/9/2016: New service available: Instant Message (IM) Archiving. Microsoft Lync is the default Instant Messaging tool that is part of Microsoft Outlook. This feature enables the archiving of instant messages in Lync. This is an optional feature for agencies who have requested IM.

VITA Services

Standard work requests

VITA has established standard solutions for its most requested services. Select Standard Work Requests on the left side of this webpage to view these services. Time to production is significantly reduced if customer environments fit the conditions detailed on each service webpage. Each of these services has its own MS Word form detailing specifications, options, and implementation initiation sign-off. Find them in the Form Library.

To order a service listed as a Standard Work Request, follow the instructions for Standard Work Requests in the How Do I webpage > Use this Catalog.

Online functions

The service catalog team is announcing the availability of new functions for requesting and reviewing work requests for VITA services. Agency IT Resource personnel (AITRs) may access an online Work Request Management (WRM) database. These AITRs may also authorize their agency's staff to submit work requests via the VITA Service Catalog website. AITRs may then review, edit and submit these requests to VITA.

AITRs may request online access

AITRs may contact the service catalog project manager to initiate their access to WRM, and authorize access for some or all agency staff to the service catalog submission function. CAMs will be asked to approve requests. Target response is within two business days.

Visit "How Do I" for User Guidance

Learn how to use the service catalog in the How Do I section. Send us your feedback on anything you wish to add or improve in this guidance, which includes instructions on how to:

  • Log in to create draft work requests (any COV credentialed user)
  • Request user access to submit work requests
  • Submit a VITA work request for review (for AITR-authorized users)
  • Track your submitted VITA work requests
  • Review, edit, and approve your agency's work requests (AITR access)
  • Create work requests without using the service catalog