iTube Download For iOS (iPhone/iPad) For Free – YouTube Playlist Manager App

When it comes to sharing videos online, no App can ever beat YouTube for now. YouTube’s website, which was created in Feb.2005 was taken over by Google in Nov. 2006. Google had foresighted its future very well. YouTube allows any of its registered users to upload, rate, share, view or comment on videos. Those who are unregistered can at least watch the videos for sure.

The video content on YouTube has the enormous variety ranging from movie trailers to educational videos, simple audio recordings to music videos, and from TV show clips to video blogging. Nowadays many applications embed video in the apps to increase their efficiency and usability. But there is one major drawback associated with YouTube, and that is, while using YouTube, one can’t open any other app or turn off phone’s screen. Even if someone tries to do so, YouTube instantly stops to play.

iTube For iPhone & iPad (iOS)

Well, there is no direct solution to this problem, but as far as playing the song on iPhone, iPad and iPod is concerned, this drawback can be overcome by using iTube App, which is available on this website for free. Itube serves as a playlist manager for all of the YouTube videos.

With iTube one can now quickly shuffle YouTube playlist songs as one do while using any standard Mp3 player app. iTube, which is now available in 2.0 version, has made some major improvement specifically in term of its usability. In their 2.0 version, they have fixed the background playing function. Which means that, you can now listen to the music from the background while doing any other task on the phone. In other words, this app has made it easy for you to multitask on your phone.

Note: iTube is not available as a music downloader for iOS devices. You can only manage Youtube Playlists with the application. Read about the best Apps like iTube for iOS.

So how does this App works? Well, this app works on the simple principle of caching. It caches the video when it has decent phone reception and uses these cached videos when the phone’s reception is weak or if it is in airplane mode.

Method 2: iTube Download For iOS Using Vshare App

  • Set time to 1st Sep 204.
  • Download Unjailbroken Vshare App from Vshare.Com.
  • Search for iTube app on Vshare.

iTube download on iOS using Vshare

  • Click on the official Playlist manager app.
  • Install it from there easily.

Install button for iTube Free ios app

  • I Downloaded iTube successfully to my iPhone device.

iTube Downloaded successfully to iPhone

This App provides some other advantages also. Let us enlist a few for you here.

  1. From within this app, one can easily search for the lyrics of any song.
  2. For later use, one can star some of the favorite songs.
  3. The app allows to skip backward or forward any YouTube from the lock screen itself.
  4. It even displays the YouTube thumbnail for the quick observation.
  5. In the music discovery mode, one can search for the top songs of any particular genre in the ‘Top 100’ heading highlighted in the playlists screen.

iTube again has only one drawback that it can be used only on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. If you are an owner of any of this, this app is available to you for free. If yo love to have the ad-free version of this app, yo can top it up with iTube Pro version.