Biometrics.gov is the central source of information on biometrics-related activities of the Federal government. This site and its sister site, www.biometrics.org,  provide a repository of biometrics-related public information and opportunities for discussion. These websites, working together, were developed to encourage greater collaboration and sharing of information on biometric activities among government departments and agencies; commercial entities; state, regional, and international organizations; and the general public.

Biometrics.gov provides basic information and links to specific biometric activities in the Federal government. The site includes four main "rooms":

The National Biometrics Challenge

Evolving mission needs, coupled with advances in technology, have necessitated a new look at biometric priorities. The National Biometrics Challenge examines the many advances made as government, academia, and the private sector have collaboratively responded to these priorities. It also delineates some of the challenges that have yet to be fully addressed — and offers some new goals that might previously have seemed beyond reasonable hope of being attained but that today appear achievable in light of new technologies. [Download]

Since the events on September 11, 2001, the biometric community has made vast technological improvements in protecting the United States and its borders.  This video will provide an overview of the advancements in biometric technology across the Federal Government since 9/11. Hi-Res Video (51M) located below, please click the play button. To view the low-res (13M) version click here.

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