DQ Office Toolbox

DQ Explorer

DQ Explorer provides views of daily metrics summary tables of embedded QC flags and DQ Office tests. From these tables one can view the daily dignostics plots that the DQ Analysts review. Note, not all plots produced by the DQ Office are in DQ Explorer.

DQ Plot Browser

DQ Plot Browser provides list and thumbnail views of all the plots produced by the DQ Office. Note, check the "comparison" datastream for additional plots of use.


NCVweb provides an interactive way to plot ARM data, with the added ability to view file headers, calculate statistics, and convert data to ASCII. Capabilities include 1D line plots, cross facility plots, and color contours or slices of 2D data

DQ Zoom **NEW**

DQ Zoom provides an interactive way to interrogate data, with the ability to drag and highlight the plotting area to zoom in on particular areas of interest. Capabilities include time series line plots of data from 1D variables or 1D slices of 2D variables, automatic overlay of time periods impacted by known DQRs, and the ability to log and export selected time periods from each plot in a format suitable for automatic upload to the ARM DQR submission form.

DQ Wiki

DQ Wiki holds a wealth of information on all things DQ