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Healthier Soil

Healthy soil is a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans. With NRCS help, many leading farmers in Virginia are implementing soil health management systems that are helping improve soil function, productivity, and water quality downstream.

Cleaner Water

Experts estimate that for every one million oysters, 528 lbs of nitrogen and 41 lbs of phosphorus are assimilated, nitrified and denitrified each year. NRCS oyster reef restoration and gear cycling practices are playing an important role in reducing nitrogen levels for a cleaner Bay.

More Wildlife Habitat

Habitat is the fabric that sews the web of life together. Our work to benefit threatened and endangered species like Bobwhite Quail and the Golden-Winged Warbler benefits many other species too.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Do you have old equipment, buildings or machinery? They could be adding more to your operating costs than you think. NRCS can help you find ways to cut those costs, maintain/increase profitability, protect soil and water resources, and reduce pollutants and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

NRCS Technical Assistance

NRCS conservationists have spent more than 80 years helping people help the land. From conservation plans to waste management and watershed planning, we offer science-based solutions to address your resource concerns and are one of the few agencies that still make "house calls."


NRCS Websites & Additional Assistance

Web Applications & Tools

A list of Web-based resources for access to natural resource data collected by NRCS.

En Español

Información de NRCS en español.

NRCS State Websites

Find local program and technical information on our NRCS state websites.

Limited English Proficiency

Information on Limited English Proficiency.

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