The Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies is a statutory corporation established in 1940. It is a publicly-funded independent centre for research in basic disciplines.

DIAS at a glance

School of Celtic Studies : investigation, editing, and publication of extant manuscript material in the Irish language and more.


School of Cosmic Physics / Astronomy and Astrophysics Section : research in a range of fields


School of Cosmic Physics / Geophysics Section : performs leading research in  Global Seismology and Geodynamics,Marine Geophysics, Renewable Energy, Theoretical Geophysics and Volcano Research. The Section also maintains the Irish National Seismic Network and is also a National Data Centre for the CTBTO.


  • Ireland Array – A broadband seismic investigation of Ireland’s evolution, seismicity and new energy resource potential
  • IRETHERM – Developing a strategic and holistic understanding of Ireland’s geothermal energy potential through integrated modelling of new and existing geophysical and geological data

School of Theoretical Physics : original research into the mathematical principles of physics.


  • Dublin Area Quantum Information Science and Technology Group
  • Theoretical Particle Physics Group
  • Irish Quantum Foundations
  • Calculus Course