Wisconsin Organizations

Shawano County Concerned Property Taxpayers Association Inc.

PO Box 171, Gresham, WI 54128-171

SCCPTA was created to protect the right of our citizens to retain the form of local government they choose and to protect land owner’s civil and property rights from a claim by the Stockbridge-Munsee Indian Tribe. Our goals include opposing tribal boundary claims and opposing fee-to-trust land conversions.

North East Wisconsin Citizens for Equal Rights

P. O. Box 13356, Green Bay, WI 54307-3356

NEWCER was formed for the purpose of educating the citizens of Northeast Wisconsin regarding tribal issues, to support our Village of Hobart elected officials and to work toward the equal rights of all citizens of Northeastern Wisconsin. We also saw the need to provide assistance to the Village of Hobart in its struggle to retain and maintain full municipal jurisdiction as the Tribal Government attempts to take over control.

Nashville Association

Formed to save our heritage in forest county Wisconsin. We work to protect our liberties, our property rights, our freedoms, and our future as citizens.. Federal policies are taking away our constitutional rights. We can only function with your support and ideas.

Our Goals:
To promote constitutional accountability in government.
To oppose fee to federal trust land conversions.
To oppose federal TAS programs (“treatment as a state” for tribal communities.)
To oppose tribal jurisdiction people living within reservations on private land.
To promote equal justice for all citizen on or off reservations.