Washington Organizations

Citizens STAND-UP! Committee

Yakama Nation Reservation, WA

Our recently formed “Citizens STAND-UP! Committee” has organized to stand up for the rights of citizens on the reservation, and includes a strong cultural mix of Hispanic, Anglo citizens and several enrolled Yakama members who disagree with their tribal governance. We have gathered together to study issues, communicate with each other, and elected officials, and media about our one primary purpose:  oppose tribal jurisdiction over non-Indian persons, businesses and properties on the Yakama Reservation.

The Snee-Oosh Land Company

President – Terry McNeil
Secretary/Treasurer  – Mel Dunbar

The Snee-Oosh Land Company is a corporation whose stockholders are lot owners in our small development. The Swinomish Tribe has pushed for control of all of the lands and people within the confines of the original reservation, even though it is 70% owned by non-tribal persons and 70% of the people residing are non-tribal.  They have claimed and tried to take over all water rights within the confines of the original reservation, have tried to take over the County Sewer District, have gained control over water distribution of local off-reservation supplies of water, tried to charge a “bulkhead” permit for all waterfront protective bulkheads, have entered into a “memoradum of understanding” with our previous Skagit County Commissioners, claim jurisdiction of everything including logging permits, building permits, etc.

Citizens for Safety and Environment

Dennis E. Swanson
CSE Hot Line (360) 825-2766
Address:  17218 SE 376th St.
Auburn, WA  98092

Citizens for Safety & Environment (CSE) does not take issue with the tribe or their goal of economic independence.  We are concerned about tribal use of “sovereign immunity” to avoid being held accountable for environmental impacts; personal property and safety, and noncompliance of existing laws.