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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Dogwood blossoms in Frankfort Cemetery photographed by Merle Wasson.


Special Announcements 

  • The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet has filed a petition for reconsideration with the federal Environmental Protect Agency regarding the EPA's final 111(d) rule, the reduction of carbon emissions by existing power plants. In the letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, EEC Secretary Charles G. Snavely said the final rule differed greatly from the proposed rule on which Kentucky and other states were asked to comment. Review the December 21 Petition for Reconsideration.  


  • The cabinet has released a whitepaper "The Vulnerability of the U.S. Economy to Electricity Price Increases," that evaluates the degree to which low electricity costs are a catalyst for economic growth. This paper concludes that a 10 percent increase in the real price of electricity nationally would be associated with the loss of more than 1 million jobs and $142 billion annually from the American economy.  

Energy and the environment – two parts of our daily lives that seem at first glance to be counter to each other. Yet, in Kentucky, we firmly believe these two areas can and should be part of the same discussion. 

In Kentucky's EEC, we take seriously our role of overseers of how we carefully and thoughtfully address the energy needs of our citizens. Whether from our historic coal operations and seeking ways in which to mine and deliver that mineral more safely and cleanly, or developing stringent regulations that make certain Kentucky’s natural beauty is not harmed, EEC employees continue to work diligently to bring vital services to all Kentuckians.

There are three departments within the EEC. The Department for Environmental Protection, Department for Natural Resources and Department for Energy Development and Independence.

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Energy and Environment Cabinet News Releases

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