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Members of the CCC from every location throughout the state are trained and ready for whatever winter brings.

Crews have sharpened their floodfighting skills, including proper sandbagging techniques, the construction of various sandbag structures, and the placement of protective plastic along levees to prevent erosion through wash-wash action.

The CCC has been called out on nearly every major flood or storm since the Corps was established in 1976. Since that time, corpsmembers have filled more than 3.5 million sandbags.


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Tahoe corpsmember Randolph Young presents a bronzed hiking boot to Gov. Brown at the CCC's 40th anniversary ceremony at the Capitol.  CCC Director Bruce Saito is at right.

CCC 40th Anniversary Celebrations
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Openings available on veterans crews specializing in firefighting, fisheries work.  Veterans up to age 29 are eligible. Click on the "Apply Now" link above to join.