Resource Ordering and Status System (ROSS)

UPDATE POSTED 12/23/16 AT 1000 MST


The ROSS Website URL is changing from: to:

Users will need to update their bookmarks accordingly.  As of December 31, users will no longer be able to use the http URL.

Please contact the IIA Help Desk at 866-224-7677 if you need assistance.

Please read the ROSS 2.16.7 Release Notes for information on new/changed functionality.


VIPR/ROSS interface

The VIPR/ROSS interface was implemented 02/29/2016. Dispatch centers with VIPR Dispatch Priority Lists will see VIPR resources populating both the Resource Status screen and the VIPR tab on the Pending Request screen in ROSS. 

Reconciling duplicate resources:  It is possible there will be a VIPR resource from the VIPR database and a “hand entered” VIPR resource in your ROSS database. VIPR/ROSS  Duplicate Resource Cleanup can help you resolve duplicate resources. 

Questions? Contact your ROSS GACC Representative (see list below) or your GACC.

Eastern Area and Southern Area – Melinda Brogden -
Northern Rockies and Northwest – Gina Papke –
Northern and Southern California – Jerry Clements –
Great Basin –  Shep Crim -
Rocky Mountain – Beth Spencer –
Alaska and NICC – Mary Toews –
Southwest – Beth Grey Cloud –




The National Interagency Resource Ordering and Status System (ROSS) operates in an estimated 400 interagency dispatch and coordination offices throughout the Nation. The ROSS tracks all tactical, logistical, service and support resources mobilized by the incident dispatch community. 

In 1998, the National Wildfire Coordination Group (NWCG) chartered the ROSS Project to automate the manual resource status and ordering business process which primarily operated over telephones. 

ROSS operates under the guidance of the National Mobilization Guide and Dispatch Guides / Procedures. Policy is set by NWCG member agencies. 

ROSS Project Team
The United States Forest Service (USFS) has been designated by the NWCG as the agency that is accountable for representing the interests of all NWCG member organizations. The USFS is the Managing Partner for ROSS and provides the primary share of financing. Beth Spencer, is the Project Manager who is accountable for all aspects of the system.