Performance and Navigation

watchOS now provides the ability to keep favorite apps in memory and to update information in the background. When users open your app from the new Dock or from its complication on the watch face, they'll experience quick launch times and immediate access to up-to-date information.

Fitness and Motion

Workout apps will now be able to keep running in the background during a workout. Every time users raise their wrist during a workout, they’ll see up-to-date metrics and live animations. Fitness apps can also now access real-time heart rate data, the gyroscope, and the all-day accelerometer, allowing you to create compelling new fitness experiences.

Graphics and Media

Create richer, more animated apps in watchOS 3 with new graphics and media tools. watchOS 3 includes support for Digital Crown and touch events directly, speaker audio, in-line video, SpriteKit, SceneKit, Game Center for turn-by-turn gaming, and CloudKit for data storage across devices.

Control Accessories

New APIs enable your apps to use camera data from HomeKit-enabled accessories.

Pay within Apps

Let users securely pay within your watchOS app using Apple Pay — right from Apple Watch.

Face Gallery

The Face Gallery in the Apple Watch app on iPhone now displays an app’s available complications.

Get more details on building apps with the new APIs and frameworks in watchOS 3.

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