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National Dredging Quality Management Program

The National Dredging Quality Management (DQM) Program is the USACE’s next generation automated dredging monitoring system and analysis tools for the modern USACE dredging manager. The mission of the National DQM Program is to provide the USACE dredging manager with a nationally standardized low cost remote monitoring and documentation system. This system provides the Corps with timely data access, multiple reporting formats, full technical support, including dredge certifications, data quality control, database management, and support for the DQM operating system. On board the dredge, sensors continually monitor dredge activities, operations, and efficiency. Information from these sensors is routed to the National DQM Support Center for data processing, storage and publishing. The DQM web-based tools can be utilized to view project operations, produce disposal plots and data export of dredge operations.

What's New

USACE Headquarters Directs DQM to Monitor Pipeline Dredges

New authorization for pipeline dredges ... view more »
Posted: 4/1/2016

New DPIP format for Hopper Dredges

Hopper Dredge DPIP ... view more »
Posted: 1/1/2016

Updated Scow Specs

Scow specification revisions which include data transmission using secure data web service ... view more »
Posted: 1/1/2016

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New Project Set-up
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