Team standup in 5 timezones?

With painless video conversations, anything is possible.

Create a room link to start talking

How it works

Create a room link

It can be whatever you want (like your name or company name)

Share the link

By email, chat, in Slack. However you'd like really.

… that's it!

Guests join instantly in the browser by clicking the link.

Why it's awesome

  • No registration or downloads
    Guests won’t have to register to join. Just send them the room link to join in the browser.

  • Group video conversations
    You can have video conversations with up to 8 people at once. (12 with premium rooms)

  • Simple screensharing
    Want to share your screen to present something? Of course you can!

  • Join from any device!
    Standup while on the bus? No problem.
    (app required on iOS. Get it here)

  • Wanna stay private?
    Just lock the room and screen guests on video as they knock.

But don't take our word for it

I've been using for all of my 1:1 (lots of remote guys). It's the best live video quality I've ever seen. Gilbert Lee

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