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"Manufacturing Brilliance - Heliostat SA designs and manufactures world leading Solar Arrays"

"A Front Runner When It Comes To Renewable Energy"

Heliostat SA Featured in Australian Quarterly Magazine - Issue 4 Oct-Dec 2015

Why Concentrated Solar Power (CSP / CSPV)?

Conventional energy production is inefficient, economically unstable, and environmentally unsustainable. 

However, conventional solar power requires far too much space and doesn't produce power at night without battery storage. 

Our Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) power system uses ultra efficient dual axis Heliostat mirrors to precisely and automatically track the position of the sun, allowing greater energy output per square meter.

Sunlight is focused on a solar receiver tower which superheats water or air (Brayton System) to drive turbines to produce power at a higher thermal efficiency.

Heat is stored overnight and produces power for up to 12 hours without sunlight using our advanced energy storage technology.

This means all the power you need, when you need it, where you need it.

Low Cost, Utility Scale Power Day And Night

We Do More With Less. Our Efficient Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) 

Technology Means High Energy Output & Big Cost Savings - Without Obsolescence 

Photo Courtesy CSRIO

CSP: How It Works

"By 2050, CSP technology is expected to account for up to 25% of the worlds energy needs." CSIRO

Unmatched Efficiency & Power Output: 

The Heliostat CSPV Advantage

Our Highly Advanced Concentrated Solar Photo Voltaic (CSPV) systems convert up to 25% more sunlight into energy per square metre than conventional silicon systems.

Conventional solar photo voltaic cells are limited to 25% efficiency. Our newly developed Heliostat SA CSPV cells currently convert 40% of energy into power -soon to increase to 50% efficiency. 

This is possible because Heliostat SA has developed new PV technology that absorbs a far greater wavelength spectrum of solar energy than conventional silicon systems.

This effect is multiplied by our low cost heliostat mirrors, which reflect multiples of the suns energy on the energy cells.

Ultimately, our CSPV solutions requires less land, are less expensive to set up, and produce far higher power output. 

Photo Courtesy CSRIO

 Fast, end-to-end,

cost effective setup.

Turnkey operation and lifetime support.

Heliostat SA is YOUR Renewable Energy Partner

Overnight power storage means power day & night

Build from scratch or integrate into your facility.

NEW: Heliostat SA Reveals Photovoltaic (PV) Power Technology

Heliostat SA manufactures, procures and installs the most effective photovoltaic systems in the world. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and automated robotic assembly ensures that we deliver a cost competitive product of the highest quality.

To provide our customers with the most effective energy production systems, Heliostat SA can also integrate a range of different tacking technologies with conventional PV panels.

By integrating a PV system with sun tracking, Heliostat SA is able to increase total power generation by up to 40% due to better energy collection during morning and afternoon.

NEW: Photovoltaic Solar Panel Arrays With Heliostat Sun Tracking That Provide Up To 40% Higher Daily Output

"An Adelaide solar manufacturer's negotiations with one of India's largest power companies could result in 1,000 new jobs in South Australia."

Featured In ABC News

Our Heliostat Technology Reduces Your Energy Costs

Unmatched Solar Output & Cost Efficiency

Backed By 15 Years Research & Development, Our Heliostat Mirrors Are Efficient, Cost Effective, and Fast & Easy To Assemble On Site

Heliostat SA has partnered with CSIRO, Australia's leading solar thermal technology research and development organisation, to deliver a 

best-in-class heliostat mirror system.

We combined the very best software and hardware, while keeping production costs in mind. Test fields have been in operation for over a decade. We have the only heliostat capable of supercritical steam output.

Benefits of our heliostats include: 

  • Highly Accurate Automated Targeting System - for high efficiency
  • Parabolic Shape verified with a laser for increased sunlight focus
  • Lightweight body for fast and easy onsite assembly
  • Cost effective foundation and maximum use of materials
  • Plug & Play field wiring reduces need for electrical expertise
  • Each heliostat can be installed in under 20 minutes
  • Long life and wear minimised using start stop motion
  • FLUX Control allows maximum heat output
  • Continuous and systematic realignment, and auto updated firmware

Photo Courtesy CSRIO


Design takes into account:

  • High Optical Beam Accuracy
  • Optimal Heliostat Field Spacing
  • Wind Load Baring Capacity
  • Hail Tested
  • Highly Efficient Material Use
  • Low Maintenance Costs


Heliostat & control System exported to Yokohama For MHPS Hybrid CSP  Installation

Central R&D Site

12 megawatt demonstration site

Large Projects under development


MOU signed to develop 50 megawatts to 1 gigawatts over next 5 years

Current Projects Include:

A Renewable Energy Partner With Global Experience & Reach


Reduce the ever increasing costs of fossil fuel based power generation and enjoy the benefit of free energy from the sun 24/7.

Cut Your Industrial Energy Costs With An 

End To End Solar Solution Customised & Integrated For Your Needs


Whether you need a complete, stand alone setup or integration with your existing plant, we've got you covered with a cost effective, turnkey solution. Our high volume production capability and global team mean we can produce on demand and at scale.

Our CPS systems can provide heat needed for water purification, distillation and desalinisation, with salt separated for sale or industrial use. 

Very effective for large scale desalination operations where fossil fuels are expensive and solar radiation is high. 

Our mission is to help you transition to renewable energy as seamlessly as possible, no matter what you need it for. 

As well as complete solar solutions, we  also developed bolt on products so that you can connect solar power to your existing industrial plant to supplement and radically cut the fossil fuel based energy required for operation.

The primary use of our products is the generation and storage of renewable power. 

These installations can be connected to a conventional power system for hybrid production, or developed as a complete energy source

Solar thermal power can be used to produce heat without fossil fuels, leading to a clean and sustainable furnace operation.

Best for large scale kilns and industrial heating in off grid areas.

Featured In The South Australian Business Journal

"Partnership with CSIRO begins to pay off..."

Featured In Energy Matters Magazine

End To End CSP/CSPV Expertise, 

Including Production, Project Management,  Lifetime Service & Support And More...

Why Partner With Heliostat SA

More than just a component supplier, we guarantee our products and partner with you from production & assembly until the end of the project life cycle. 

Fast, On Demand, Production & Assembly

We provide full flexibility and allow you to order products exactly when you want them, no matter the volume.


Subcomponents can be safely transported by road, rail or sea and Heliostat units can be assembled quickly and easily.

We come to you. We can manufacture and transport components, and provide support wherever you are in the world.

We can also help you with fundraising for your renewable project.

Utility Grade, High Capacity Energy Production

Partnering your own research and development team with us means the shortcut to real solar technology breakthroughs. 

Our current products have 15 years and millions of R&D behind them, and we intend on developing them further for more efficiency and lower cost.

A Dedicated Team Of Experts At Your Disposal

Our team is a diverse, experienced and exceptionally dedicated group of engineers, managers, electricians and tradespeople. 

We can assist with each and every part of the assembly phase so you can rest easy that no mistakes will be made. 

Global Manufacturing & Fund Raising Capabilities

Continuous Service & Iron Clad Guarantees

Our team is available to service our heliostat and control systems at all times. 

We make sure that they perform efficiently throughout their lifetime. 

All of our products come with an ironclad lifetime guarantee.

From 100 kilowatt to 100 megawatt or even an enormous 1 gigawatt, we can help you meet your energy needs no matter how big they are. 

Our CSP installations are scalable and modular so you can always expand them as you need to.

Your Research And Development Partners

"We are leading the global quest towards a cleaner and greener future. We believe this will be driven by socially responsible renewable energy production."

Heliostat South Australia Mission Statment

Backed By Some Of The Worlds Most Innovative Renewable Energy Organisations

Leadership Team, Partners & Parent Companies

Our expert leadership team and technology partners give us an edge in delivering an unparalleled product and service to our renewable energy partners.

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