Data-base of physical properties of NEOs is updated continuously

An on-line data-base of Physical and Dynamical properties NEOs, with the corresponding bibliographical references is available at the EARN site. This data-base, compiled and maintained at DLR by Gerhard Hahn, contains information on all known near-Earth objects (Atens-Apollo-Amor Asteroids), and is updated on a regular basis. It is also linked to, and reachable from the NEO Dynamics Site NEODyS at the University of Pisa, which provides extensive information on all dynamical aspects of NEOs, including close approach predictions and collision probabilities.


E.A.R.N. is an informal association of European research groups active in asteroid research. The idea behind this service is to provide a means for easy and fast communication, exchange of data and other information in both observational and theoretical research on asteroids. Currently only the database of physical properties of NEAs is maintained (by Gerhard Hahn)


This service is hosted by the DLR - Institute of Planetary Research, Berlin - maintained by Gerhard Hahn and Stefano Mottola