Our Founder

What is soleRebels?
Great question: we like to say that soleRebels is handcrafted LOVE for your feet. After all LOVE is how we got started. We wanted to find a way to share our LOVE for the amazing artisan heritages of Ethiopia with the world.

So we embarked on a quest to hand-craft stunningly creative footwear by fusing Ethiopian artisan heritages with fantastic design. and the LOVE flowed from there.

We are really proud to have created passionate fans around the planet who love how soleRebels lets them walkNAKED, empowering them express their creativity, uniqueness + positivity through their footwear!

At soleRebels we love , embrace and encourage creativity. In fact we consider it our lifeblood - both as a company and for those who enjoy what we make. That is why soleRebels is so proud to have been able to channel the immense creative talents of our community in a way that allows the world be enriched by our products, while letting the folks who work at soleRebels enjoy world class jobs and prosperity.

And doing what we do as the planets 1st and ONLY WFTO Fair Trade footwear company, just makes it that much sweeter!

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu