Oral Disease in AIDS : Canker Sores

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AIDS, HIV, Oral, Leukoplakia
AIDS, HIV, Oral, Canker Sores
AIDS, HIV virus
Cold Sores, Oral Herpes, Mouth Sores, AIDS, HIV
AIDS, HIV, Oral, Condyloma, Warts
Oral Thrush, Mouth Yeast Infection, AIDS, HIV
Canker Sore *
Mouth Cancer
Cold Sores
HPV Virus

AIDS, HIV, Oral, Canker Sores

TThis HIV-positive patient was exhibiting signs of a secondary aphthous stomatitis infection, i.e., multiple canker sores. This condition was present for 5 days, and was the first sign or symptom of this patientís HIV infection, which was confirmed by serology. The patient had never had any similar attack, and the sores responded to a 4 day, 60 mg/day dosage of prednisone.

RNA Virus Infections, Retroviridae Infections, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Viral, Virus Diseases

Picture & text from CDC/PHIL. For more information see Oral Disease in AIDS Pictures from CDC

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