Mouth Sores : Picture Gallery

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AIDS Oral chickenpox cold sores cold sores
Measles Rash
Canker Sore (1) Chickenpox (2) Cold Sores (4) Cold Sores (12)
Gonorrhea (1)
athletes foot hand foot mouth disease Childrens Diseases Impetigo athletes foot cellulitis
HPV Virus (1) Hand Foot Mouth (4) Herpes Impetigo (12) Kaposi Sarcoma (4) Leukoplakia (3)
Lichen planus Lichen planus atopic dermatitis Mouth cancer
Measles Rash
Lichen Planus (6) Lichen Planus (1) Lip Cancer (2) Lip Cancer (6)
Measles (3)
Mono (6)
Mouth cancer AIDS Oral AIDS Oral fire ant bites Scarlet Fever Shingles
Mouth Cancer (17) Oral/AIDS (17) Oral HPV (1) Pyoderma / Crack Cocaine (1) Scarlet Fever (1) Shingles (96)
STDs Staph Strep Throat syphilis Thrush Thrush
STDs Staph Parotitis (1) Strep Throat (5) Syphilis (6) Thrush (8) Thrush (6)
Tongue Cancer (3)

Mouth Sores Pictures hosted by Hardin MD : Sources

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