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Lederberg, Joshua, Infectious history. In this essay by the nobel laureate, 5 sites are listed in the "Notable web sites" section at the end; the first is the Hardin MD Microbiology page. The citation for the original print version: Science 2000 Apr 14;288(5464):287-93 [Pubmed citation].

ON Magazine (supplement to Time Magazine), in its "Guide to health websites" lists Hardin MD among 60 reliable sites to start for medical searching. Print citation: Time, 2001;157(14A):69 (Apr 9).

Hardin MD is once again a USA Today Hoat site, Feb 26, 2001: "The respected Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources keeps growing ..."

US News and World Report, in its "Best of the Web: Health" article, by Josh Fischman, includes Hardin MD as one of 4 sites on "Diseases & Treatments." (Hardin MD is also mentioned in the feature article.) The citation for the printed version: US News and World Report, 2000; 129(22):62 (Dec 4).

Money magazine, Jeanne Lee, "The Internet can save your life," March, 2000 [vol 29 (3): 119-125]. In a list of 15 prominent starter sites, two are listed for research purposes -- Hardin MD and the National Library of Medicine (exclusive company!)

Website of the week (Back pain), Douglas Carnall, British Medical Journal, 2000;320:1612 (10 June) -- "There are as many websites ... as there are seconds in the day, so I abandon the general search engines for my favourite medical portal, Hardin's Meta-Directory ..."

Health information on the net: A more direct route, Eric Rumsey, Family practice management, 2000; 7(4):57-58 (April). Article on Hardin MD, which highlights some of the fine directories that enable us to exist!

"Using the World Wide Web to answer clinical questions: how efficient are different methods of information retrieval?," Graber MA, Bergus GR, York C, Journal of Family Practice, 1999 Jul;48(7):520-4. The authors queried 16 search engines, directories, and commercial sites. They say that "Hardin MD and MD Consult stand out from other medicine-specific sites in the number of questions answered and the number of HON criteria met for each answer."

Netlines, Harry Brown, David Dickinson, British Medical Journal, 1999;319:790 (18 September) -- "A comprehensive starting point is the Hardin Meta directory … it is more than just a simple (and extensive) collection. The webmaster has gone to the trouble of checking that the links within the target directories are functioning, and Hardin is quite choosy about whom it includes … This site allows the user to locate specific good quality information quickly."

Hardin Meta Directory keeps winning prizes, FYI: University of Iowa Faculty & Staff News, 2000; 38(8):5 (Dec 8).

Librarians and the Web, by Caroline Bowen, a speech pathologist in Sydney, Australia, has perceptive things to say about Hardin MD as a library-based tool. (From a presentation to the New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists Association meeting, April, 2000.)

In an interesting study, Lei Cui, a physician and medical informatician at China Medical University, Shenyang, China, has ranked sites by the number of links made to them from US medical school library web sites. Of the 1731 links he counted, Hardin was ranked number 8. Here's the citation Rating health web sites using the principles of citation analysis: a bibliometric
approach, Lei Cui, Journal of Medical Internet Research 1999;1(1):e4

The Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources: Bringing the strengths of the library to the web. Talk by Eric Rumsey at the Collection Development, Public Services, and Technical Services Sections, Medical Library Association annual meeting, Chicago, May, 1999

Hardin MD was chosen as Refdesk.com Reference Site of the Day, Dec 8, 1999.

A healthy selection of top health sites, part of a special report, How the Internet is changing medicine, USA Today, July 15, 1999. The Hardin Meta Directory is one of 21 sites chosen. The annotation sites Hardin MD's tracking of connection rates as a key factor in keeping up with rapidly changing web sites.

CyberTimes Navigator ("The home page used by the newsroom of The New York Times"), by Rich Meislin. Only a few select sites are in the top section, "Searching the Net? Places to Start." Hardin MD is one of a small number that are subject specific.

How to Find Health Information on the Internet, Bruce Maxwell (Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly Inc, 1998), p. 15 -- "Directory sites are a godsend, but tracking them down can be difficult ... Hardin solves this problem ... in the health field ... Hardin Library deserves three cheers for creating this wonderful resource."

Consumer Reports magazine, "Finding medical help online," Feb, 1997 [vol 62 (2): 27-31]. Hardin MD is cited as one of two recommended Medical index sites on the Web.

In a review of a book on Internet health sources in the Bulletin of the Medical Library Association [vol 88 (1), Jan 2000, p. 89], Carolyn Kopper says "A logical question is 'Why not go simply to a directory of health resources on the Web and bypass a paper publication?' Indeed there are authoritative, frequently updated sites available, such as MEDLINEplus, Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources, Biosites, and others ..."

The National Center for Health Statistics (Centers for Disease Control, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), under "Web Searching Tools," on its Other sites page (which is linked to from all NCHS pages) lists five generic search tools, and just three specifically in health/medicine, including the Hardin Meta Directory.

Internet health sources, Advocate Health Care, Oak Brook, IL -- "[Hardin MD] is a truly impressive and well organized directory."

Concordia (Minnesota) Student Bulletin, Feb 13, 1998. Puts us in exclusive company! -- Lists just two sources "for all medical questions": Hardin MD and Medline/Pubmed, sponsored by the National Library of Medicine

American Medical Association - Medical Indices and Lists on the Web. Hardin MD is in a list of 11 standard indices -- "These sites have been selected because of their excellent organization, searchability, and accuracy."

Snap Editor's Choice BEST SITE award. On the general health page, only a few select sites are given the Best Site award.

"The Hardin Meta Directory is one of the earliest health sites on the Web and like a good wine it has matured well with age."
--Physiotherapy and the Internet, Erik Dombroski, New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists

USA Today chose the Hardin Meta Directory as a daily USA Today Hot site, July 16, 1998. This also appeared in the print version of USA Today, Wednesday, July 22, vol 16, no 218, p. 6D, Sam Vincent Meddis, "The Net: New and Notable," with this description -- "The Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources asks whether you are exasperated with general link lists that only touch the surface of the health information that's available on the Web. This University of Iowa service offers an in-depth solution." A related USA Today file, The Web's Utilitarian side, also has a link to Hardin MD. About this page, USA Today says -- "USA Today scours the Web for sites that are hot, new and notable. ... the best sites the Web has to offer. ... sites that may stretch the design envelope and show where the Web is headed. Ones that offer something unusual or unexpected. Or something just plain useful."

Internet Resources - Good Web medicine. This is a page from an article, The Medical Web, by Pam Weintraub, Newsweek International, April, 1998. "For those surfing the medical Web for the first time, it's best to start with the "gateway" sites -- those points of entry which, by dint of impressive brand names and reputation, are likeliest to steer you to information you can trust. The best points of entry include Healthfinder ... [and] Hardin MD ( ...perhaps the most extensive and organized directory to all things medical on the Internet)"

Medical World Search - Selection of Sites. This major medical search service uses Hardin MD as a selection criterion -- "Medical World Search ... indexes sites that are listed in the major medical directories on the Web that appear to follow [our] criteria -- Medical Matrix, CliniWeb, and the Hardin Meta Directory." Editorial board indludes Gary Malet and Humbert Suarez.

Yale Medical Library - General Subject Guides. Hardin MD is 1 of 8 index sites listed.

SciWeb -- The Life Science Home Page ("Information and communication tools for the Life Science community"). Hardin MD chosen site of the week, Aug 24, 1998.

Fortune Magazine," Health Help on the Net" (Techno File column), David Stipp, Jan 12, 1998 [vol 137 (1):135-6]
Hardin MD is at the top of the list of "Medical Sites on the Web," as the first recommended starting point in searching for health information.

Redbook Magazine, "How to get every health fact you'll ever need," Pamela Weintraub, Nov, 1997, 190(1):124-127,152. The article has these flattering remarks on Hardin MD - "This list of lists, perhaps the most extensive and organized on the Internet, comes from the Hardin Library for the Health Sciences at the University of Iowa. There are many directories on the Net, but this one is notable for its expertise as well as its size ..."

Medicine and the Internet - Appendix: Medical specialty resources, by Eric Rumsey. This is part of the book Medicine and the Internet (2nd ed, 1997, Oxford University Press, by Bruce McKenzie). In the printed book, it's pp 303-314; it consists of an annotated list of top resources from each specialty in the Hardin Meta Directory. See also separate web page Medical Specialty and Interest Resources, which lists a few resources for each specialty, followed by "MORE? See: specialty @ Hardin Meta Directory [University of Iowa]"

The print publication Internet Medicine: A critical guide (published by Lippincott-Raven) has an article, The Hardin Meta Directory: A Webmaster's View, by Eric Rumsey, vol. 2, number 5, June, 1997, pp 5, 8-9

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