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cellulitis rash
cellulitis rash
CDC Staph

staph infection

Diagnosis: Staphylococcal infection / Ecthyma / Ulcer / Staphylococcal infection, methicillin resistant

Comments: This 30-year-old man developed painful progressive red plaques, pustules, and punched out ulcers which failed to respond to oral cephalexin. Cultures subsequently grew methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and he was switched to oral clindamycin with a good response.

Category: infections and infestations / ulcer
Morphology: crust/eschar / ulcerated (erosion / ulcer) pustule
Organization: grouped, clustered
Pattern: acral (centripetal - extremity predominant)
Color: red / black Body Site: leg Age: 30 years
Gender: Male Image Year: 2004
Contributor: Susan M Rabizadeh, MD First Published: August 22, 2004
Description: 2-4 cm red plaques and deep punched out ulcers some with black eschars

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