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necrotizing fasciitis foot

Diagnosis: Fasciitis, Necrotizing / Ulcer

Comments: A 30-year-old man developed rapidly progressive painful erythema and edema of the right foot following a bee sting. Necrotizing fasciitis was diagnosed, and the area was aggressively debrided in the operating room.

Category: infections and infestations / ulcer
Morphology: ulcerated (erosion / ulcer) Organization:
Pattern: asymmetric Color: red Body Site: leg / foot Age: 30 years
Gender: Male Image Year: 2003
Contributor: Ben Barankin, MD First Published: March 02, 2003
Description: 30 y.o. caucasian Male with Right leg progressive pain following bee sting. Developed necrotizing fasciits within 2 days.

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