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scarlet fever rash

Diagnosis: Scarlet Fever

Comments: This 10-year-old boy developed a fever to 103 degrees F, tachycardia, cough, myalgias, numbness in his legs, a diffuse red eruption, and a strawberry tongue. He had a history of a strep throat 2 weeks earlier. He was treated with ceftriaxone and oral antibiotics for 10 days. The scarlatiniform eruption started on his abdomen and disseminated.

Category: cutaneous sign of systemic disease
Morphology: papule Organization: scattered Pattern: generalized, disseminated
Color: red Body Site: abdomen Age: 10 years Gender: Male Image Year: 2005
Contributor: Hannah R Boyd, RN First Published: June 29, 2005
Description: diffuse red sandpaper-like

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