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Photo of Martin's Beach by T. Shaulinka, CSLC staff
At its December 2016 meeting the Commission was updated on the status of negotiations to acquire a public access easement to and along Martins Beach near Half Moon Bay in San Mateo County. This staff appraisal was prepared for purposes of negotiating an easement to provide public access to Martins Beach.
Stock image of a "Regulations" stamp and a stack of papers
The Commission is proposing to amend regulations addressing biofouling management to minimize the transfer of nonindigenous species from vessels arriving at California ports (Article 4.8).
Sacramento Valley Conservancy logo
As part of a continual effort to increase public access, the Commission purchased 11 acres of land along the American River at Camp Pollock for the public to enjoy. The Sacramento Valley Conservancy maintains the land, providing recreation and open space that the public can enjoy.