Delta Research And Global Observation Network (DRAGON)


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DRAGON News Archive

DRAGON bibliography

The delta research bibliography on the DRAGON Web site includes over 3,600 citations related to research on deltaic systems. Records link to abstracts and/or full-text or real- or near-time data. Some full-text is free while other items are restricted to subscribers or pay-per-view access. Users may search by title, author, or other fields. The asterisk (*) may be used for truncation. Clicking on the arrow labeled "all indexed fields" on the Advanced Search page will provide more options. The bibliographic database is updated monthly.

What’s available on the USGS DRAGON Web site?

DRAGON includes information on 15 deltas of international importance: the Amazon, Chao Phraya, Danube, Ganges, Huang He, Irrawaddy, Lena, Mekong, Mississippi, Nile, Okavango, Rhine, Selenga, Volga, and Yangtze. More...

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Delta Research and Global Observation Network (DRAGON)

The DRAGON partnership is creating an international community of practice to share data on the great deltas and rivers of the world and to develop comparative models and visualization tools in order to facilitate ecological forecasting regarding climate change and development that ultimately helps in guiding decision making.

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