About the Naturopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians

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The Naturopathic Academy of Primary Care Physicians (NAPCP) is an academy of like-minded Naturopathic Primary Care Physicians (NPCP) and naturopathic medical students. We are dedicated to preserving our history and tradition by practicing primary care medicine from a patient-centered model based on the Naturopathic Principles and Therapeutic Order.

In a patient-centered model of care, the patient’s needs (pathophysiological, emotional, psychological, familial, spiritual) dictate and direct the level of intervention and most effective medicine(s) and healing modalities to be employed by the physician. The goal is always to establish and maintain the highest level of wellness while assuring the least risk.

This academy originated with practicing naturopathic physicians, who recognized that the process-oriented medicine they had been taught, the medicine practiced by Dr. Bastyr himself, had been diluted. In an effort to share and preserve this precious knowledge, the NAPCP was founded. Our board consists of practicing NPCPs and passionate medical students who are focused on education, training and community support for naturopathic physicians who practice, or desire to practice, community-based naturopathic primary care medicine.


Our goals are threefold:

1) To provide high-quality continuing education events which are applicable to the day-to-day practice of primary care naturopathic medicine.

2) To provide NPCPs with community support in the form of mentorship, preceptorship and increased residency access to enhance the hands-on portion of our education and training.

3) To provide a credentialing and certification process through which NDs who are committed to the practice of naturopathic primary care medicine can become recognized for their training, skills, accomplishments and contributions. This includes education and training to assist NPCPs in achieving compliance with applicable state and federal guidelines.

Vision for the Future

Our future as naturopathic primary care physicians is dependent upon the ability to not only preserve our history and tradition, but to express and demonstrate it’s efficacy and value in our daily practice of medicine.