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St Andrews Dock 2
Lock Plaque
St Andrews Dock 1

                                                             LOCKHEAD PLAQUE AT ST ANDREWS DOCK HULL

The aim of the Hull trawler website is to provide a commerative rememberance to all Hull trawlermen, their families and the vessels they sailed in. Hull has a rich maritime history and heritage,no more so than that of the Fishing Industry.

The site is the information I have collated over a number of years with the assistance and help from many people and scources, I am neither an historian or a scholar, the site stems from my own family genealogy search and my interest in the Fishing Heritage of Hull.

Topics covering a span of almost 150 years of Hull fishing heritage will be covered, From the early 19th century sailing smacks,the steam sidewinders to the stern vessels of the early 1960`s. From St Andrews Dock and the Humber, vessels first ventured into the North Sea & Iceland, eventually fishing the grounds in the white and black seas to the coasts of Newfoundland and Australia, making Hull the Greatest distant water fishing port in the world. Whilst many Hull vessels served in the great war on Admiralty service, employed as minesweepers, auxilliary patrol vessels to boom defence vessels, with a varied compliment of Hull Crew. They would again be called to Admiralty service in the second world war and as late as the 1980,s Hull trawlers were requisitioned for the Falklands conflict. A long running conflict and that which would put an end to the British fishery and the Hull fleet would be that of the long running cod wars.

Wm Jenkinson
George Woodhall
Eric Thundercliffe
Frank Soloman

From the beginnings of the single Skipper/Owners, to the great boxer Fleets such as the Gamecock,Gt Northern and the Red Cross Fleets to the companies of Pickering & Haldane Steam Trawling Co, Kelsall Brothers & Beeching, F&T Ross,Hudson Brothers, Hamlyns, Marrs, Boyd Line,Lord Line and Hellyers will be covered.Where possible I will provide the many photographs in my own collection and those that have been sent to me.

Although the site is called Hull Trawler and concentrates on the vessels that sailed from this port, from the early 1840`s Fishermen, Boys and vessels came from all corners of the UK to fish from Hull. The Devon Smacks from Brixham and Plymouth, the South East coast smacks of Ramsgate and Gt Yarmouth, to the North East coast smacks from Scarborough and Shields. The Hull Fishing Industry had many losses of both vessels and men, the exact number will possibly never be known. Through the use of census extracts,newspaper articles, directories, submitted information and crew/vessel listings, I will try to portray as accurate a picture as possible regarding the Hull Fishing community and the families and men this site is dedicated to.



All material on this site is provided for personal reference only . The webmaster cannot verify the authenticity of any such material unless otherwise stated. It is your sole responsibility to check and verify any such information you read from the site by other sources. The webmaster accepts no responsibility for any Linked site content.

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