June 10, 2013 Deven Hopp Nails

Manicure Monday: DIY Matte Nail Polish

For today’s tutorial we’re making it matte. And because getting crafty with beauty supplies is one of our favorite ways to spend Manicure Monday, we’re making our own matte nail polish. Don’t worry, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!
 matte manicure nail tutorial What You Will Need
  • Eye Shadow
  • Top Coat
  1. Scoop out a small amount of loose eye shadow or break off a bit of pressed powder eye shadow and crush the pigment into a fine powder (an excellent way to put your broken compacts to good use!).
  2. Add top coat and mix thoroughly (and quickly) until smooth.
  3. Then simply apply and admire your DIY matte manicure!

Quick Tip: If the mixture starts to get gooey, add a little more top coat. It won’t dilute the color, but will help smooth out the application.

What We Used If you’re in the mood for matte, but none of your shadows are speaking to you, you can make any nail polish matte with the help from a kitchen pantry staple. Instead of adding pigment, add cornstarch to your top coat and paint it over any polish for a matte finish.

Glossy or matte–what’s your manicure of choice?
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