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This section demystifies the varied, delicious harvests that change throughout the year, focusing on our local area. Check out the easy recipes as well as dishes that some of our local restaurants are serving!

Don't know a thing about cooking? Check the cooking resources for tips and how-to's.

Why eat seasonally?

It's the easiest way to eat healthfully, support local farmers, help the environment, and save money! Seasonal food usually comes from local farms, so produce is picked at its peak of ripeness and most nutrients. Less fossil fuels are required for shipping, and food passes through fewer hands, returning more profits to the actual growers. And, best of all, buying what's locally abundant is less expensive for you as well!

Why organic means diversity...

Unlike most conventional farms that plant the same crops year after year, organic farmers plant diverse crops to build natural soil fertility.

Many people are so conditioned to the simple, conventional crops that pervade our supermarkets (think iceberg lettuce, broccoli, baking potatoes, packaged carrots), that they have no idea what these new, organic produce items are, let alone what to do with them.

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