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    Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE)

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    Columbia Foundation
    EKO Asset Mgmt Partners
    Fdn for Sustainability & Innovation
    Millennium Restaurant
    Rose's Cafe
    San Francisco Foundation
    Schmidt Family Fdn
    Square One Vodka
    The Coca-Cola Company
    Urban Village

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    Acme Bread
    Bay Area Biofuel
    Besos Foods
    Bison Brewery
    Cowgirl Creamery
    Earthware -Biodegradables
    Eatwell Farm
    Hangar One Vodka
    Heirloom Organics Farm
    Lime Restaurant
    Little Organic Farm
    Marin Roots Farm
    New Leaf Paper
    Oola Restaurant
    Organic Wine Company
    Quivira Vineyards
    Prather Ranch
    Purity Juices
    Sinless Buying

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About Us

If you use this website, or simply enjoy having fresh, organic food in the Bay Area, please support our programs that serve local, organic farms and the community.

Om Organics is a Project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a non-profit public charity, and made possible by contributions from foundations and conscientious individuals like you!

Any amount helps!
You can make a tax-deductible donation by check to "SEE - Catalyst Commons/Om Organics", 22231 Mulholland Hwy Suite 209, Calabasas, CA 91302.

(More on charitable contributions and claiming tax deductions.)

The mission of Om Organics is to increase the demand for sustainable agriculture and supply of regionally-produced foods by:

  • educating the community on the health, environmental and economic benefits of local, sustainable food production,
  • helping people appreciate and access sustainably grown products in the local region, and
  • helping farms better meet the needs of the community.

Community Resource

The organic industry has grown so quickly, and many people are unaware of the deeper public health and environmental implications of the local and organic movements. Using our site, consumers, chefs, farmers and advocates can easily access educational information about organics and sustainability and transform that knowledge into action by using our comprehensive directory to find and use seasonal, sustainably grown well as attend hundreds of food and farming events around town.

Programs for Local Distribution

Established in 2002, Om Organics began with a Farm-to-Restaurant cooperative network, where we assisted with sales and delivery direct from farmers to restaurant chefs.

In addition, we provide a sourcing directory for wholesale buyers, so restaurants, retail stores and schools can find local purveyors of sustainably grown produce, meat, poultry, dairy, eggs and seafood.

Because of the fantastic growth in the demand for regional foods, in 2008 we launched, a community platform for farmers and organizations that serve the sustainable agriculture sector.

Supporting the Sustainable Foods Movement

In 2014, we established a new organization, Catalyst Commons, which offers consulting services for and incubates new CA agriculture programs.


Charter participants
Thanks to the first restaurant chefs and farms to participate in 2003!
  • Chefs: Alicia, Anthony, Brian, Daniel, Eric, Gaby, Luis, Mark, Robert, Sean, Thom, Tiny
  • Farms: Balakian Farm, Capay Canyon Ranch, Capay Organic, Dirty Girl Produce, Eatwell Farm, Fairview Gardens, Gabriel Farm, Green Gulch Farm, Hazel Dell Mushrooms, Heirloom Organics, Knoll Farm, Lagier Ranches, Little Organic Farm, Lucero Farm, Small Potatoes, Swanton Berry Farm, Wine Forest Wild Mushrooms
Founder & Director
  • Melanie Cheng - An avid environmentalist and fan of good food, Melanie sought a way to combine her appreciation of local cuisine with her deep respect for the earth. While working as an editor and technical writer, she established relationships with both the farming and restaurant communities, and laid the groundwork for what became Om Organics.

    Since then, her discovery of the ag sector has led to her founding (business and community resources for family farms) and Catalyst Commons to unwind the tangled network of the ag industry for funders as well as groups working on the ground. Melanie was recently named one of “Ten Most Inspiring People in Sustainable Food” by Fast Company. (For more info, contact her!)

  • Brenton Cheng - All of the content in this site is published and maintained using Brenton's SpinFree content management system, developed using Open Source technology. Even non-techies like us can set up websites with it, as evidenced by some of the html code! (For more info, contact him!)
  • Magda Diaz with PixPusher - Known for quick turnaround times and original, unique designs, Magda created the home page and look-and-feel throughout the site. (For more info, contact her!)
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Meaning of Om

The word "om" is actually an ancient symbol () with an indefinite meaning. It is often described as encompassing all potentialities and possibilities, and the moment when petty affairs are set aside for more universal motivations.

In the context of Om Organics, "Om" represents the community working as one and consolidating efforts for a common goal, as well as sustainable farmers working together for the benefit of their whole. Essentially, Om Organics signifies us thinking and acting more universally about what we can do to sustain the world around us.