European Festivals 2017 – speculation

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Hi! It’s been a while since I updated the website, so why don’t I kick off with some idle speculation?

On Sunday the Foo Fighters Facebook/twitter/Instagram posted this map of Europe:

with Portugal highlighted in red

(with Portugal highlighted in red)

Shortly followed by this confirmation of a Portuguese date:


I’m guessing that this is just the first date in a 2017 Euro tour and the 2 passport pages will continue to be stamped in the same fashion (ie. a social media hint will be followed by later confirmation on

As the NOS Alive stamp is on the top of the passport’s 2nd page I’m going to assume that dates preceding July 7th will be added to the 1st page, then dates after July 7th will added to the 2nd page.  But what could those dates be?  Well, as European Festival season is in full swing at that time, here are some of the most likely possibilities:

Glastonbury (UK)
Fri 23rd June to Sun 25th June
Confirmed Headliners:
Radiohead (Fri)
Dave’s broken leg meant Foo Fighters headline slot in 2015 had to be cancelled. At the time organiser Emily Eavis said: “I would love for them to come back. I really hope they can. Hopefully soon, I think it’ll probably be in a couple of years, but it would be brilliant to have them back.”
Could she be true to her word? Glastonbury takes a year off in 2018.

Open’er (Poland)
Wed 28th June to Sat 1st July
Confirmed Headliners:
Radiohead (Wed)
This festival shortly follows Glastonbury so will inevitably share a number of acts (as evidenced by Radiohead playing).

Rock Werchter (Belgium)
Thu 29th June to Sun 2nd July
Confirmed Headliners:
Radiohead (Fri)
System of a Down (Sat)
Dave’s leg injury also meant the band’s Thursday night headline slot at Werchter 2015 had to be cancelled. Could they now make up for that?

Mad Cool (Spain)When:
Thu 6th July to Sat 8th July
Confirmed Headliners:
The festival’s website & twitter account are displaying a logo that looks suspiciously like the center of Foo Fighter’s double F logo (check it out).

There are a few more possibilities (including France) but I’ll add those tomorrow.

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It was 20 years ago today…

August 8th, 2015 128 comments

On August 8th 1995 while on holiday in Toronto I saw my first ever Foo Fighters gig at The Phoenix.  The show was sold-out well in advance of me arriving in Toronto in July, so I turned to an ad in the free listings magazine EYE and paid $60 for a $12 ticket. Not only was it my first Foo gig, but it was my first gig ever, so the whole thing was a weird blur hightened by the fact I was doing it alone in a strange country.

While reminiscing online about the gig in 2005 it turned out Adam the guy responsible for the gig poster lived a few streets away from my Aunt & not only that but he still had a copy of the poster which he kindly sent to her.

Anyway, here are some items from the concert:

My ticket

My ticket

Adam Swinbourne's poster for the show

Adam Swinbourne’s poster for the show


Front Print of 1995 glow-in-the-dark alien shirt

1995 glow-in-the-dark alien shirt

Back Print of 1995 glow-in-the-dark alien shirt

Toronto Sun review

Toronto Sun review

Toronto Star review

Toronto Star review

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Foo Fighters & NME

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The ‘NEXT WEEK’ page of NME’s last issue teased a Foo Fighters cover feature;

CHrlmqbWcAAkwRZ.jpg largeOf course, that was before the Glastonbury cancellation & so the cover of the NME that hit shelves today is a little different than originally planned:


But while the extensive Foo Fighters interview NME did a few weeks ago was Glastonbury-centric, they did cover a few other topics and so today’s issue does carry this piece:



NME took along a camera to the interview so while the planned cover feature & photoshoot won’t run, you can check out videos of the band talking Sonic Highways 2 , Dave’s teenage letter to FugaziWhat  to expect at the (later cancelled) Wembley shows and  Kanye’s headline slot at Glastonbury

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FooArchive Returns

May 1st, 2015 2 comments

For the past year or so I’ve neglected the website. I still posted the ocassional news item & tweet but I let the magazine transcripts stack up, but as today is the first day of a new month (and a month in which I’ll be seeing the band no less) so it seemed like as good a time as any to get back into it.

Over the coming months I’ll redesign the site entirely but until then I’ll get all of these articles sitting on my computer up online. Starting with…

Sonic Highways interviews
It Started With A Spark – American Way, Dec 2015
Land Of The Free, Home Of The Dave – Kerrang!, Dec 2014

Sound City interviews
Saint Dave Reveals All – NME, Mar 2013
Dave Grohl vs Rick Rubin – Dazed & Confused, Mar 2013

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Gig posters for upcoming Euro dates

May 1st, 2015 Comments off

Traditionally, Foo Fighters gigs in the UK don’t get screenprinted posters, but the upcoming UK/Euro dates will be getting prints by the folk at Jacknife Design.  The first of which (Sunderland) has been revealed:


The next few posters will also be inspired by 1970s comics and will individually showcase each member of the “Foo Fighters” shown on that team-up poster.

To see reveals of the upcoming posters follow them on twitter: @jacknifeprints
and instagram: @jacknifeprints

Once the prints are for sale they’ll be on sale in their store:

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‘What Did I Do? – the annotated lyrics

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Seeing how the whole concept of  Sonic Highways was to record songs inspired and shaped by the studio and city it was recorded in, I thought after each episode airs I’d try and piece together the meaning behind the lyrics.

“Some of the coolest, freakiest stuff comes out of this city.” – Dave Grohl


There you go again,
putting words into my mouth.
This one’s for you to know,
and for me to find out.
All that trouble, and you on about.
How you gonna know, til you hear it out loud.
Stop, ask myself what did I do?
what did I do to deserve you?
Go on, tell me now what did I do?
what did I do to deserve you?
I heard every word comin’ from the 13th floor. 

Roky Erickson’s psychedelic rock band The Thirteenth Floor Elevators.
Your song came along,
and I heard the voices telling me to save yourself,
I’ll behave yourself.
I stop, ask myself what did I do?
what can I do to preserve you?
Go on tell me now, what can I do?
What can I do to conserve you?
Your name, year of fame,
I could see the writing on the wall.
Come on, flip a coin, bet it’s going to tell you
The Big Boys guitarist Tim Key told how he and Chris Gates flipped a coin to see who would play bass in the band.
to save yourself, I’ll behave yourself.
Your man, channelin’, knowin’ by the x on his hand
Gary Clark Jr often found himself too young to drink in the bars he played at & in the US marking underage patrons with an X on their hand (to ensure no alcohol is sold to them) is common practice.
You raise, runaways singin’ at the gate,
to save yourself, I’ll behave yourself.
So here I go again,
putting words into your mouth.
This one’s for me to know,
and for you to find out.
All that trouble and I’m on about,
how you gonna know, til you hear it out loud.
All of your heroes, where are they now?
I’m lost, deliver me,
I crossed the river finally.
God as my witness,
yeah it’s gonna heal my soul tonight.
God as my witness,
yeah it’s gonna heal my soul tonight.
God as my witness,
yeah it’s gonna heal my soul tonight.
God as my witness,
yeah you gonna heal my soul tonight.
God as my witness,
yeah you gonna heal my soul tonight.


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NME cover feature – Points of Interest

November 5th, 2014 Comments off

B1qr0ClCIAEs2oQ.jpg large

As a way to mark the band’s 20th anniversary Dave considered re-recording the debut album:

At one point I thought ‘You know what would be funny? To re-record the first Foo Fighters record as the band we are now’ – cos the first record isnt the Foo Fighters it’s just me. So what if, for the 20th anniversary, we went in and re-recorded – same songs, same arrangements, in sequence – but as Foo Fighters 2014? Taylor was like, ‘Are you out of your fucking mind?! That’s the worst idea ever! People would fucking hate it!’ And Pat said, ‘That’s exactly why we should do it!’

Dont expect the band to perform the first album live though:

“I think that’s a shitty idea! I dont get why people do that. We’ve already written that one off.”

More Them Crooked Vultures is always a possibility (not so much Probot):

“I would love to make another Vultures record. I think our biggest hurdle is just a logistic one, that the three of us are all pretty busy. Yeah, I mean, I’m trying to think of things that I would revisit.  I get asked to do another Probot record all the time, but I can’t do it.  Those were my favourite singers.”

Headlining Glastonbury 2015?

“I mean, it’s an iconic festival,” smiles Grohl. “Yeah, I just tell everyone if they need a band, we’re pretty good. they should give us a call. See what happens.”


You can preview/order/download the issue from later today here:

‘Congregation’ – annotated lyrics

November 4th, 2014 Comments off
Seeing how the whole concept of  Sonic Highways was to record songs inspired and shaped by the studio and city it was recorded in, I thought after each episode airs I’d try and piece together the meaning behind the lyrics.

“That week in Nashville I felt like a fish out of water.  But in the most refreshing way.” – Dave Grohl

Well I met the seventh Son

Tony Joe White was the seventh child in his family.

He came for everyone
The day he heard the lightning in the field

TJW was the Son of a cotton farmer and knew he wanted to be a musician after hearing Lightnin’ Hopkins

I heard him clear his throat
A fork within the road

Tony ended up in Nashville by accident – he’d planned to drive to Memphis but had trouble on the highway.

That night the Tallahatchie took the wheel

After hearing Bobbie Gentry’s  ‘Ode To Billy Joe’ on the radio and relating to the songs subjects Tony Joe decided “If I ever write, it’ll be about something I know about”.

I’ve been throwing knives to see just where they land
Now my world is in your hands

Send in the congregation

Nashville & country music is synonyms with the church and gospel singing.

Open your eyes
Step in the light

While having difficulty working on the song’s arrangement  Dave said he glanced up, saw sunlight breaking through the studio’s arch window and immediately ‘got it’. “When that light hit me through that window I felt inspired”.

A jukebox generation
Just as you were

In the 50s & 60s in order to make money country stars needed to keep putting out singles to be played on jukeboxes.

A voice upon a stage
Is a heart inside a cage
Singing like a bluebird in the round

The Bluebird Cafe is a legendary Nashville venue where acts perform in the middle of the floor with the audience all around.

There’s mystery in this wood
And Ghosts within these roots
That are tangled deep beneath this southern ground

The track was recorded in Southern Ground Studios, a former church built in 1901 that used to be the home of Monument Records.

Ive been going through life making foolish plans
Now my world is in your hands

Send in the congregation
Open your eyes
Step in the light
A jukebox generation

Just as you were, alright
Just as you were
Just as you were, alright

And you need Blind faith
No false hope
Do you have blind faith?
No false hope
Where is your blind faith?
No false hope

An almost direct lift from producer Tony Brown’s thoughts regarding idealistic artists breaking away from Nashville’s strict formula for success:  “Don’t have false hope. Still have blind faith. You gotta have blind faith or why do you even give a shit?”

Open your eyes
Open your eyes
Step into the light

The sound becomes congregation
A congregation
A congregation

And they’re singing like a bluebird in the round

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December ’14 Q feature – points of interest

October 24th, 2014 Comments off

B0pOahvIcAAc7Tw.jpg large

The newest issue of Q hits newstands on Tuesday & carries a 9 page feature on the band by Keith Cameron (who’s been interviewing Dave since the Nirvana days) with pics by Ross Halfin.

The bulk of interviews took place during the run of  Holy Shits gigs in London, so thanks to HBO embargoes the band found themselves unable to talk as freely about the series as they’d like, despite that it’s still a great read.  Here are the points I found of most interest:


  • Dave is planning on a 20th anniversary re-enactment of Foo Fighters first tour supporting Mike Watt.  Visiting the same venues and insisting the band will even use the same tiny van.
  • The Seattle Sonic Highways track ‘Subterranean’ is in Taylor’s words “Dark and sad, it’s about the end of something.” and contains the lines “I’ve been diggin’ in down inside/Nothing left within, I’ve been mined” and “You might think you know me but I know damn well you don’t.”
  • Chicago, Seattle, and Washington DC were chosen as venues for Sonic Highways due to the band’s personal history with the cities, while Nashville, Austin and New Orleans were chosen because the band have no connection to them.  LA was a no-brainer as the band all live there but Dave’s original plan changed and the pivotal figure in the episode is Pat Smear; “We walked around his old neighbourhood and he told me about going to see The Runaways… how he and Darby Crash met through a mutual speed dealer… chasing Freddie Mercury around the Sunset Marquis… his life is so extraordinary.”


You can download the issue or order a physical copy from Q’s website: and over the next few weeks Q will be uploading video interviews with the band at QThe


‘The Feast & The Famine’ – annotated lyrics

October 24th, 2014 Comments off
Seeing how the whole concept of  Sonic Highways was to record songs inspired and shaped by the studio and city it was recorded in, I thought after each episode airs I’d try and piece together the meaning behind the lyrics.

“The experiences I had here set the foundations for the rest of my life as a musician.” – Dave Grohl


That night they were burning for truth
Down on the corner of 14th and U

The epicentre of violence for the 1968 Washington Riots but these days the centre of DC’s music scene – The Black Cat & 9:30 club are both nearby.

They took your soul and they took you for fools
Took all the windows from prisons and schools
Now what’s a poor man left to do?

One heart now broken in two
You start untying the hands of the youth

New kids hear the sound of the drumming
Mother Nature your Summer is coming
Yesterday and today
Revolution on its way

The Summer of 1985 was nicknamed ‘Revolution Summer‘ in Washington D.C – where activism and melody stripped punk of its machoism.

It was the feast and the famine

Crossroads with nothing to lose
Out of the basement and in to the news

Scream were from Bailey’s Crossroads & could this also be a reference to Foo Fighters recording There Is Nothing Left To Lose in Dave’s Virginia basement?

Come change, now shit getting heavy
Salvation at the ready

You look when I walked by
Still screaming ’til I die

Still Screaming is the title of the 1983 album by Scream on Dischord Records

You can’t find peace if you can’t find a home
You can’t survive as an island alone

Black heart with a gaping wound
Put back together by a troubled groove

Dave explains in the Sonic Highways episode that this is a reference to Trouble Funk.

Check yourself
Wreck your brains
Where is that P.M.A?

Positive Mental Attitude. As sung about by Bad Brains in their song Attitude.

It was the feast and the famine

Hey, where is the monument
to the dreams we forget?
We need a monument

The Washington Monument is in DC, as is the Lincoln Memorial which was the site of 1983 The Rock Against Reagan show that Dave attended.

And dreams will come
And change will come
Is there anybody there?
Anybody there?

It was the feast and the famine

Hey man, where is the monument
to the dreams we forget?
We need a monument
And change will come
And change will come
Is there anybody there?
Anybody there?


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