The Field Poll was established in 1947 as The California Poll by Mervin Field and has operated continuously as an independent, non-partisan, media-sponsored public opinion news service. Each year the poll covers a wide range of political and social topics examining California public opinion. Surveys are made at frequent intervals throughout the year. Continuing measures are made of voter support for leading political figures vying for major state and federal offices, job ratings of important political figures and reactions to significant political events. Voter awareness, understanding and predispositions of major campaign issues and salient statewide ballot propositions are also tracked over time. The Field Poll currently issues forty to fifty reports per year. Each report consists of 3-10 pages of text and statistical data, and includes a background section providing details about the interviewing method, sample size, question wording and other technical data.

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11/17/2016 Special Release: Majorities attach high importance to state’s coast and ocean. Three out of four voters visit at least once a year. Access remains a problem for many.
Poll Archive
11/15/2016 #2557: Newsom leads in early voter preferences for governor.
11/5/2016 #2556: Harris maintaining comfortable lead over Sanchez in this year's U.S. Senate race.
11/4/2016 #2555: Voters inclined to support many of this year's statewide ballot propositions.
11/3/2016 #2554: Clinton holds twenty-point lead over Trump in California. Majorities view both candidates negatively.
10/12/2016 #2553: Many California voters lack confidence in the justice system. Strong support for community-based alternatives to prison and punishment to improve safety.
9/29/2016 #2552: Californians hold divergent views about the direction of the country and that of the state. Brown continues to receive very positive job marks, while views of the legislature are mixed.
9/28/2016 #2551: Strong support for Prop. 58. Backing fades if repeal of Prop. 227 provision is mentioned.
9/27/2016 #2550: Strong support for tax extension and criminal sentencing initiatives; cigarette tax leads, but by narrower margin.
9/24/2016 #2549: Prop. 61, the prescription drug purchases and pricing initiative, holds big early lead, but many voters are undecided.
9/23/2016 #2548: Two-to-one voter support for Marijuana Legalization (Prop. 64) and Gun Control (Prop. 63) initiatives.
9/22/2016 #2547: Death penalty repeal (Prop. 62) holds narrow lead, but is receiving less than 50% support. Most voters aren't sure about Prop. 66, a competing initiative to speed implementation of death sentences.
9/21/2016 #2546: Harris widens lead over Sanchez in California's all-Democratic Party U.S. Senate Race.
9/20/2016 #2545: Clinton's lead in California slips as her image among voters declines.
8/1/2016 Digital Divide 2016 Special Release: Big Disparities Persist in Californians' Access to Broadband Internet at Home, Even as More Are Going Online
7/14/2016 #2544: Contrasting views about the overall direction of the state and the nation.
7/13/2016 #2543: Majority continues to give Brown positive job marks. His sixth-year ratings exceed those of most of his predecessors, including his own earlier stint as Governor.
7/12/2016 #2542: Obama continues to receive very positive job approval marks from Californians.
7/8/2016 #2541: Harris maintains comfortable lead over Sanchez in first post-primary poll in the state's all-Democratic general election for U.S. Senate.
7/7/2016 #2540: Most Democrats want Sanders to step aside and throw support to Clinton. Clinton holds huge lead over Trump among all California voters.
6/7/2016 #2539: About 8 million Californians expected to vote in the primary election, of which 5 million will likely be cast by mail.
6/3/2016 #2538: Democrats Harris and Sanchez remain atop the crowded field in the open seat primary election for U.S. Senate.
6/2/2016 #2537: California's Democratic presidential primary tightening. Clinton's lead over Sanders declines to two points. State Republicans appear to be warming to Trump's candidacy.
5/26/2016 Special Poll Report: The Many States of California - How Likely Voters in California's June Presidential Primary View the Issues
4/15/2016 #2536: On Tax Day, twice as many Republicans as Democrats complain that their income taxes are too high.
4/14/2016 #2535: Most voters continue to describe the state water shortage as "extremely serious" and feel it's very important for residents to continue to reduce their water usage.
4/13/2016 #2534: While Californians now see the state heading in the right direction, an increasing proportion believes the country is seriously off on the wrong track.
4/12/2016 #2533: President's job ratings remain high, while ratings of Congress continue to be dismal. Two in three criticize the Senate for failing to act on Obama's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.
4/11/2016 #2532: California voters remain inattentive and largely disinterested in the June open primary for U.S. Senate.
4/8/2016 #2531: Clinton's lead over Sanders declines to six points in California's Democratic presidential primary. Big differences in preferences across subgroups of the likely voter population.
4/7/2016 #2530: Trump leads Cruz in California by seven points. Regional differences in preferences could split the state's allocation of delegates to the GOP convention.
2/4/2016 #2529: Voters see a close linkage between kids regularly drinking sugary beverages and their developing serious health conditions, like Type-2 diabetes. Broad-based support for both government and beverage company actions to address the problem.
1/15/2015 #2528: Californians sharply divided about what to do with the state's death penalty law.
1/14/2016 #2527: Voters approve of Brown's job performance nearly two to one. More think California is moving in the right direction.
1/12/2016 #2526: Californians' long-standing support for gun control laws not altered by events in San Bernardino.
1/11/2016 #2525: Obama continues to receive high overall job marks from California voters.
1/8/2016 #2524: More Californians think terrorist attacks are very likely in the state. But many worry that the government will go too far in its anti-terror efforts.
1/7/2016 #2523: Kamala Harris maintains lead in the open primary election for U.S. Senate, with fellow Democrat Loretta Sanchez second. But, many likely voters are undecided, especially Republicans and strong conservatives.
1/6/2016 #2522: Clinton maintains 11-point lead over Sanders among likely voters in California's Democratic presidential primary. Both candidates are highly regarded.
1/5/2016 #2521: Cruz and Trump now sit atop the Republican Presidential field in California. But, other poll data show Trump to be in a much weaker position among this state's Republicans, as well as its overall electorate.
10/15/2015 #2520: Villaraigosa, Newsom and Garcetti receive highest levels of early voter support as potential candidates for Governor in 2018.
10/14/2015 #2519: Despite Feinstein's high job approval ratings, voters have mixed views about her seeking a fifth full term to the U.S. Senate in 2018.
10/13/2015 #2518: Voters viewing state water shortage as an increasingly serious problem. Most think residential and agricultural water users are doing their part.
10/12/2015 #2517: While Governor Brown's job approval remains high, Democratic primary voters oppose the idea of his seeking the Democratic presidential nomination.
10/10/2015 #2516: Obama's job approval rating in California increases to 60%, his best appraisal in two and a half years.
10/9/2015 #2515: Kamala Harris holds the early lead in next June's open primary for U.S. Senate. Fellow Democrat Loretta Sanchez places second. Should these standings hold, the general election would be an all-Democratic party affair.
10/8/2015 #2514: Political outsiders Trump, Carson and Fiorina now lead the crowded field of GOP presidential candidates in California.
10/7/2015 #2513: Democratic voter support for Clinton slipping in California, as support for Sanders surges. While most Democrats think a Biden candidacy would be a good thing, just 15% would back him if he becomes a candidate.
10/6/2015 #2512: Strong voter support for the "End Of Life Option Act."
8/27/2015 #2511: Growing satisfaction with how the state's health care system is working overall. Voters generally well satisfied with their own health plans, but many still say it's difficult for them to pay for their health care costs.
8/26/2015 #2510: More California voters are embracing the Affordable Care Act. Greater than two in three believe the state has been successful in implementing the law. Increasing support for extending Medi-Cal services to undocumented residents.
6/16/2015 #2509: Wide Differences in Broadband Connectivity Across California Households - Disparities Exist Among Demographic Subgroups
5/28/2015 #2508: Despite improvements in many voters' own personal financial situation over the past year, more continue to describe the California economy as being in bad times than good times.
5/27/2015 #2507: Brown's job approval rating nearly equals his record high, despite voters' mixed views about the overall direction of the state.
5/22/2015 #2506: Clinton continues to hold dominant position in California's Democratic primary for President. No clear frontrunner on the Republican side.
5/21/2015 #2505: State voters approve of Obama's performance 53% to 35%. Positive views of his handling the economy. Plurality supports his attempt to reach a nuclear weapons agreement with Iran, but most believe Congress should also have a say.
5/20/2015 #2504: Voters not paying much attention to next year's open primary election for U.S. Senate. Kamala Harris leads, but receives just 19% of first choice preferences. Nearly six in ten likely voters undecided.
5/19/2015 #2503: Californians support Governor's urban water reduction plan three to one. But many homeowners say it will be difficult for their household to cut back on their own water use.
2/27/2015 #2502: While voters strongly believe the state should be spending more on road maintenance, no clear consensus on how to pay for it.
2/26/2015 #2501: Nearly unanimous view that state's water shortage is serious. Growing concern about adequacy of the water storage and supply facilities. Support for developing water storage on government lands.
2/25/2015 #2500: Improved view of direction of state. Mixed views of the state legislature. If additional funds become available, voters support K-12 schools and higher education getting more.
2/24/2015 #2499: Brown maintaining strong approval ratings. Large majority agrees he has the right experience to deal with the state's problems.
2/21/2015 #2498: Little change in Californians' long-standing negative view of the job Congress is doing. More see GOP control of both houses of Congress as a bad thing than a good thing for the U.S.
2/20/2015 #2497: Obama's job approval rebounds to 57% in California. Big improvement in voter appraisals of his handling of the economy.
2/19/2015 #2496: Overwhelming support for Hillary Clinton in California's Democratic presidential primary. Walker and Bush lead a crowded Republican field in the GOP primary.
2/18/2015 #2495: Test of early support for 18 potential candidates in U.S. Senate race shows voters open to a range of possibilities.
1/14/2015 #2494: Just 36% of voters aware of state's Paid Family Leave Program.
12/2/2014 #2493: California registered voters believe high quality preschool makes a difference in a child's later success.
11/16/2014 #2492: California the exception in a nation increasingly voting Republican.
11/4/2014 #2491: Today's statewide election likely to establish a new low turnout record.
10/31/2014 #2490: Heavy support for Prop. 1 (Water Bonds). Big swing to the No side on Prop. 45 (Health Insurance Rate Changes) and Prop. 46 (Drug Testing of Doctors/Medical Negligence Lawsuits). Continuing support for Prop. 47 (Criminal Sentences).
10/30/2014 #2489: Brown holds 21-point lead over Kashkari in closing days of the Governor's race. Democrats leading in all other partisan statewide election contests. Voters evenly divided in race for Superintendent of Public Instruction.
9/17/2014 #2488: Californians believe mental health treatment works, but many unaware of insurance coverage for it. Others reluctant to seek counseling or treatment even if covered.
9/13/2014 #2487: California voters continue to hold a dismal view of Congress' performance. Decline in job appraisals of one's own representative.
9/12/2014 #2486: Voter support for the death penalty declines in California.
9/11/2014 #2485: Voter support diminishing for two health-related ballot measures, Propositions 45 and 46.
9/10/2014 #2484: Nearly two-to-one support for the state water bond, Proposition 1.
9/9/2014 #2483: Relatively low voter awareness of candidates in "down ballot" statewide races. The Democrat leads in all six partisan races, but by varying margins. Statistical tie in non-partisan race for State Schools Superintendent.
9/5/2014 #2482: Improving view of the direction of the state and the legislature compared to past years. However, big differences by region and party registration.
9/4/2014 #2481: Brown holds sixteen-point lead over Kashkari in governor's race. He is maintaining big leads among most key voter subgroups.
9/3/2014 #2480: Majority of California voters supports President Obama taking executive action to deal with the growing number of immigrant children entering the country illegally.
9/2/2014 #2479: Big drop off in Obama's job approval rating in California. Decline greatest among his base supporters.
8/20/2014 #2478: 2014 TCWF-Field Health Policy Poll - Part 2
8/19/2014 #2477: 2014 TCWF-Field Health Policy Poll - Part 1
7/8/2014 #2476: Digital divide persists in California. Wide differences in Internet use and broadband connectivity across demographic subgroups of the state's adult population.
7/2/2014 #2475: While Californians are dissatisfied with wealth disparity, they are divided about government's role in trying to reduce the gap and about increasing the state's minimum wage above its currently scheduled increases.
6/27/2014 #2474: Very partisan views of the direction of the state and the job performance of the legislature.
6/26/2014 #2473: For the first time since 2007 more California voters say they are financially better off than they were during the prior year. Yet, more still describe the state as being in economic bad times than good times.
6/25/2014 #2472: Brown holds big early lead over Kashkari for governor.
6/24/2014 #2471: Obama maintains favorable job ratings among voters in California. Congress continues to be viewed poorly. Majority still believes country is on the wrong track.
4/18/2014 #2470: Majority of California voters supports expanding pre-school to all four-year-olds despite its additional costs and regardless of parents' incomes.
4/17/2014 April 2014 California Opinion Index: A Digest Summarizing California Voter Opinions About Taxes, Government Spending, and Proposition 13
4/17/2014 #2469: Examining California voter views about taxes, government spending and Proposition 13.
4/16/2014 #2468: Nearly all voters describe state's water shortage as serious. Most believe agricultural users can reduce its water use by changing crops and using water more efficiently. Voluntary cutbacks supported over mandatory rationing.
4/15/2014 #2467: Views of Congress still stuck in deep negative trough. Republicans who are Tea Party identifiers are the most critical.
4/12/2014 #2466: Republican Swearengin leads June open primary race for state controller. Two prominent Democrats battling for second.
4/11/2014 2465: Peterson and Padilla lead in open primary election for California Secretary of State following the withdrawal of Leland Yee.
4/10/2014 #2464: California voter views of the state legislature turn negative after arrest of State Senator Leland Yee.
4/9/2014 #2463: Brown's approval rating hits new high. Holds huge lead in the June open primary election for Governor. Donnelly a distant second.
4/8/2014 #2462: Unlike the U.S. public, a majority of Californians continues to approve of Obama's job performance.
2/20/2014 #2461: Broad voter support for posting a health warning label on sodas and sugary drinks and taxing their sale to provide funds for school nutrition and physical activity programs.
2/12/2014 #2460: Voter concerns about risk factors for obesity and diabetes have eclipsed other health concerns facing California kids over the past 10 years.
12/14/2013 #2459: Californians hold dismal view of the U.S. Congress. Fewer voters are inclined to re-elect GOP incumbents than Democratic incumbents across the state.
12/13/2013 #2458: California voters taking more negative view of labor unions. Bay Area voters support a ban on public transit workers' right to strike, while voters statewide are divided.
12/12/2013 #2457: Voter assessments of California as a place to live differ by region, age and where a voter stands politically.
12/11/2013 #2456: Not much support among statewide voters for having California's northern-most rural counties secede from the state or designate their counties as a territory.
12/10/2013 #2455: Reversal of attitudes toward marijuana. Majority now favor use and decriminalization.
12/6/2013 #2454: Voter perceptions of the state legislature's job performance improving. Mixed views about the Democrats' 2/3 control of both legislative houses. Few think this improves its performance.
12/5/2013 #2453: Brown's job approval up among registered voters. Overwhelmingly preferred should he run for re-election.
12/4/2013 #2452: Chris Christie much better liked in California than other potential GOP presidential candidates. Tea party seen as a drag on GOP candidates' election chances.
12/3/2013 #2451: Growing number of Californians disapprove of Obama's performance. Big falloff in proportion believing the country is moving in the right direction.
8/21/2013 #2450: Most California voters express optimism about the state's implementation of the Affordable Care Act; while few voters know much about the state's Covered California health exchange, interest in learning more about it is high.
8/20/2013 #2449: No diminishment in voter support for the Affordable Care Act in California.
8/19/2013 #2448: Half of California voters say their health care costs increased this year and maintains that health care is difficult to afford. Majorities describe Medicare and Medi-Cal as important programs and say they're successfully meeting their goals.
7/25/2013 #2447: Hillary Clinton, widely considered a probable 2016 presidential candidate, viewed very favorably by California voters.
7/24/2013 #2446: Jerry Brown continues to receive high job performance marks. More favor than oppose his re-election should he run again next year.
7/23/2013 #2445: Ten-point drop in Obama's job approval in California.
3/1/2013 #2444: Greater than seven in ten continue to describe California's economy as being in bad times. Most see unemployment as very serious and do not foresee improvement in the coming year.
2/28/2013 #2443: Record majority of California voters approves of allowing same-sex marriage.
2/27/2013 #2442: Support legalizing the sale of marijuana in California. Strong backing for state's existing medical marijuana law. Most say they'd allow a medical marijuana dispensary to operate in their community.
2/26/2013 #2441: Greater controls on guns seen as more important than protecting rights of gun owners. Majority support for many new gun control measures. Strong opposition to arming school teachers.
2/25/2013 #2440: Two in three Californians support actions to combat global warming. Seven in ten back the state's greenhouse gas reduction law.
2/22/2013 #2439: Near-universal support for allowing long-time undocumented residents to stay and become citizens under certain conditions. Majority also backs granting California driver's licenses to these residents.
2/21/2013 #2438: Brown's job approval the highest since his election. Improved view of the direction of the state. Most think Democrats' two-thirds control of the state legislature is a good thing.
2/20/2013 #2437: Obama's job approval in California reaches highest level since his first year in office. Slight easing in voters' very negative appraisal of the congress.
2/14/2013 #2436: Most Californians see a direct linkage between obesity and sugary sodas. Two in three voters support taxing sugar-sweetened beverages if proceeds are tied to improving school nutrition and physical activity programs.
11/19/2012 #2345: Post-election analysis: The growing political might of ethnic voters in the 2012 California elections.
11/6/2012 #2434: One million fewer Californians likely to vote than in last presidential election. First general election in which mail ballots to exceed precinct votes.
11/3/2012 #2433: By large margins California voters favor another term for Obama/Biden and Feinstein. Most remain pessimistic of a change in political climate in Washington after the election.
11/2/2012 #2432: More voters now favor death penalty's repeal (Prop. 34), but Yes vote less than a majority. Prop. 32 (payroll deductions for political contributions) opposed by a wide margin.
11/1/2012 #2431: California's competing tax initiatives: While support for Prop. 30 is below 50% it continues to lead. Prop. 38 now trailing by a double digit margin.
9/28/2012 #2430: California voters somewhat ambivalent about government policies toward illegal immigrants living here.
9/25/2012 #2429: Voters closely divided on Proposition 34 to repeal death penalty.
9/25/2012 #2428: Negative voter reaction to Proposition 31, the state budget reform initiative.
9/22/2012 #2427: Feinstein holds huge 26-point lead over Republican Emken in U.S. Senate race.
9/21/2012 #2426: No side leads 44% to 38% on Prop. 32 payroll deductions initiative. Large proportion undecided. Mixed views of state's new pension reform law.
9/20/2012 #2425: California's tax initiatives: Prop. 30 (Brown) leads, but support dips to 51% as undecideds increase. Prop. 38 (Munger) narrowly opposed. Prop. 39 (Steyer) holding slim lead.
9/19/2012 #2424: Obama maintaining big lead over Romney in California. Improved view of the president's job performance and direction of the country.
8/20/2012 #2423: Californians strongly support nation's health reform law but believe more changes are needed to the health care system.
7/25/2012 #2422: Most voters report difficulties in paying for health care costs and are concerned about possible risks in health care system. Many delay getting a medical service because of costs.
7/13/2012 #2421: California voters favor legalizing and taxing sports betting, but are more divided when it comes to online poker.
7/12/2012 #2420: Californians continue to view the performance of Congress in a very negative light. Growing support for one party control of the presidency and the Congress.
7/11/2012 #2419: Californians continue to have a dismal view of the state's economy and their own personal finances. Not many see an improvement next year. Outlook related to presidential preferences, with Obama supporters less pessimistic than Romney backers.
7/10/2012 #2418: Voters have mixed views about the level of pension benefits received by most government workers. Support for some pension reform proposals, but opposition to taking away workers' collective bargaining rights.
7/7/2012 #2417: Feinstein has a big lead over Emken in U.S. Senate race.
7/6/2012 #2416: Obama maintaining large preference lead over Romney in California. Most voters here view Obama favorably and Romney unfavorably.
7/5/2012 #2415: Voters favor Brown tax initiative 54% to 38%; evenly split on Munger and Steyer tax plans. Support for the Governor's initiative would be adversely affected if the legislature funds high-speed rail project.
7/4/2012 #2414: Voters have mixed views of state spending cuts. Strongly oppose budget's automatic spending reductions if Governor's tax initiative is not approved.
6/9/2012 #2413: Voters favor Governor Brown's tax initiative 52% to 35%, but evenly divided on Munger plan. Seven in ten hold similar voting preferences toward both measures.
6/8/2012 #2412: Nearly as many voters now disapprove as approve of Brown's performance as governor. Large disapproval of state lawmakers. Not much confidence in either Brown or legislature to resolve budget deficit.
6/5/2012 #2411: Today's voter turnout in California likely to be the lowest in presidential primary history. Proportion of voters casting their ballots by mail to reach a record high.
6/1/2012 #2410: Obama maintaining sixteen-point lead over Romney in California
5/31/2012 #2409: Prop. 28 (term limits) holds comfortable lead; voters also supporting Prop. 29 (tobacco tax) but by a narrower eight-point margin.
4/4/2012 #2408: Unhealthy eating, lack of physical activity seen as greatest health risk facing California kids. Voters believe obesity prevention efforts should involve the community as well as kids and their families.
3/1/2012 #2407: California voters of all parties continue to hold very negative views of the job that Congress is doing.
2/29/2012 #2406: Big increase in California voters who favor allowing same-sex marriage. Six in ten (59%) now approve.
2/25/2012 #2405: Brown's job rating remains favorable. Very poor appraisal of the legislature. Yet, voters oppose having lawmakers work part-time.
2/24/2012 #2404: Both millionaire's and governor's tax initiatives favored by majorities. Less support for Munger tax plan.
2/23/2012 #2403: Obama's job rating improving in California. More are inclined to reelect him. Holds big leads over possible GOP candidates in general election match-ups.
2/22/2012 #2402: Santorum within striking distance of Romney in California's Republican presidential primary.
12/7/2011 #2401: Plurality of voters sees public pensions as too generous. Most react positively to Brown's reform proposals, want pension changes to apply to both current and new public employees.
12/6/2011 #2400: Voters very aware of High Speed Rail project. Large majority wants legislature to call a re-vote on the bond package. Majority would vote No if an election were held today.
12/5/2011 #2399: Brown's job ratings remain positive in contrast to voters' harsh view of the legislature's performance. Voters dislike automatic budget cuts provision.
12/2/2011 #2398: Congress' job rating remains in deep trough. Failure of congressional super committee is reinforcing voters' long-standing negative view of that body.
12/1/2011 #2397: While less than half of California voters are inclined to reelect Obama, he holds double-digit leads when paired against Romney or Gingrich.
11/30/2011 #2396: Romney clinging to slim 3-point lead over Gingrich among California Republicans in GOP presidential primary. Increasing proportion of voters undecided. Commitments to candidates not firm.
11/29/2011 #2395: California voters about evenly split in their identification with the Occupy protest movement, but a majority agrees with the underlying reason for the protests.
10/13/2011 October 2011 California Opinion Index: A Digest Summarizing California Voter Opinions About Statewide Ballot Proposition Elections
10/13/2011 #2394: Majorities view proposition elections as a good thing, but support has ebbed somewhat over time. The voting public is trusted more than elected officials in making important policymaking decisions.
9/29/2011 #2393: Support for death penalty still very strong. But increasing preference for life in prison without parole for those convicted of capital crimes.
9/27/2011 #2392: Nine in ten Californians say state is in bad economic times. Do not see things improving much in the short term. Very gloomy assessment of their own financial condition.
9/24/2011 #2391: California voters favor legalizing and taxing online poker gambling.
9/23/2011 #2390: Greater than two to one majority continues to back Prop. 13. Oppose proposals to change it to allow higher rates for commercial property owners or to reduce the two-thirds legislative vote requirement to approve tax increases.
9/22/2011 #2389: Just one in three voters aware of state commission's redrawing of district lines. Those familiar give it high marks. Relatively few endorse overturning new district lines via referendum.
9/21/2011 #2388: Views about two issues awaiting gubernatorial action: Voters divided about Internet sales tax law and referendum to overturn it, but support legislation to limit initiatives to general election ballots.
9/20/2011 #2387: Positive view of Brown's performance. Legislature still seen in very negative light. Mixed views of state budget cuts. Greater than two to one majority oppose automatic spending cuts if revenues fall short.
9/16/2011 #2386: By an unprecedented nine to one margin, voters disapprove of Congress' performance. Drop in Feinstein's and Boxer's job ratings. More voters now disinclined than inclined to re-elect Feinstein in 2012.
9/15/2011 #2385: Romney leads Perry among California Republicans. Obama holds double-digit leads over each in general election trial heats.
9/14/2011 #2384: Big drop in Obama's job rating in California. Fewer than half ready to re-elect him. Greater than three to one majority thinks country is seriously off on wrong track.
9/7/2011 #2383: California's Republican Party: Big changes in the composition of its voters over the past 20 years.
6/27/2011 #2382: While 3 in 4 follow what's going on in government, increasing proportion of California voters do not. TV cited as main political news source. The Internet ranks high among younger voters, while older voters rely heavily on newspapers.
6/23/2011 #2381: Californians fear earthquakes more than other natural disasters. Increasing number believe a major quake will occur in their area within next ten years.
6/22/2011 #2380: Big decline in support for building more nuclear power plants, but majority sees existing plants as safe. Plurality opposes phasing them out. Voters split on safety of offshore oil drilling. Opposition to building more offshore wells.
6/21/2011 #2379: Early voter inclination to reelect Feinstein less enthusiastic than usual.
6/20/2011 #2378: Obama's job approval holding steady at 54%. About half of California voters disposed to reelect him. Wide variations in perceptions of Republican candidate possibilities. Romney leads in GOP preferences.
6/17/2011 #2377: Schwarzenegger's image appraisal plummets.
6/16/2011 #2376: Voters consider Supreme Court's ruling that California reduce its prison population serious. Support for shifting inmates to county jails, but don't want taxes added. Large majority favors modifying "three strikes" law
6/15/2011 #2375: Voters don't have great confidence in Governor or legislature to resolve budget deficit. Growing reluctance to pay higher taxes, but voters narrowly support the Governor's bridge tax proposal.
4/4/2011 #2374: California Voters Remain Supportive of Health Care Law. Optimism About the State's Ability to Implement the Law; Many Believe the Proposed Health Insurance Exchange will be Helpful in Providing More Insurance Choices.
3/24/2011 #2373: Feinstein gets better job performance marks than Boxer. Narrow plurality inclined to re-elect Feinstein in 2012.
3/23/2011 #2372: Obama retains positive job rating in California. Voters inclined to re-elect him five to four. Yet, voters continue to hold dismal view of the U.S. Congress and believe the country is on the wrong track.
3/22/2011 #2371: Voters approve of Governor Brown's job performance by greater than two to one margin. Legislature continues to be seen in a very negative light.
3/18/2011 #2370: Voter views of California as a place to live near historic lows. About half see recent immigrants as not affecting state's quality of life, but 39% see a diminishment.
3/17/2011 #2369: More California voters now view public pension benefits as too generous. Narrowly oppose taking away collective bargaining rights of public sector employees. Majority support for a number of pension reform proposals.
3/16/2011 #2368: Voters express views on dealing with the state's huge budget deficit.
2/8/2011 #2367: Increasing concern among California voters about childhood obesity. Support for policies aimed at encouraging greater physical activity and healthier eating among children.
11/2/2010 #2366: About 9.5 million Californians expected to participate in today's election. More than half will be voting by mail, a first for a general election in this state.
10/31/2010 #2365: Voter opposition to Prop. 19 (marijuana) has grown. Strong opposition to Prop. 23 (suspending AB32). Continuing support for Prop. 25 (majority vote for state budgets).
10/30/2010 #2364: Newsom holds narrow five-point lead over Maldonado in Lt. Governor's race. Cooley just one point ahead of Harris in race for Attorney General.
10/29/2010 #2363: Boxer leads Fiorina by eight points for U.S. Senate. Voter images of each candidate are divided and highly partisan.
10/28/2010 #2362: Increased support from women, Latinos, non-partisans and L.A. County voters propelling Brown to a ten-point lead over Whitman in Governor's race. Whitman's image has deteriorated. A majority now views her negatively.
10/6/2010 #2361: Sarah Palin a highly contentious political figure. Her endorsement could hurt more than help a candidate in this state.
10/5/2010 #2360: Near universal belief that state is in bad economic times. Personal economic status declining and many don't expect things to improve next year. Unemployment very serious and few see improvement in coming year.
9/30/2010 #2359: Californians hold very negative view of the Congress. Plurality gives Pelosi low job marks. Feinstein still rated positively. Democratic candidates edge Republicans in preferences for House seats in California.
9/29/2010 #2358: Most Californians still approve of Obama's job performance, but believe the country is on the wrong track. About as many say the president's endorsement of a candidate here would have a negative as positive effect.
9/28/2010 #2357: Record low assessment of the legislature. Huge majority thinks state is seriously off on wrong track.
9/26/2010 September 2010 California Opinion Index: A Digest Summarizing California Voter Opinions About Marijuana
9/26/2010 #2356: State ballot propositions: Yes side moves ahead on Prop. 19 (marijuana legalization). Plurality continues to oppose Prop. 23, to suspend AB32, the greenhouse gas emissions law. Prop. 25, to allow a majority vote to approve state budgets, remains
9/25/2010 #2355: Newsom leads Maldonado by four points in Lt. Governor's race. Cooley also ahead of Harris by four points in A-G race. Large proportions remain undecided in both contests.
9/24/2010 #2354: Boxer has six-point lead over Fiorina in Senate race. Most voters basing their choices on pro or con feelings about Boxer. Many voters still haven't formed an opinion of Fiorina.
9/23/2010 #2353: Brown and Whitman in a dead heat in the race for governor.
7/23/2010 #2352: Increasing opposition to drilling more oil and gas wells in state tidelands. Californians divided on more nuclear power plants.
7/22/2010 #2351: Seven in ten Californians continue to support capital punishment.
7/21/2010 #2350: No change in Californians' long-standing support for allowing abortion. Seven in ten agree with Supreme Court's historic Roe v. Wade court decision.
7/20/2010 #2349: Voter sentiment remains on the side of allowing same-sex marriage in California.
7/16/2010 #2348: California voters split almost evenly about Arizona's new illegal immigration law. Opinions divide sharply along partisan and racial/ethnic lines. Issue has big effect on supporters of candidates in governor and Senate races.
7/15/2010 #2347: Large majority believes Congress is doing a poor job. Rating of own representative more positive. Even division in generic vote test. Many say they will be voting against their incumbent this fall.
7/14/2010 #2346: Schwarzenegger and the state legislature both get very poor job ratings. Four out of five voters say state is on the wrong track.
7/13/2010 #2345: Most Californians continue to approve of job Obama is doing. But, a 53% to 33% majority believes the country is on wrong track, their gloomiest assessment in two years.
7/11/2010 #2344: Voters rate the strengths and weaknesses of different candidate attributes.
7/10/2010 #2343: Newsom has 9-point lead over Maldonado in Lt. Governor race. Cooley ahead of Harris by 3 points for Attorney General.
7/9/2010 #2342: State ballot propositions: Marijuana legalization narrowly opposed. Large majority favors changing vote needed to pass state budget. Pluralities oppose suspending AB32, favor water bonds.
7/8/2010 #2341: Boxer leads Fiorina narrowly -- 47% to 44% -- in Senate race.
7/7/2010 #2340: Governor's race now a virtual tie: Brown 44%, Whitman 43%.
6/8/2010 #2339: Only about a third of the state's 17 million voters are expected to vote in today's primary election.
6/5/2010 #2338: Fiorina takes big lead in Republican race for U.S. Senate.
6/4/2010 #2337: Whitman leading Poizner two to one in the final days leading up to next Tuesday's GOP gubernatorial primary election.
6/3/2010 #2336: Majorities of Californians support the nation's new health care law, but think more health care system changes are needed. Just one in three believes the law should be reversed.
3/24/2010 #2335: Majorities of Californians support cutting just two of fourteen areas of state spending to reduce the budget deficit.
3/23/2010 #2334: Majorities rate jobs/the economy, the state budget deficit, education and health care as top issues in this year's governor's race.
3/21/2010 #2333: Voter ratings of Schwarzenegger and the state legislature equal historic lows.
3/19/2010 #2332: Declining majority of Californians approve of Obama's performance. Mixed appraisal of his handling of health care. Just 12% approve of the job Congress is doing, a record low. Dim view of its handling of health care.
3/18/2010 #2331: Campbell continues to lead in GOP primary for U.S. Senate. Boxer's image has declined. Voter preferences closely divided in November general election match-ups.
3/17/2010 #2330: Governor's race: Whitman widens her lead over Poizner in GOP primary and is now leading Brown in simulated general election match-ups.
3/2/2010 #2329: Voters favor spending cuts over tax increases to reduce state budget deficit. Narrowly reject allowing the legislature to approve state budgets by a simple majority. Favor raising the voter threshold needed for amending the state constitution.
1/29/2010 #2328: Californians turn negative about direction the country is heading. No change in very negative appraisal of the state's direction.
1/28/2010 #2327: Most see the diversity of California's population as both an advantage and a source of problems for the state. Concerns about race relations relate to whether a voter has personally experienced racial prejudice.
1/27/2010 #2326: Californians have very negative view of Congress. Widespread dissatisfaction with its handling of health care. Pelosi rated unfavorably.
1/26/2010 #2325: Nearly three in ten California voters identify strongly or some-what with the tea party movement. One in three voters also not convinced that Obama was born in U.S.
1/24/2010 #2324: Job ratings of the governor and state legislature remain very low. Six in ten believe Schwarzenegger leaving the state in worse shape than when he took office.
1/22/2010 #2323: With Campbell out of the race, Whitman opens up large lead over Poizner in GOP gubernatorial race. Brown holds 10-point lead over Whitman in general election, half its former level.
1/21/2010 #2322: Campbell leads Fiorina by five points in California's GOP senate primary. DeVore trails. Boxer leads each of the Republicans in general election match-ups
1/20/2010 #2321: Decline in voters' favorable view of Obama's job performance. More now have negative view of his handling of the economy and health care. Receives positive grades for his handling of terrorism and the war in Afghanistan.
1/19/2010 #2320: Near universal agreement that the California economy is in bad times. For the third consecutive year majorities report being financially worse off than they were in the previous year.
10/22/2009 Special Report: California Voter Opinions About the Health Care System
10/17/2009 #2319: Californians' view of Congress is very negative. Pelosi also rated negatively, although less so. Pluralities approve of the job that Feinstein and Boxer are doing.
10/16/2009 #2318: Voters favor limiting the pension benefits of newly hired government workers.
10/15/2009 #2317: Voter perceptions of the direction of the state continue to worsen. Some improvement in views about the direction of the country.
10/14/2009 October 2009 California Opinion Index: A Digest Summarizing California Voter Opinions About State Constitutional Reform and Related Issues
10/14/2009 #2316: While most Californians see the need for constitutional reform and would favor a constitutional convention to do its work, majorities oppose many of the proposed changes on the reform agenda.
10/13/2009 #2315: New record low job ratings for both Schwarzenegger and the state legislature
10/9/2009 #2314: GOP primary voters divided in their preferences for U.S. Senate, with a huge 59% undecided. Boxer holds double-digit leads over both Fiorina and DeVore in general election match-ups.
10/8/2009 #2313: Brown holds large lead over Newsom in Democratic race for governor. No clear GOP leader, with half of Republicans undecided. In general election match-ups Brown leads comfortably, while Newsom holds small leads.
10/7/2009 #2312: Dip in Obama's overall job rating in state, although six in ten still approve. A majority supports his health reform plan. Unsettled views about what to do about U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan.
10/6/2009 #2311: Californians' concerns about getting the H1N1 virus vary widely. Latinos are most worried. Seven in ten say they would get vaccinated if doctors recommended this, but 27% would not.
8/5/2009 August 2009 California Opinion Index: A Digest Summarizing The Changing California Electorate
8/5/2009 #2310: The changing California electorate (part 2): Voters, especially Democrats, have become more socially tolerant on a number of issues over the past three decades.
8/4/2009 #2309: The changing California electorate (part 1): Large-scale demographic changes in California's electorate from what it was thirty years ago.
6/18/2009 #2308: large majorities of Californians believe the nation's health care system needs fundamental changes or should be completely rebuilt. Support for moving forward with health reform now.
5/1/2009 #2307: New lows in voter approval of state legislature and Schwarzenegger. Views of the governor and state legislature related to likely voter preferences in the special election.
4/30/2009 #2306: While California voters prefer spending cuts to tax increases to resolve the state budget deficit, majorities oppose cutbacks in ten of twelve spending categories.
4/29/2009 #2305: Voter sentiment running against five of six budget propositions on May 19 ballot. Majorities skeptical that Prop. 1A will achieve its goals. Many voters confused about the impact that Props. 1D and 1E will have on health-related budgets.
3/13/2009 #2304: Some improvement in Californians' view of Congress, but a majority still disapproves. Rebound in Speaker Pelosi's job rating.
3/12/2009 #2303: Fewer rate California as one of the best places to live. Bay Area residents much more upbeat than voters elsewhere.
3/11/2009 #2302: Californians describe state's economy and their expectations for next year in very grim terms. Negative appraisal of voters' own personal financial situation. Fewer are very confident about having enough money to retire.
3/10/2009 #2301: Voters very sharply divided if asked to decide on a new constitutional amendment to allow same-sex marriages. Big differences by party, ideology, age, marital status, gender, region and religious preference.
3/6/2009 #2300: Voters split about re-electing Boxer in 2010. But she holds big leads over Schwarzenegger and Fiorina in possible general election match-ups.
3/5/2009 #2299: Feinstein leads Democratic field in 2010 gubernatorial race. Brown edges Villaraigosa if Feinstein not a candidate. Whitman holds narrow lead over Campbell in GOP race, while Poizner trails.
3/4/2009 #2298: Big increase among Californians who think the country is headed in the right direction following Obama's election. The President gets high overall job marks and majorities back his handling of the economy and foreign policy.
3/3/2009 #2297: Voters dissatisfied with state budget, but are initially backing six budget-related measures on the may ballot. Greater than seven in ten think state is on wrong track and disapprove of state legislature. Governor's ratings near his personal low.
1/7/2009 January 2009 California Opinion Index: A Digest Summarizing California trends in Voter Turnout, Mail Ballot Voting and Other Voting Trends.
1/7/2009 #2296: California's turnout increase coincides with growing popularity of mail ballot voting and permanent mail ballot registration. Obama's big 24-point win accompanied by larger 27-point vote plurality for democratic candidates in house races around the state.
11/12/2008 #2295: Feinstein is best known and most favorably regarded of nine individuals mentioned as possible 2010 gubernatorial candidates.
11/4/2008 #2294: California election records to be set in both the number of votes cast and the number voting early or by mail.
11/1/2008 #2293: Voters closely divided on Prop. 4 (Parental Notification for Teen Abortion). Two of the four state bond measures receiving more than 50% vote support.
10/31/2008 #2292: Prop. 8 (Same-Sex Marriage Ban) dividing 49% No, 44% Yes, with many voters in conflict; voters moving to the No side on Prop. 7 (Renewable Energy Generation); Yes side still leads on Prop. 2 (Farm Animal Confinement). Plurality favors Prop. 11 (Redistricting), but many undecided.
10/30/2008 #2291: Obama holds 22-point lead in California. Would represent biggest victory margin by a presidential candidate in this state since World War II.
9/30/2008 #2290: Voters initially support Prop. 3, children's hospital bond initiative, but many are undecided.
9/26/2008 #2289: Voters narrowly favoring Prop. 4, the parental notification of abortion by minors initiative.
9/19/2008 #2288: Bush's job approval rating remains in a very low trough. Majority believes his personal capabilities are the reason for his poor performance.
9/18/2008 #2287: 55% of voters oppose Proposition 8, the initiative to ban same-sex marriages in California.
9/17/2008 #2286: Obama-Biden leads McCain-Palin 52% to 36% in California. Palin reinforces McCain's base. Big coastal-inland divide in preferences.
9/16/2008 #2285: Schwarzenegger's job rating declines. But, a greater than two to one majority opposes recalling him from office.
9/12/2008 #2284: Record low job ratings for state legislature as voters see budget delay as increasingly serious. Governor's and Democrats' budget plans preferred over GOP proposal.
7/25/2008 #2283: Record number of Californians report being financially worse off. Most do not expect improvement next year.
7/24/2008 #2282: California voters view Democratic party more favorably than the GOP. Democrats also hold big lead in generic congressional vote test.
7/23/2008 #2281: No improvement in low job ratings for Schwarzenegger and the legislature. Budget deficit seen as increasingly serious. Declining confidence in Governor or legislature to resolve it.
7/22/2008 #2280: Low awareness but initial voter backing of five statewide ballot measures - Props. 1, 2, 4, 7 and 11.
7/19/2008 #2279: 71% of California voters disapprove of Bush's job performance, equaling the all-time low rating given Nixon in 1974.
7/18/2008 #2278: By a 51% to 42% margin voters appear ready to vote no on Proposition 8, the "Limit on Marriage" constitutional amendment.
7/17/2008 #2277: Reactions to rising gas prices: Many are cutting back on other spending and taking gas-saving actions. Support for maintaining state's auto emissions standards, but also expanding nuclear power and LNG facilities.
7/16/2008 #2276: Obama leading McCain by 24 points in California. His backers are much more enthusiastic than McCain's. Clinton's presence or absence from Democratic ticket not a significant issue.
6/10/2008 #2275: Paradoxical views about the state deficit: While voters prefer budget cuts over tax increases, they reject cutbacks in each of 13 state program areas. Greatest opposition to cutting public schools and health care.
6/6/2008 June 2008 California Opinion Index: A Digest Summarizing California Voter Opinions about Proposition 13 Thirty Years After its Passage
6/6/2008 #2274: Thirty years after its passage, Prop. 13 remains highly popular with voters. Most proposals to change its provisions face stiff voter resistance.
6/5/2008 #2273: Pelosi's job rating takes negative turn. Both Boxer and Feinstein viewed favorably.
6/3/2008 #2272: Big decline in Governor's and legislature's job ratings. Corresponding drop in voters' belief that state is heading in right direction.
5/31/2008 #2271: Bush's job rating drops to new low in California. Those who think the U.S. is on wrong track at its highest level since 1991.
5/30/2008 #2270: More California Democratic Party voters now prefer Obama as their party's nominee. McCain trails both Obama and Clinton by large margins in general election match-ups
5/29/2008 #2269: Eminent domain initiatives: voter sentiment favoring passage of Prop. 99 but not Prop. 98.
5/28/2008 #2268: Growing trend in support of allowing same-sex marriage in California. Big generational and regional divide. Voters leery of changing state constitution to prohibit such marriages.
4/28/2008 #2267: As insecurities with the health care system grow, Californians are concerned about the state's failure to enact health reform legislation.
2/5/2008 #2266: A record turnout of 8.9 million voters expected for today's primary election.
2/4/2008 #2265: Vote trend running against Prop. 93 (Term Limits) and in favor of Props. 94-97 (Indian Gaming).
2/3/2008 #2264: California's presidential primary: Strong late surge for Obama. Trails Clinton by just two points. McCain leads Romney by eight points in the GOP primary.
1/25/2008 #2263: Bloomberg not viewed very favorably in California. Just one in four would consider voting for him if he ran as an independent presidential candidate.
1/24/2008 #2262: Voters closely divided on Prop. 93 (term limits) and Props. 94-97 (Indian gaming).
1/23/2008 #2261: McCain and Romney battling for first place in California's GOP presidential primary, but more than one in five are undecided.
1/22/2008 #2260: Clinton leads Obama by 12 points in California. Big differences in preferences across voter subgroups.
1/1/2008 #2259: Voters describe state as being in bad economic times and expect it to stay that way in 2008. Less gloomy assessments of their own financial well-being.
12/29/2007 #2258: Californians have very low regard for the U.S. Congress. Appraisal of Pelosi divided. Feinstein and Boxer viewed favorably.
12/28/2007 #2257: Voters see state budget deficit as a serious matter. Small plurality thinks taxes will have to be raised. More confidence in Governor than the legislature in resolving the problem.
12/27/2007 #2256: Low voter awareness of propositions dealing with term limits and Indian gaming.
12/22/2007 #2255: Californians continue to give Bush very poor job performance ratings and offer a highly negative assessment of the country's direction.
12/21/2007 #2254: Large majority favors the health care reform package making its way through the legislature. Support for $2 per pack cigarette tax hike to help pay for it.
12/20/2007 #2253: Giuliani still leads in California's GOP primary. Huckabee moves up to second. Clinton and Obama have big double-digit leads against each Republican.
12/19/2007 #2252: Decrease in Clinton's once huge margin over Obama in California, but she still holds double-digit lead. Obama's image profile more favorable than Clinton's, yet she is seen as more electable.
11/30/2007 December 2007 California Opinion Index: A Digest Summarizing the growth and characteristics of California's Permanent Mail Ballot Registrants.
11/30/2007 #2251: Growing number of California voters are 'permanent mail ballot registrants.' They differ from the state's overall electorate in many respects.
11/9/2007 November 2007 California Opinion Index: A Digest Summarizing the California Public's Views about Global Warming.
11/9/2007 #2250: Californians see global warming as a serious threat to the state's overall quality of life. Strong belief that action is required. Optimism that greenhouse gases can be reduced while at the same time creating jobs and expanding the economy.
11/2/2007 #2249: Voters are evenly divided on whether the state is moving in the right direction or seriously off on the wrong track and volunteer reasons for opinions.
11/1/2007 #2248: Democratic and Republican voter views of Hillary Clinton mirror images of each other. Many see Bill Clinton as being a help to her campaign and having a positive influence in a possible Clinton administration.
10/31/2007 #2247: Smaller majority now favoring Prop. 93, the term limits initiative. Voters in favor of approving four Indian gaming compacts.
10/30/2007 #2246: Schwarzenegger job approval and image ratings remain high. Views of the legislature are divided. Governor a formidable U.S. Senate candidate in 2010 if he were to oppose Boxer.
10/27/2007 #2245: Large majority of Californians disapprove of Congress' job performance. Views of Speaker Pelosi becoming more negative. Favorable appraisals of Feinstein and Boxer dip somewhat.
10/26/2007 #2244: Clinton still comfortably ahead in California's Democratic primary. Each of the leading Democrats preferred over GOP front-runners by wide margins.
10/25/2007 #2243: Giuliani has lost some of his earlier big lead over his GOP rivals in California.
10/24/2007 #2242: Bush's job approval rating in California at 27%. Majorities give him poor marks on Iraq and the economy. Nearly two in three think the country is headed in the wrong direction.
8/24/2007 #2241: View of congress is at a ten-year low. Approval of Pelosi declines. Job ratings for Feinstein and Boxer holding up fairly well.
8/23/2007 #2240: Voter confidence in touch screen voting systems no different than its confidence in other vote methods.
8/22/2007 #2239: Californians express greater dissatisfaction with the state's health care system, but are skeptical about prospects for health reform this year.
8/21/2007 #2238: Proposal to change California's winner-take-all allocation of electoral votes in presidential elections has early support, but divides voters along partisan lines.
8/18/2007 #2237: While Schwarzenegger's job rating remains favorable, the legislature's is not. Continued support for initiative to change the state's term limits law.
8/17/2007 #2236: Widening Clinton lead over rival Democrats in California. GOP contenders trail her and other Democratic candidates in general election match-ups.
8/16/2007 #2235: Giuliani still leading GOP presidential candidate field in California. Romney and Thompson making gains. McCain support falling.
8/15/2007 #2234: Bush's job rating remains at very low level in California, strong disapproval of his handling of the situation in Iraq. Two in three support withdrawing some or all U.S. troops from that country.
8/14/2007 #2233: Voters not paying a lot of attention to state budget impasse, yet still think delay is a serious matter.
4/19/2007 #2232: 50% view the state as one of the best places to live. Two in three strongly identify as Californian. Most don't think of California as a nation-state. Voters generally upbeat about state's economy and own finances.
4/17/2007 #2231: Californians feeling sting of gas price increases. Many forced to cut back spending in other areas. Oil companies get most of the blame.
4/12/2007 #2230: Voters say global warming a serious problem. Approve of California law to reduce emissions. Split on best way to implement law.
4/10/2007 #2229: Voters favor creating opportunities to legalize the status of illegal residents and back policies aimed at reducing the flow of immigrants into the country. Narrow majority supports recent federal round-ups of illegal residents. Growing opposition to a border fence.
4/7/2007 #2228: Views of Congress becoming more positive. Increase in already favorable impressions of Pelosi, Feinstein and Boxer.
4/6/2007 #2227: Schwarzenegger viewed more favorably. Voters approve of the early Presidential primary. While two in three still favor term limits, early support for an initiative to modify them.
4/5/2007 #2226: Bush's job rating hits new low in California, as views about his handling of Iraq war continue to decline. Voters want troop withdrawal timetable; feel presence of U.S. troops hurts rather than helps chances for peace in Iraq.
4/4/2007 #2225: 2008 Republican Primary - Giuliani leads McCain in California. No other Republican receives more than 7%. Each of the three leading Democratic contenders run ahead of the Republicans in general election pairings.
4/3/2007 #2224: 2008 Democratic Primary: Clinton leads Obama and Edwards in California. While Gore not a formal candidate, he would exert strong appeal if he were to run.
3/8/2007 #2223: While individual attitude changes are partly responsible for the rise in support for same-sex marriage in California over the past 20 years, most of the change derives from generational replacement.
1/4/2007 #2222: California Voter Views of the Health Care System (part 2 of 2).
1/3/2007 #2221: California Voter Views of the Health Care System (part 1 of 2).
11/7/2006 #2220: With fifth statewide election in five years, decline seen in mid-term voter participation. Absentee voting climbs to 45%.
11/4/2006 #2219: Majorities of voters appear ready to approve the state's infrastructure bonds (Props. 1B, 1C, 1D and 1E).
11/3/2006 #2218: Lt. Governor's race deadlocked. Democrats hold big leads in Attorney General and Treasurer races, and smaller leads for Secretary of State and Controller. Republicans ahead in Insurance Commissioner's race.
11/2/2006 #2217: Voters closely divided on Props. 87, 86 and 85 one week before the election.
11/1/2006 #2216: Favorable turn-around in Governor's standing with voters continues. Now leads Angelides by sixteen points.
10/4/2006 #2215: Drop in support for Propositions 86 (Tax on Cigarettes) and 87 (Alternative Energy/Oil Tax).
10/3/2006 #2214: Feinstein leading Mountjoy nearly two to one. Brown has lost some of his big lead over Poochigian. Garamendi and McClintock locked in tight race.
9/30/2006 #2213: Growing disparity between how Californians' appraise the jobs Bush and Schwarzenegger are doing. See U.S. and California heading in different directions.
9/29/2006 #2212: Voter support for five statewide bond proposals holding up so far.
9/28/2006 #2211: Opinions of Schwarzenegger have rebounded from last year, but have not returned to their former 2004 levels.
9/27/2006 #2210: Schwarzenegger holds ten-point lead over Angelides in Governor's race.
8/3/2006 #2209: Feinstein comfortably ahead of Mountjoy in Senate race. Democrats ahead in generic vote preferences for Congress. Majority wants Democrats to control Congress.
8/2/2006 #2208: Big early leads for Prop. 86 (cigarette taxes), Prop. 87 (alternative energy/oil tax) and especially Prop. 83 (sex offenders).
8/1/2006 #2207: Candidate images and voter preferences in six "down ballot" state constitutional office races
7/28/2006 #2206: Voters are supporting four of the five bond proposals on the November ballot, although not by overwhelming margins.
7/27/2006 #2205: Illegal immigration a serious problem. Strong support for allowing illegal immigrants already here to stay. Tighter border security also favored. Large majority favors Congress passing a comprehensive bill covering all aspects of the issue.
7/26/2006 #2204: Disapproval of Bush and his handling of the war in Iraq at very high levels in California. Majority wants total or partial withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Divided views about setting a specific timetable for withdrawal.
7/25/2006 #2203: Schwarzenegger leads Angelides by 8 points. Both Governor's image and job rating have improved. Big differences in how each candidate's supporters view the issues.
6/6/2006 #2202: Today's statewide turnout could reach a new sixty-year low.
6/5/2006 #2201: Continuing negative job appraisals of the Governor and the legislature, despite initial support for infrastructure bonds.
6/4/2006 #2200: Californians' appraisals of Bush's job performance now lower than any president since Nixon. Congress also rated very negatively. Feinstein remains strong favorite for re-election.
6/3/2006 #2199: Voters moving to the No side on Prop. 82 (Pre-School Education). Speier pulls ahead of Garamendi in Democratic primary for Lt. Governor.
6/2/2006 #2198: Westly and Angelides neck and neck coming down to the wire. Unprecedented proportion of democratic primary voters still undecided.
4/20/2006 #2197: Voter preferences in statewide "down-ballot" constitutional office races largely unformed.
4/19/2006 #2196: Prop. 82 (pre-school education) leads but by a smaller margin than two months ago. Feinstein running comfortably ahead in U.S. Senate race.
4/18/2006 #2195: Earthquakes feared more than other natural disasters, but Californians don't seem too worried.
4/15/2006 #2194: Broad support for baseball's steroids probe. Most Californians believe Barry Bonds used steroids and should be penalized.
4/14/2006 #2193: Westly moves ahead of Angelides in Democratic primary for governor. General election match-ups against Schwarzenegger remain close.
4/13/2006 #2192: Both Schwarzenegger and the state legislature continue to receive poor job ratings.
4/12/2006 #2191: California voters have definite views about the immigration legislation now being considered. Big difference in opinions among Latino voters and across party lines.
4/11/2006 #2190: Californians increasingly negative about Bush, the Congress and the direction of the U.S.
3/22/2006 March 2006 California Opinion Index: A Digest on How the California Public Views Gay and Lesbian Rights Issues.
3/22/2006 #2189: Greater acceptance of homosexual relations and support for anti-discriminatory policies toward gays and lesbians. But, Californians remain narrowly opposed to allowing same-sex couples to marry.
3/15/2006 #2188: Continued support for doctor-assisted suicide. Most would want their physician to assist them if they were incurably ill and wanted to die.
3/14/2006 #2187: Two-thirds of Californians remain pro-choice. Support the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the Roe v. Wade decision should it come up again for review.
3/10/2006 #2186: Not everybody thinks the U.S. is ready for a female President. Sharp divisions in California about voting for Hillary Clinton in 2008. Most think that if she ran, she would be treated more harshly than other candidates.
3/9/2006 #2185: Growing differences between voters and non-voters about perceived impact illegal immigrants are having on state and whether they should be issued driver's licenses. Broad-based support for guest worker program.
3/7/2006 #2184: Feinstein well ahead of Mountjoy in U.S. Senate race. Initial support for Prop. 82, the Pre-school initiative.
3/3/2006 #2183: While still strongly supporting the death penalty, Californians have mixed views on some aspects of capital punishment. Majority opposes the delay in the Morales execution.
3/2/2006 #2182: Despite his low popularity, Schwarzenegger remains very competitive in general election trial heats.
3/1/2006 #2181: Schwarzenegger job ratings improve a bit. Voters like most, but not all, of his infrastructure bonds proposals.
2/28/2006 #2180: Bush's job ratings, particularly his handling of the war in Iraq, are rated negatively in California.
2/4/2006 Special Field Poll Presentation: Three California Election Megatrends and Their Implications in the 2006 Gubernatorial Election.
11/22/2005 #2179: Recognition and image ratings of twenty-eight of the candidates mentioned for state office in next year's elections.
11/8/2005 #2178: Proportion of voters casting mail ballots will reach a new high in today's election.
11/4/2005 #2177: Bush's job rating drops to a new low in California.
11/3/2005 #2176: Special election hurting Governor's chances for re-election. Large portions of Democrats do not know their party's gubernatorial candidates. Feinstein strongly favored for another U.S. Senate term.
11/2/2005 #2175: Voters moving to the NO side on each of the three health-related ballot initiatives -- Propositions 73, 78 and 79.
11/1/2005 #2174: NO side leads YES side on all four of the propositions backed by Governor Schwarzenegger.
9/21/2005 September 2005 California Opinion Index: A digest summarizing Californians' sense of economic well-being.
9/21/2005 #2173: Californians becoming more pessimistic of the state's economy and are less confident inflation will be kept in check.
9/13/2005 #2172: Californians' long-standing pro-choice position on abortion remains. High importance attached to Roberts' position on abortion being similar to their own.
9/8/2005 #2171: Voters concerned about illegal immigration, but oppose private citizen patrols on the border. Public divided on whether Governor should call a 'border emergency.'
9/7/2005 #2170: Majority not inclined to re-elect Schwarzenegger. Democratic challengers not well-known, but poll well against the Governor. Feinstein demonstrating early strength in her re-election bid for U.S. Senate.
9/6/2005 #2169: Both prescription drug initiatives, Props. 78 and 79, are leading, but few voters can identify the proponents of each initiative. Voters divided on Prop. 73, the Parental Notification of Teen Abortion initiative.
9/5/2005 #2168: Prop. 75 continues to lead by big margin. Strong tide running against Prop. 76. Yes vote dropping on Prop. 74. Narrow sentiment against Prop. 77. Divided vote on Prop. 80.
9/2/2005 #2167: Schwarzenegger's and state legislature's approval ratings remain low. Voters want special election called off.
9/1/2005 #2166: Views of Bush remain in negative trough in California. Majority supports a reduction in U.S. troop levels in Iraq.
8/31/2005 #2165: Californians view gas price increases as serious, forcing many to cut back spending in other areas. Most are trying to reduce their gas purchases. Oil companies getting most of the blame.
6/30/2005 #2164: Favorable Feinstein job ratings. Strong voter inclination to re-elect her next year. Defeats Rice and Schwarzenegger in hypothetical 2006 trial heats for U.S. Senate.
6/29/2005 #2163: Sharp diminishment in voter inclination to re-elect Schwarzenegger. Angelides leads democratic primary. Both he and Westly narrowly lead the governor in early general election match-ups.
6/28/2005 #2162: Greater than two to one majority believe state is seriously off on wrong track.
6/24/2005 #2161: Bush's job rating reaches new low. Majorities think he is mishandling the economy, the Iraqi war and believe the country is on the wrong track.
6/23/2005 #2160: Union dues consent initiative getting heavy initial support, as do two drug discount propositions. Voters narrowly back parental notification for teen abortion.
6/22/2005 #2159: Schwarzenegger's Special Election Initiatives - More voters inclined to vote no on Governor's state spending/school funding and redistricting initiatives. Majority favors school teachers tenure changes.
6/21/2005 #2158: Schwarzenegger's job ratings hit a new low. Voters oppose the Governor's call for a special election. State legislature not highly regarded, but voters more likely to side with it against the Governor.
3/24/2005 March 2005 California Opinion Index: How concerned residents are about major issues facing Californians.
3/8/2005 #2157: Favorable job ratings for Feinstein and Boxer. Majority inclined to re-elect Feinstein next year.
3/4/2005 #2156: Californians oppose issuing driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants. Divided about issuing them special driver's licenses identifying their not having legal status.
3/2/2005 #2155: By a large margin, Californians still support the concept of doctor-assisted suicide.
2/25/2005 #2154: Strong sentiment to re-elect Schwarzenegger next year. None of four possible Democrats comes close to matching the governor's present level of support.
2/24/2005 #2153: Voters narrowly back governor's legislative redistricting plan. Some initial support for other Schwarzenegger reform proposals. Broad disapproval of a special election if it costs $50 - $70 million.
2/23/2005 #2152: While Schwarzenegger still viewed favorably, big drop in his job appraisal from last year.
2/18/2005 #2151: Bush getting poor marks overall and on his handling of the economy, Social Security, the federal budget and the war in Iraq.
1/20/2005 January 2005 California Opinion Index: A digest summarizing California's vote in the 2004 presidential election.
1/20/2005 #2150: Recapping the state's 2004 vote: California's record 12.5 million turnout in the 2004 presidential election altered the demographic shape of the state's voting electorate.
11/2/2004 #2149: Record high number of Californians will be voting today.
11/1/2004 #2148: Voters not very confident about the state's new electronic voting systems. Many foresee voting problems in other states that could make presidential election results suspect.
10/31/2004 #2147: Health-Related Propositions: Support for Prop. 71, Stem Cell Research Bond, continues to grow. Voters moving to the No side on Prop. 72, Health Insurance Requirements.
10/31/2004 #2146: Late-breaking surge of No votes on Prop. 66 (three strikes limits) puts outcome in doubt. Declining support for Prop. 62 (open primary). Heavy No vote on two Indian gambling measures.
10/30/2004 #2145: California voters still prefer Kerry. Boxer maintaining big, double-digit lead over Jones for Senate.
10/18/2004 #2144: California voters divided on whether to keep its winner-take-all electoral vote allocation method.
10/15/2004 #2143: No improvement in the negative job ratings of the state legislature. Voters still strongly support term limits.
10/14/2004 #2142: Props. 62 and 60: Voters continue to favor both primary election rules ballot propositions, although many are undecided.
10/13/2004 #2141: Large majority continues to favor Prop. 66, to limit "Three Strikes" law. Plurality intends to vote no on Prop. 64, Tort Reform, although many remain undecided.
10/12/2004 #2140: Health-Related Propositions: Prop. 72 (health coverage) ahead by 16 points. Prop. 61 and 63 also lead, but Prop. 67 trails.
10/10/2004 #2139: Stem cell bonds initiative leading by a narrow margin.
10/9/2004 #2138: Gambling initiatives: Voters oppose Prop. 70 four to three. Three to one opposition to Prop. 68 before backers suspend advertising.
10/8/2004 #2137: Schwarzenegger continues to get high marks. But, Californians would not support him if he were able to run for President.
10/7/2004 #2136: U.S. Senate Campaign - Boxer maintaining a large double digit lead over Jones in an unusually low-interest contest.
10/6/2004 #2135: California voters continue to hold negative views of Bush's job performance and the direction of the country.
10/5/2004 #2134: Although Kerry seen as debate winner, his lead over Bush in California did not change.
8/26/2004 August 2004 California Opinion Index: A digest summarizing the California public's sense of economic well-being.
8/26/2004 #2133: Voter assessments of state's economy are less negative than they were last.
8/18/2004 #2132: Californians hold increasingly negative view of Congress, but Feinstein and Boxer rated favorably.
8/17/2004 #2131: Props. 62 and 60: Voters favor changes to primary election rules.
8/15/2004 #2130: Voters sharply divided on stem cell research bond measure. Favor two other health-related propositions but oppose a fourth.
8/14/2004 #2129: Propositions 66 and 64: Voters appear disposed to put limits on state's "three strikes" law. Tort reform proposal trailing.
8/13/2004 #2128: Propositions 68 and 70: Both gaming initiatives not appealing to state's voters.
8/12/2004 #2127: Proposition 72: Voters currently disposed to vote Yes on referendum requiring health care coverage for employees working for large and medium-sized employers.
8/11/2004 #2126: Voters strongly support some of the proposals in the California performance review, but strongly oppose others.
8/10/2004 #2125: Voters continue to give Governor very high job approval marks; rate his budget performance better than the legislature. But, majority opposes the idea of a part-time legislature.
8/8/2004 #2124: Record high disapproval of Bush's performance. Negative appraisals of his handling of the economy and Iraq war. Big drop in approval of his handling of terrorist threats.
8/7/2004 #2123: U.S. Senate Race: Boxer holds large but somewhat diminished lead over Jones. Race not drawing much voter interest.
8/6/2004 #2122: Kerry maintaining double-digit lead in California. Opposition to Bush still a strong factor in Kerry's support. Edwards liked more than Cheney.
6/10/2004 #2121: Large majority supports easing of three strikes law. Telephone surtax to fund emergency services and open primary law also favored, but by narrower margins.
6/9/2004 #2120: Two competing gambling initiatives supported by a majority of the state's voters.
6/8/2004 #2119: Voters initially supporting Health Care Coverage Requirements referendum.
6/4/2004 #2118: Voters remain pro-choice. Disapprove granting legal status to same-sex marriages, but don't back idea of amending the U.S. Constitution. Kerry and Bush voters divide sharply on these issues.
6/2/2004 #2117: High gas prices seen as serious. Public thinks oil companies' desire for higher profits rather than market conditions are to blame.
5/28/2004 #2116: Boxer running well ahead in Senate race. Two-thirds of voters do not have an opinion of Jones.
5/27/2004 #2115: Schwarzenegger gets high job approval rating. Voters expect state finances to improve next year but believe taxes will need to be raised.
5/26/2004 #2114: Kerry has double-digit lead over Bush. Majority of Kerry supporters say they are voting against the president.
5/25/2004 #2113: Growing majority of Californians think Iraqi war not worth its costs. Majorities rate Bush's job performance negatively and think U.S. moving in wrong direction.
3/5/2004 #2112: Two-thirds of California voters favor the death penalty, but a sizeable minority believe it has not been fairly implemented.
3/2/2004 #2111: Record low turnout expected in today's presidential primary. Only 6 million voters anticipated.
2/27/2004 #2110: Jones holds big lead in GOP senatorial primary, although four in ten voters remain undecided. Boxer leads GOP candidates in general election match-ups.
2/26/2004 #2109: California voters disapprove of same-sex marriages, but do not support constitution amendment to bar them. Majority opposes San Francisco granting same-sex marriage licenses.
2/24/2004 #2108: Bush approval rating lowest since taking office. Kerry leads in Democratic primary and in match-up against Bush.
2/24/2004 #2107: Big surge in support for Prop. 57. Yes vote now leads by 14 points. Prop 55 ahead, but opposition is growing. Prop. 56 trails.
2/24/2004 #2106: Schwarzenegger After 100 Days. High approval ratings. Voters see him as doing what is right over what is politically popular. Views contrast sharply with those held about his predecessor.
1/30/2004 #2105: Strong support for implementation of Prop. 215, the state's medical marijuana law. Californians' attitudes about the drug have changed over time.
1/23/2004 #2104: Voters favor provisions of SB2, the Health Insurance Act of 2003. If a referendum to repeal SB2 qualifies for the ballot, both sides have potent arguments.
1/17/2004 #2103: Boxer comfortably ahead of each of four possible November U.S. Senate rivals. Jones has big lead for the GOP nomination.
1/16/2004 #2102: Dean and Clark running one-two among likely voters in California's March 2 Democratic primary.
1/15/2004 #2101: Schwarzenegger viewed positively, but voters expect a tax increase. They support either hiking sales taxes 1/2 cent or increasing income taxes of top earners, but oppose the governor's $15 billion bond.
1/14/2004 #2100: Better job ratings for Bush as voter perceptions of his handling of the economy and Iraq improve.
10/17/2003 #2099: Small plurality inclined to re-elect Boxer. She out-polls four possible GOP candidates.
10/15/2003 #2098: Clark edges others in preferences for Democratic Presidential nomination.
10/7/2003 #2097: Estimate that ten million will be voting today. Big increase over 2002 turnout. Expect 2.6 million to have voted by absentee.
10/4/2003 #2096: Big increase in voter awareness of Prop. 54. Voters moving to the No side.
10/3/2003 #2095: Davis's recall supported by big margin. Schwarzenegger well ahead of Bustamante in replacement election.
9/18/2003 #2094: Very different voter reactions to initiative to lower budget approval to 55% depending on how measure is couched.
9/17/2003 #2093: Dean is now the clear front-runner in California's Democratic presidential primary. Bush runs about even against each of the leading Democratic contenders.
9/16/2003 #2092: Decidedly negative turn in California voters' view of Bush's job performance.
9/16/2003 Special Report: A Different Take on "Why Polls Differ"
9/11/2003 #2091: As awareness of Prop. 54 has increased, disposition to vote yes has declined.
9/10/2003 #2090: Impact of Ueberroth's withdrawal on voter preferences in the replacement election.
9/10/2003 #2089: The economy, public schools and state budget deficit are most important issues to voters when deciding whom they will support for governor. Majority disapproves of new law allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a driver's license.
9/9/2003 #2088: 55% majority favors recall of Davis. Bustamante narrowly leads Schwarzenegger in replacement election. McClintock solidifies his third place position.
8/29/2003 August 2003 California Opinion Index: A digest on how California voters view issues relating to same-sex marriage.
8/29/2003 #2087: California voters divided on same-sex marriage issues. Wide differences in opinion across voter subgroups.
8/27/2003 #2086: Large majorities feel state is in bad economic times and is seriously off in wrong direction. Yet, there is some optimism that things will improve in next couple of years.
8/21/2003 #2085: Just half of California voters approve of Bush's job performance.
8/19/2003 #2084: Plurality still favors Prop. 54, but margin of support narrows.
8/17/2003 #2083: How Schwarzenegger's history and characteristics helps and hurts him in his bid to become Governor.
8/16/2003 #2082: Bustamante and Schwarzenegger far ahead of other candidates in recall election.
8/15/2003 #2081: Increased majority of voters (58%) ready to recall Davis. Governor's job ratings decline to lowest level yet. Voters divided over whether Davis should resign or fight the recall.
7/31/2003 #2080: Two-thirds of California voters want no changes or favor easing existing abortion laws. Most want candidates for high office and the next Supreme Court nominee to hold similar views
7/23/2003 #2079: Voters continue to support Ward Connerly's Racial Privacy Initiative.
7/23/2003 #2078: Boxer's re-election prospects improve. Leads each of four possible Republican candidates.
7/22/2003 #2077: Dean moves into top tier of California Democratic voter preferences with Kerry and Lieberman.
7/17/2003 #2076: Bush's job approval rating in California drops below 50% for the first time since 9/11.
7/16/2003 #2075: Likely voters favor Davis's recall by a 51% to 43% margin, but vote intentions appear unsettled.
7/15/2003 #2074: Voters very dissatisfied with state budget negotiations. Blame Davis and both parties in the legislature. Three in four fear the state is seriously off on the wrong track.
4/28/2003 April 2003 California Opinion Index: A digest summarizing the California public's sense of economic well-being.
4/28/2003 #2073: Nearly three in four Californians think state is in bad economic times.
4/24/2003 #2072: Job marks for Congressional Democrats down. Republicans up. Ratings related to the stance on going to war with Iraq.
4/23/2003 #2071: While awareness is very low, voters remain supportive of the Racial Privacy Initiative.
4/23/2003 #2070: Little confidence in Governor or legislature to satisfactorily resolve budget deficit. Most expect a tax increase. Feelings similar to those in 1993 when Governor Wilson and legislature were dealing with a big budget deficit.
4/17/2003 #2069: Voters not enthusiastic about Boxer, but she still leads each of six possible GOP opponents in 2004 U.S. Senate race.
4/16/2003 #2068: None of the nine democratic presidential contenders is dominant in California. Bush holds early lead in general election simulation.
4/15/2003 #2067: Voter opinions of Davis hit a record low. Most term recall effort a bad idea. But, if a recall election were held, its outcome would be a toss-up.
4/10/2003 #2066: Iraq War Reaction (Part 3): Californians do not want U.S. to go it alone in post-war Iraq. Favor heavy United Nations involvement. Many concerns about war's consequences.
4/9/2003 #2065: Iraq War Reaction (Part 2): Public divided about the merits of peace marches. Big differences in the feelings of supporters and opponents about the war. U.S. media seen as doing a good job in its coverage.
4/8/2003 #2064: Strong support for war among Californians. Upbeat assessment of war's progress.
11/5/2002 #2063: Record low voter turnout expected, both as a percentage of registration and as of citizens eligible to vote. Absentee vote will reach a new high.
11/2/2002 #2062: Majorities support Props. 47 and 49, while Prop. 52 trails. Support for Prop. 50 growing. With large proportions undecided, races for State Controller and Secretary of State remain close.
11/1/2002 #2061: Davis continues to lead Simon by seven percentage points in the closing days of the campaign.
9/19/2002 #2060: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rob Reiner have high identification and image ratings among this state's voters and are better known than many state office holders.
9/18/2002 #2059: Statewide voters see Valley secession from L.A. as a good thing for the Valley, but a bad thing for the rest of the city.
9/17/2002 #2058: Slippage in voter approval of Bush and the war on terror. Californians divided in Bush's handling of the economy.
9/13/2002 September 2002 CA Opinion Index: A digest summarizing the Californians' sense of economic well-being.
9/13/2002 #2057: Majority of voters sees state's economy in bad times, but more expect things to improve than worsen next year.
9/12/2002 #2056: Voters see budget approval delay as a very serious matter. Legislators and Governor damned more than praised.
9/10/2002 #2055: Majority sentiment in favor of military action against Iraq, qualified by stipulations that Congress approves and allies support.
9/8/2002 #2054: Californians think Sept. 11 changed the U.S. in both positive and negative ways. While many believe future attacks are likely, most downplay its impact on their own lives. Improvements seen in some areas of preparedness for terrorism, but not other
9/7/2002 #2053: Major November ballot propositions not drawing much voter attention.
9/6/2002 #2052: Awareness, image ratings and preference measures in seven down ballot statewide election contests.
9/5/2002 #2051: Davis leads Simon by seven points. Increasing number of voters unable to offer a preference. Many who do are casting negative rather than positive votes.
7/18/2002 #2050: Early voter reaction to bond measures, after-school programs funding and election day registration initiatives.
7/16/2002 #2049: No diminishment in Californians' expectation of future terrorist attacks. Confidence in FBI and CIA to thwart plots declines. Greater worry that anti-terrorist efforts will take away too many personal freedoms and liberties.
7/14/2002 #2048: Bush's job rating still high, especially regarding war on terrorism. Poorer marks in handling domestic problems and the economy.
7/12/2002 #2047: Voters still disapprove of Davis' job performance, but are less negative than previously.
7/11/2002 #2046: Davis leads Simon by seven points. Both candidates viewed negatively by voters.
5/15/2002 May 2002 CA Opinion Index: A digest of California public opinion on growth and development.
5/15/2002 #2045: Californians hold ambivalent and somewhat contradictory views with regard to growth and development.
5/10/2002 #2044: Job ratings for Congress, Feinstein, and Boxer have drifted down. Democrats hold nine point edge in generic Congressional general election test.
5/8/2002 #2043: Davis and Simon supporters differ markedly on the issues of abortion and gun control.
5/6/2002 #2042: Davis still gets poor job marks. Budget deficit seen as serious. More now think state is on wrong track.
5/3/2002 #2041: Plurality of Democrats would prefer someone other than Gore to be their 2004 Presidential nominee. Bush leads Gore by seven points in 2004 election match-up in California.
5/1/2002 #2040: Although awareness is low, voters are initially supportive of the Racial Privacy Initiative.
4/29/2002 #2039: Candidate views on education considered most important issue when deciding whom to support for governor.
4/28/2002 #2038: Davis opens up a 14-point lead over Simon in Governor's race. But voters not enthused about either candidate.
4/27/2002 #2037: Bush job ratings decline some, but still very positive among Californians.
4/26/2002 #2036: Catholics and non-Catholics in California see sexual abuse by priests as a major problem. Most believe Church is not doing enough to deal with the issue.
3/5/2002 #2035: Another primary election, another low turnout.
3/1/2002 #2034: Voters lining up against Prop. 45 (term limits).
2/28/2002 #2033: Huge portions of primary voters have yet to make up their minds about the "down ballot" races for statewide office.
2/27/2002 #2032: Late, huge surge of support for Simon puts him ahead of Riordan in GOP gubernatorial primary
2/14/2002 February 2002 CA Opinion Index: How concerned Californians are about major issues facing the state.
2/14/2000 #2031: Health and education are top voter concerns this election year.
2/8/2002 #2030: Colin Powell and Rudy Guiliani have even more favorable images in California than the President.
2/7/2002 #2029: Job ratings for Congress, state legislature, Feinstein, and Boxer. Generic preferences for this year's congressional elections and control of Congress.
2/6/2002 #2028: Undecideds have huge leads in "down ballot" statewide constitutional office contests.
2/5/2002 #2027: Little voter awareness of Prop. 45 (term limits) and Prop. 42 (transportation). Chances for Prop. 45 affected by its fiscal impact and voters' long-standing support for term limits. Initial support for Prop. 42.
2/1/2002 #2026: Many voters now expect a tax increase resulting from state's budget deficit.
1/31/2002 #2025: Voters continue to give Davis poor job ratings.
1/30/2002 #2024: Bush's high job ratings buttressed by his handling of the war on terror. However, Californians divided on his economic stimulus package and his opposition to canceling future tax cuts.
1/29/2002 #2023: Riordan continues to hold large primary lead over GOP rivals for governor and bests Davis in a general election match-up.
1/28/2002 #2022: Californians approve of John Walker Lindh being tried in civil rather than military court, but favor a very harsh punishment should he be convicted.
1/10/2002 #2021: California's Political Demography: White non-Hispanics represent 47% of population, but 71% of state's voters. They, along with men, tilt slightly to the GOP, but racial/ ethnic voters and women give democratic party big edge over GOP.
1/10/2002 January 2002 CA Opinion Index: A digest of California's political demography.
12/28/2001 #2020: Spending cuts preferred over tax increases to resolve state budget deficit. Low confidence in Governor and legislature to resolve deficit properly, similar to public sentiment in 1993.
12/28/2001 December 2001 CA Opinion Index: A digest on how the California public views a variety of matters relating to taxes and government spending.
12/20/2001 #2019: Very positive job ratings for Congress, Feinstein and Boxer. Favorable rebound for state legislature.
12/18/2001 #2018: Voters currently disposed to favor Prop. 45 (term limits amendment) and Prop. 42 (transportation funding).
12/17/2001 #2017: Californians feel the state is in bad economic times. But, more say it's only a mild slowdown, and expect better things next year.
12/13/2001 #2016: Davis not in a strong position with voters. Most disinclined to re-elect him. Trails GOP leader Riordan in general election match up.
12/13/2001 #2015: The California public, and registered voters in particular, give Davis poor marks as governor.
12/12/2001 #2014: Bush's actions in war against terrorists producing very favorable job approval ratings in California.
10/2/2001 #2013: Even though voters continue to favor the idea of term limits, they may be ready to amend the present law.
9/27/2001 #2012: Californians view Condit very unfavorably but see him as having done a good job in Congress. Majority does not want him to run for re-election, see him as a possible drag on other state democratic candidates.
9/26/2001 #2011: Davis gets poor job marks. More voters disinclined to re-elect him. Riordan leads GOP gubernatorial hopefuls by a wide margin and edges Davis in a general election match-up.
9/25/2001 #2010: Public considerably less concerned about electricity supply. Recent rate increases still viewed as serious, few see rates going down. Two thirds oppose state backing of SoCal Edison bonds.
9/21/2001 #2009: Californians support increased airport security measures and random searches at public events. Divided views on telephone, e-mail monitoring. Many expect to cut back their air travel. Investors feel this is a good time to buy stocks.
9/20/2001 #2008: Strong support in California for military action against terrorists. Many fear future attacks are likely. Bush's job approval ratings soar.
6/1/2001 #2007: Profound change in mood of Californians. Big drop in appraisal of state as a place to live. Negative appraisal of state's economy and outlook for next year. Two in three believe state is seriously off on wrong track.
6/1/2001 May 2001 CA Opinion Index: A digest on how the California public views a variety of matters relating to living in California
5/31/2001 #2006: Voter identification and image scores of twenty-two possible candidates for state offices in 2002.
5/29/2001 #2005: Bush gets mixed reviews in his job performance from Californians. Big drop in job ratings of Davis and the State Legislature. Feinstein and Boxer continue to score good marks.
5/27/2001 #2004: Gasoline price increases viewed as serious by majority of Californians, particularly those in lower income households.
5/25/2001 #2003: Davis' standing with Californians has plummeted. Dramatic decline in his job performance and image ratings. majorities of voters oppose his re-election. Riordan even with Davis in general election match-up.
5/24/2001 #2002: Residents' Reaction to California's Energy Crisis. (Part 3)
5/23/2001 #2001: Residents' Reaction To California's Energy Crisis. (Part 2)
5/22/2001 #2000: Residents' Reaction To California's Energy Crisis. (Part 1)
2/1/2001 #1999: Growing concerns about California economy and public's financial prospects for the coming year.
2/1/2001 February 2001 CA Opinion Index: A digest summarizing the California public's sense of economic well-being.
1/30/2001 #1998: Extending middle school year by 30 days endorsed by public, but reducing class sizes is seen as a higher priority.
1/25/2001 #1997: While Congress seen as doing a good job, most believe closely divided new House and Senate portends gridlock. Supreme Court lost some luster as a result of its Florida vote decision.
1/23/2001 #1996: While residents see U.S. heading in the right direction overall, more think California is now off on the wrong track.
1/21/2001 #1995: Californians give Clinton high job marks for his years as president, support end of Whitewater probe. Bush not expected to do as well as Clinton.
1/20/2001 #1994: Davis gets good job performance marks. Favorable regard for his electricity crisis actions to date.
1/19/2001 #1993: California's electricity crisis (part 2): higher rates is the public's main concern. Most believe significant cutbacks can be achieved via voluntary conservation.
1/18/2001 #1992: While Californians believe electricity problems are serious, they see them more as an attempt to increase rates than due to a real shortage. Majority supports plan to have state act as middleman to buy electricity for utilities.
1/7/2001 #1991: California still rates high as a place to live.
1/7/2001 January 2001 CA Opinion Index: A digest on how the California public views a variety of matters relating to living in California.
11/7/2000 #1990: Expect 11.5 million Californians to vote, 53.5% of citizens eligible. Heavy absentee voting could delay count.
11/6/2000 #1989: Bush within five points of Gore in California in campaign's closing days.
11/4/2000 #1988: No real change in senate race over the past year. Feinstein's current lead is 20 percentage points. Voters unusually disengaged from race.
11/3/2000 #1987: Expanding no vote on Prop. 38 (school vouchers). Yes side leads on Prop. 34 (campaign contributions), Prop. 39 (school bonds) and Prop. 36 (drug treatment programs) but by shrinking margins.
11/2/2000 #1986: Gore's lead over Bush in California has been cut in half during the month of October. Some softening of support for Gore among women.
10/19/2000 #1985: Californians continue to be upbeat about the state economy and their own financial well-being
10/19/2000 October 2000 CA Opinion Index: A digest summarizing the California public's sense of economic well-being.
10/14/2000 #1984: Awareness of Props. 34 and 36 relatively low. Initial sentiment favors both initiatives.
10/13/2000 #1983: Sentiment running against Prop. 38 (school vouchers). Declining plurality of support for Prop. 39 (school bond threshold).
10/11/2000 #1981: Vice Presidential Debate: while debate performance improved both candidates images, Cheney seen as making better overall impression
10/10/2000 #1980: Gore maintaining 13-point lead in California. His huge lead among women more than offsets small Bush lead among men.
9/1/2000 #1979: Congress gets its most favorable job performance rating in years. Democratic house candidates have edge in generic ballot test.
8/31/2000 #1978: Record majority (67%) of Californians thinks U.S. is heading in right direction; 58% feel this way about the state.
8/30/2000 #1977: Not much voter awareness of Prop. 36 (drug treatment) and Prop. 34 (campaign financing). Voters are initially reacting favorably to both initiatives.
8/29/2000 #1976: Voter sentiment running against Prop. 38 (voucher initiative), but in favor of Prop. 39, the school bond measure lowering passage level to 55%.
8/28/2000 #1975: Feinstein's once 26 point lead over Campbell is now 17 points.
8/26/2000 #1974: Clinton, Davis, Feinstein and Boxer continue to receive good job performance ratings.
8/25/2000 #1973: More California voters see Gore, rather than Bush, being closer to where they stand on the issues
8/24/2000 #1972: Gore-Lieberman ticket has a thirteen point lead among likely voters in California.
7/12/2000 #1971: Large majority attaches more importance to imposing greater control on guns than protecting gun ownership rights.
7/7/2000 #1970: Democratic house candidates have edge in generic ballot test. Voters have negative view of GOP house members. Favorable ratings for Feinstein and Boxer.
7/6/2000 #1969: Voters would rather have Davis remain as governor than become vice president. His presence on the ticket would not improve Gore's chances in California.
6/29/2000 #1968: Voters are evenly divided on school voucher initiative and lowering bond passage threshold to 55%. Early support for drug treatment initiative.
6/24/2000 #1967: Campbell still trailing Feinstein by a wide margin in senate race.
6/23/2000 #1966: Davis gets high job approval rating and is well liked. But many think he is too cautious, politically expedient and slow in making appointments.
6/22/2000 #1965: Significant decline in once overwhelming majority support for capital punishment. Three out of four favor governor Davis declaring a death penalty moratorium.
6/21/2000 #1964: Gore's positions on the issues, rather than Bush's, appear to be closer to those of California voters.
6/20/2000 #1963: Gore maintaining eleven point lead over Bush in California. Nader polls 7% of the vote.
6/16/2000 #1962: Clinton maintaining high job performance marks. Most Californians would like Hillary to be New York senator.
6/15/2000 #1961: Public has very negative view of Quackenbush's job performance. View charges against him as serious. Pluralities think he should resign or be impeached.
5/1/2000 #1960: The Expanding Latino Electorate: California's new Latino voters differ from their predecessors in many ways.
5/1/2000 May 2000 CA Opinion Index: A digest examining California's expanding Latino electorate.
3/7/2000 #1959: Turnout expected to be 7.4 million, larger than any previous primary. However, the expected number of non-voters (about 14 million) will also set a record for a presidential primary.
3/2/2000 #1958: Campbell solidifying his GOP base but still trails Feinstein by a wide margin.
3/1/2000 #1957: Voter tide running against repeal of tobacco tax (Prop. 28) and None of the Above ballot option (Prop. 23). Strong support for parks, clean water/air bonds (Prop. 12). Plurality opposes Prop. 25 (campaign financing).
2/29/2000 #1956: Prop. 22 still running ahead. Slight plurality favors Prop. 26. Sentiment strongly against Props. 30 and 31. Prop. 21 running ahead in counties with long ballot label wording.
2/28/2000 #1955: McCain gains in support among open primary voters. Support of strong conservatives providing Bush with big lead among Republican voters.
2/16/2000 #1954: Near record high regard for Davis' job performance. Feinstein, Boxer and the state legislature also receive good job marks.
2/15/2000 #1953: Californians continue to give Clinton high job ratings. Little sentiment for the next president to make big changes in policies.
2/14/2000 #1952: More voters are in a spending than a tax rebating mood when it comes to the state surplus.
2/11/2000 #1951: Voter reactions to six propositions appearing on the march 7 ballot. Props. 12, 21, 23, 25, 26 and 28.
2/10/2000 #1950: Plurality of voters ready to vote no on the two insurance referenda -- Props. 30 and 31.
2/9/2000 #1949: Majority sentiment still running in favor of Prop. 22, the limit on marriage initiative.
2/8/2000 #1948: Feinstein has big leads over each of three GOP rivals. Campbell leads the Republican field.
2/7/2000 #1947: McCain has halved Bush's lead among California Republicans and runs stronger than Bush in general election simulations. Gore expands lead over Bradley among Democrats.
1/20/2000 #1946: Feinstein maintaining an undiminished lead over Campbell and other GOP senatorial candidates
1/19/2000 #1945: Bush and Gore still hold big leads in California just prior to the Iowa caucuses.
12/21/1999 #1944: Voters still favor limit on marriage initiative. Oppose tobacco tax repeal and "None of the Above" initiatives. Bond measures supported, but by varying margins.
12/17/1999 #1943: Feinstein leads all candidates in U.S. Senate race. Campbell running ahead of other Republican rivals.
12/16/1999 #1942: Californians' presidential preferences not much different in December than they were earlier in the year.
12/14/1999 #1941: Significant minority of Californians think potential Y2K problems are serious and are worried. As many as one half plan to have extra cash and foods on hand before new year.
11/11/1999 #1940: Public divided on the efficacy of legislation enacted by elected representatives vs. ballot propositions.
11/11/1999 November 1999 CA Opinion Index: A digest summarizing public opinion on the efficacy of legislation by initiative vs. through elected representatives.
11/2/1999 #1939: Voters narrowly favor the 'None of the Above' ballot choice. Majority of all citizens like having the option of election day registration.
10/29/1999 #1938: Parks/water bond heavily favored. Majority supports lowering approval threshold for school constructon bonds.
10/28/1999 #1937: Voters are torn between appealing and unappealing provisions of reapportionment and campaign contributions initiatives.
10/27/1999 #1936: Voters currently inclined to favor definition of marriage initiative, but are opposed to repeal of tobacco tax.
10/22/1999 #1935: Favorable view of job performances of Clinton, Davis, Feinstein, Boxer, and state legislature. Congress is seen in a poor light.
10/21/1999 #1934: Feinstein has huge leads over possible GOP senate rivals. Campbell has small edge over Unz in GOP primary.
10/20/1999 #1933: Gore and Bush still have big leads in California's presidential primary. Gore and Bradley about even with Bush in general election match-ups.
9/17/1999 #1932: Californians very upbeat about the state's economy and their own personal economic well-being.
9/17/1999 September 1999 CA Opinion Index: A digest summarizing the California public's sense of economic well-being.
9/10/1999 #1931: Awareness of and present vote dispositions toward five initiatives likely to be on march 7 ballot.
9/9/1999 #1930: Almost everybody (94%) feels that cell phone usage while driving increases the risk of accidents. Almost two-thirds (63%) say that drivers 75 and over are less safe than others.
9/2/1999 #1929: Recent gun control legislation very much in line with the views of most Californians.
8/31/1999 #1928: Feinstein has big lead over little-known possible GOP Senate foes. Would not strengthen Demo ticket if she ran for vice-president.
8/27/1999 #1927: While Clinton's job rating remains high, increase in unfavorable regard for him. Californians' prefer Clinton's tax cut plan to Congress'.
8/26/1999 #1926: High regard for Davis as Governor, although public thinks legislature should make up its own mind rather than follow the governor's "vision" on important state issues.
8/25/1999 #1925: Bush has huge lead over GOP rivals. Gore way ahead of Bradley among Democrats. Bush and Gore evenly matched in general election trial heat in California.
4/30/1999 #1924: Californians becoming less attentive to public affairs. Cynical about intentions of politicians. Consider Democratic party more interested than GOP in problems that concern them the most.
4/30/1999 April 1999 CA Opinion Index: A digest on how the California public views political parties and the party system.
4/21/1999 #1923: High level of public favor for euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide. Increasing support among Catholics.
4/14/1999 #1922: Continuing rebound in residents affection for California as a place to live.
4/8/1999 #1921: High approval rating of state legislature. Term limits still heavily favored.
4/6/1999 #1920: Regard for Hillary Clinton at all-time high. Most Californians would like her to become senator from New York.
4/1/1999 #1919: Early support for "definition of marriage" initiative. Voters initially split on "none of the above" and school voucher/student testing initiatives.
3/30/1999 #1918: Belief that nation is on the right track eases somewhat. Outlook for California continues on an upward trend.
3/26/1999 #1917: While Feinstein as V.P. would give a slight boost in California to the Democratic ticket, E. Dole is seen as a potentially better V.P.
3/25/1999 #1916: Feinstein is well-known and highly regarded. None of her possible GOP opponents in 2000 senate race is widely known.
3/23/1999 #1915: Bush and Dole lead GOP presidential field in California. Gore is the Democratic leader. Very close general election match-ups.
3/20/1999 #1914: Congress now viewed unfavorably, vote to impeach could hurt Republican candidates in 2000.
3/19/1999 #1913: Davis gets high job performance marks during initial months of his administration.
3/18/1999 #1912: Despite increase in unfavorable regard for Clinton and the belief that he is dishonest, large majority of Californians still approves of his job performance.
1/1/1999 January 1999 CA Opinion Index: Voting in California's 1998 general election.
11/3/1998 #1911: About 9 million voters expected in today's election, a lower percentage of citizen-eligible adults than voted in 1994. Record number of votes to be cast by absentee ballot. Big demographic differences between adults, registered voters and likely voters. Characteristics of absentee and precinct voters also differ.
11/2/1998 #1910: Clinton job approval high; more now think he can be effective; opposition to his impeachment, resignation, but support for censure. Disapproval of GOP's handling of impeachment proceedings, possibly affecting their mid-term election chances
10/31/1998 #1909: Prop. 5 leading, Props. 9 and 3 trailing, Props. 8 and 10 closing. Bustamante pulls ahead in Lt. Governor's race, but race for attorney general remains close. State supreme court justices appear headed for reconfirmation.
10/30/1998 #1908: Davis leads Lungren by fourteen points in campaign's final week.
10/29/1998 #1907: Boxer rebounds, opens up a nine point lead over Fong one week before the election
10/16/1998 #1906: Not much attention being paid to state supreme court justice reconfirmations. Most voters with an opinion favor retaining all four.
10/14/1998 #1905: Many voters not familiar with candidates running for "down ballot" statewide offices. Incumbents hold early leads in re-election races. Open seat contests show close races.
10/13/1998 #1904: Heavily advertised ballot measures -- Props. 5 and 9 are getting a lot of voter attention, but Props. 3, 8 and 10 are not.
10/10/1998 #1903: How voters rate importance of issues in senate race and whether Fong or Boxer has the better position.
10/9/1998 #1902: Fong now leading Boxer in U.S. Senate race.
10/8/1998 #1901: Davis and Lungren are appealing to voters on different sets of issues.
10/7/1998 #1900: Davis' lead over Lungren drops to just six percentage points. Preferences are sharply divided by section of state, gender, race, age as well as partisanship.
10/6/1998 #1899: Clinton-Lewinsky affair appears to be benefiting California Republicans more than Democrats in this year's election.
10/5/1998 #1898: Drop in Clinton's job performance rating. More dislike him, and are dissatisfied with his explanations about Lewinsky. Majority supports congressional censure rather than impeachment.
9/11/1998 #1897: Wilson's job marks take favorable turn as he is about to leave office. However, state voters are disinclined to support him if he runs for president in 2000.
9/9/1998 #1896: Abortion could be a factor in preferences for governor and senate races. Also in state supreme court justices confirmations.
9/1/1998 #1895: First measures of voter awareness and dispositions regarding five November ballot initiatives.
8/28/1998 #1894: Lack of recognition typifies most of the candidates running for down-ticket offices. None of the contenders brings a heavy amount of negative image baggage.
8/27/1998 #1893: Davis has opened up a twelve-point lead over Lungren in governor's race.
8/26/1998 #1892: Boxer loses her previous lead over Fong in U.S. Senate race. Fong awareness and favorable image increasing.
8/25/1998 #1891: Less than half of Californians satisfied with Clinton's explanation about Lewinsky. Majorities believe he is dishonest and setting bad moral example. . . But while slippage in overall job rating, it is still relatively high.
8/24/1998 #1890: Californians strongly supportive of military strikes against terrorists. Many question their effectiveness. Lukewarm confidence in Clinton as Commander-in-Chief
6/1/1998 #1889: Big increase in absentee ballots, Latino voters and those not affiliated with a major political party. But overall participation near record low. Over three fourths of voters remain white non-Hispanics.
5/30/1998 #1888: Fong edging ahead of Issa in the race for the GOP senatorial nomination.
5/29/1998 #1887: Voters moving to the no side on Props. 226 (union dues) and 223 (school spending limits). Voter support for Prop. 227 (bilingual education) declines, but majority still favors its passage.
5/28/1998 #1886: Davis enlarges lead over Democratic rivals for gubernatorial nomination.
5/18/1998 #1885: While voters have a mixed view of the effects of Prop. 13. , most would favor it again if up for a vote today.
5/18/1998 May 1998 CA Opinion Index: A digest on how the California public views Prop. 13 -- 20 years later.
5/6/1998 #1884: Huge majority of voters do not know the candidates running for attorney general, lieutenant governor and state schools superintendent.
5/5/1998 #1883: Support for Prop. 226 (union dues) decreasing. Favoritism for Prop. 227 (bilingual education) still strong. School administration spending initiative (Prop. 223) leading.
5/2/1998 #1882: No change in voter preferences for U.S. Senate: Big Boxer lead; Issa maintains small edge over Fong.
5/1/1998 #1881: Clinton's job approval rating still at high levels despite a widespread belief that he has engaged in sexual misconduct.
4/30/1998 #1880: Checchi and Harman ads reaching majority of voters. Many see them as unfair.
4/29/1998 #1879: Davis edges past Checchi in the race for Democratic gubernatorial nomination. Harman drops to third place.
3/26/1998 #1878: Candidates running for state treasurer, controller, insurance commissioner and secretary of state are not very well known.
3/25/1998 #1877: Lockyer and Bustamente leading candidate field in a-g and lt. Governor races
3/24/1998 #1876: Initiative to restrict union dues for political purposes favored 2 to 1. School administration spending initiative leading 5 to 3.
3/20/1998 #1875: Bilingual education initiative, Prop. 227, continues to get overwhelming voter support.
3/19/1998 #1874: Issa moves ahead of Fong for Republican senatorial nomination.
3/18/1998 #1873: Harman moves ahead of Checchi and Davis in Democratic field for governor.
3/17/1998 #1872: Clinton's approval rating still high. Starr viewed most negatively. Appraisal of Wilson is his best during past four years.
2/24/1998 #1871: Public's ratings of their own economic well-being and the state's economy are at record high levels
2/18/1998 #1870: Strong support for three proposals to increase cigarette taxes.
2/12/1998 #1869: Big optimistic turnabout in public's view of the direction of the nation and California.
2/12/1998 February 1998 CA Opinion Index: The California public's sense of economic well-being.
2/11/1998 #1868: Twenty candidates vying for six "down-the-ticket" partisan state offices are generally not well-known.
2/10/1998 #1867: Strong support for initiatives on bilingual education, restricting union dues withholding and limiting school administrative spending.
2/6/1998 #1866: Lungren, Davis lead reduced field of gubernatorial candidates. Checchi in strong contending position.
2/5/1998 #1865: U.S. Senate Race: Boxer has big lead over GOP rivals
1/16/1998 #1864: Drop in public concern about many major state issues.
1/16/1998 January 1998 CA Opinion Index: How concerned Californians are about major issues facing the state.
12/12/1997 #1863: Strong support for an initiative which would require a minor obtaining parental consent before having an abortion
12/11/1997 #1862: Early voter reaction appears to favor school administration spending limit and limiting congressional terms.
12/10/1997 #1861: Initiative to restrict the use of union dues or pay withholdings for political activities favored by a large majority.
12/9/1997 #1860: Strong support among all racial and partisan groups for changing bilingual education.
12/5/1997 #1859: Many of the well-known presidential prospects in 2000 are viewed negatively by California voters.
12/3/1997 #1858: Voter support for GOP senate possibilities is fragmented and unjelled.
12/2/1997 #1857: Feinstein and Lungren lead pack of primary election possibilities for governor. Close November race indicated if they are the candidates.
11/26/1997 #1856: Growing number believe country and state are moving in right direction, but job appraisals of Clinton and Wilson have declined.
11/25/1997 #1855: Most people have heard about El Niño, but not too many are very concerned or making special preparations.
11/3/1997 #1854: Voters recognize many negatives about ballot proposition elections, but still think they are a good thing.
10/31/1997 October 1997 CA Opinion Index: A digest on how California voters view statewide ballot propoposition elections.
10/1/1997 #1853: Only a few of society's institutions engender a lot of public confidence.
9/30/1997 September 1997 CA Opinion Index: A digest describing the California public's confidence in institutions.
9/4/1997 #1852: Chief justice Ronald George's ruling on abortion law could effect his confirmation chances next year.
9/1/1997 #1851: Wilson viewed somewhat better than Jerry Brown when the latter was in his second term as governor in 1981.
8/29/1997 #1850: 1998 Senatorial Race: Boxer has relatively small leads over Fong and Golding
8/28/1997 #1849: 1998 Governor's Race: Feinstein leads in both open and closed primary ballots.
8/27/1997 #1848: Job performance of Clinton, Wilson, state legislature and congress now viewed in more favorable light.
8/26/1997 #1847: Budget passage delays seen as a serious problem. Neither governor nor legislators get high marks for their budget-related work. Support for lowering budget passage level in the legislature from two-thirds to simple majority vote.
6/30/1997 #1846: Californians see a decline in state's quality of life. However, current appraisal better than what it was a few years ago.
6/30/1997 June 1997 CA Opinion Index: A digest on how the California public views a variety of matters relating to living in California.
6/12/1997 #1845: Public does not see air travel being less safe now, but is still greatly concerned about threats to air safety
5/30/1997 #1844: Majority of voters favor continuation of term limits.
5/28/1997 #1843: California voter awareness and images of seventeen possible candidates for president in 2000.
5/23/1997 #1842: Boxer leads GOP rivals in next year's senatorial race
5/22/1997 #1841: 1998 Governor's Race: Feinstein leads in open primary preferences. Close general election contest indicated.
5/21/1997 #1840: Big drop in Clinton's positive job appraisals, especially among Democrats. No change in public's largely negative view of Wilson's performance.
5/6/1997 #1839: Public split on whether homosexual relations are wrong. Majority favors legal recognition of gay family rights, and some domestic partner issues.
5/6/1997 May 1997 CA Opinion Index: A digest on how the California public views gay and lesbian rights issues.
3/17/1997 #1838: More Californians report being better off. Improved view of the state's economy.
3/17/1997 March 1997 CA Opinion Index: A digest on how the California public views a variety of matters relating to their economic well-being.
3/14/1997 #1837: Slight ebbing in support for capital punishment, but 74% still favor it.
3/12/1997 #1836: Public endorses several "right to die" situations. Would approve of doctor-assisted suicide option if they became terminally ill.
3/10/1997 #1835: Majority of voters continue to approve of abortion during 1st trimester. Opposed to late term abortions, unless woman's health is in danger.
3/7/1997 #1834: Social security system seen as a problem, not a crisis. Public believes S.S. taxes will go up. Mixed views about investing S.S. funds in stock market. Most trust Democrats more than GOP on Social Security issues.
3/5/1997 #1833: Those heaviest hit by winter floods expect repeat occurrences. Strong support for set-back levee concept.
3/3/1997 #1832: Public favors gay/lesbian domestic partnership rights. Oppose same-sex marriages.
2/27/1997 #1831: Little statewide awareness of five possible GOP senate candidates. Boxer holds large lead in "open primary" scenario
2/25/1997 #1830: Feinstein leads in both open and closed gubernatorial primary election simulations.
2/21/1997 #1829: Feinstein and Boxer maintaining favorable job ratings.
2/20/1997 #1828: Wilson's image and job performance ratings still suffering. Legislature not viewed favorably, but public would side with its positions over Wilson's in a budget battle.
2/19/1997 #1827: New high in Clinton's job performance ratings.
2/1/1997 February 1997 CA Opinion Index: A review of voting and political demography in 1996.
11/22/1996 #1826: Prop. 209 post-election survey results
11/20/1996 #1825: Post-election survey -- synopsis of the findings
5/1/1995 May 1995 CA Opinion Index: A digest of voter opinions on discrimination and affirmative action.
1/1/1995 January 1995 CA Opinion Index: A summary analysis of voting in the 1994 general election.
1/1/1993 January 1993 CA Opinion Index: A summary analysis of voting in the 1992 general election.

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