James Harland


IT geek with a penchant for cars. Made Domino's pizza tracker a bit more secure. Likes a bit of radio geekery too. 5 digits in my Twitter ID cos I'm oldskool.

Maidstone / Tunbridge Wells
Joined December 2006

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    Dossing around on the net

  2. Wake up refreshed and pleased I'm up early so I don't need to rush to work. "oh let me check traffic anywa.... FUCK!"

  3. Two Cleverbot-powered bots are talking to each other live on Twitch. Their conversation is sublime.

  4. New Year, new work Dilbert calendar!

  5. Me: "I'll just play a bit of Rocket League before I head off" Steam:

  6. Why the hell is YouTube sharing this stuff now? I don't remember turning this on. FYI the cabin filter is A PITA and I probably won't bother

  7. I added a video to a playlist HD - 2004-2009 Mazda 3 Cabin Air Filter Change DIY - No Glove

  8. Good to see the receptionist's Jpeg of an Excel file is coming along nicely...


  10. I went to more effort than I'd planned, downloading of the official fonts and faithfully re-creating it all in Photoshop!

  11. So my brother bailed on after day one this year (because monsoon). This is my gift for him. Offended or amused? We'll see!

  12. Tiny photoshop tip 4 u: Fed up of stupid locked background layers when you open a JPG? Alt+double-click it. Turns it in to a normal layer.

  13. When you take a great instagram pic but remember you banned the internet in your country

  14. Whoooooo.... Lives in a pineapple under the sea?!

  15. This just in on "When radio stations don't check their cross post settings". Don't think Instagram's ever had a 👍

  16. Lads - how do you cope on days like these?

  17. Picard sanity tip: If there are four lights, say there are four lights.

  18. That moment when you don't put enough water in your Oat So Simple...

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