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Stair Square

Stair Square

invented by Derek Pater

Stair Square

The Stair Square is an innovative new tool that helps builders and handymen measure the dimensions of a staircase. It works by calculating the exact dimension of both the riser and tread simultaneously. It takes away the most difficult part of stair building, which is calculating the measurements to make the dimensions of each stair exactly the same. The first shipment of Stair Squares is going to Europe now.

About the Inventor

Derek Pater has been a carpenter for about 13 years. He is the founder of Company Real Inventions Pty Ltd, where he licenses and sells inventions made by himself and his clients. Derek is currently working towards 20 Assigned Patents, and he has been selling his Roofing Protractor invention direct to public through this website.


For more information about Stair Square, contact the following:
Derek Pater
Company Real Inventions Pty Ltd
0403 106 930

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Prior to the stair square invention Derek also invented a Roof Protractor which was the inspiration behind the stair square. (

The Stair Square is purely a set out stair tool on its own. It is NOT for use with a Router, however the router can be used afterwards either free hand or making a ply template based on the stair square set-out. The intended purpose of the Stair Square is to mark out (ie. the part removed by the router and chisel) and rebates in Stringers (the piece that goes up the sides on an angle). The whole point of this tool is youíve got to mark out the stair tread and riser and this has to be let into or housed in the stringer. (Otherwise you have to faff around and laboriously mark out each tread and riser).
The Stair Square is also only designed for straight stair runs. If the stairs arenít straight then the Stair Square wonít be of any use. (e.g. old buildings where dimensions vary).

Building stairs is one of the most finickity tasks to build....which is why this the Stair Square is such a fabulous invention.

When considering the design and dimensions of the stringers prior to marking them out you should consider strength recommendations for safety, depending upon whether the stringer is to be supported by other structures or not. If you are unsure about how to determine these you should consult with a qualified building engineer.

The general depth of the rebate to be cut indoor, outdoor or trenched stairs is approximately 12mmm and safe use of a router or similar tool is recommended for this task.

Quote of the Week

"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."   - musical innovator John Cage

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