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NOAA Due to lack of resources,
and Dapper are no longer available

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Due to severe resource reductions, the DChart and Dapper data access web pages and OpenDAP data services ( and are no longer available.

The Dapper/DChart software is still available for download but PMEL is no longer able to support it, due to lack of resources.

If you have any questions, please contact

August 2012

Dapper/DChart Credits

The Dapper and DChart servlets, OPeNDAP interface to the Climate Data Portal, and database loader were developed by Joe Sirott at PMEL.

The Climate Data Portal was originally developed by Willa Zhu and Donald Denbo at PMEL and modified by Joe Sirott.

The OPeNDAP interface to the CDP is based on the OPeNDAP Java library written by Nathen Potter at Oregon State University.

Development work for aggregation of Opendap datasets was supported by Opendap, Inc.

The Climate Data Portal makes heavy use of a locally enhanced version of netCDF Java library from Unidata written by John Caron and others.

The DChart AJAX user interface uses the elegant JavaScript Prototype library as well as portions of the Yahoo UI library. Station plots are generated with the JFreeChart Java library. Gridded plots are generated by the SGT library developed by Donald Denbo. Bob Simons at PFEL provided essential advice on modifying SGT to run in a headless (servlet) environment.

DChart shapefiles are processed with the GeoTools library.


Dapper/DChart is licensed under the NOAA/EPIC software license.

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