What benefits can I get with YouTube affiliate programs?

Earning money directly on YouTube may seem more reasonable and safe, however when you start a lot of obstacles appear. The first thing is to make an account on Google AdSense which is fast and easy. You can start earning right after the registration, however in order to get the income you will have to confirm your postal address. It’s not a problem for the USA or Europe but can be really difficult for developing countries where post services work slowly and the paper letter (yes, Google sends its confirmation codes in envelopes) can go for several weeks.

Partnership programs do not require anything like this. You apply for participation, get the positive reply and start earning.


Content issues

Videos can bring you money only if they are published and it is not that simple with the official YouTube partnership program. It’s a good thing when YouTube channels violating copyright legislation are not admitted to take part in partnership programs, but quite often it also concerns the review videos – for example, when a gamer makes his personal review of a new Android app using parts of videos belonging to another right holder.

Partnership programs are much more flexible, condescending and tolerant to such things. They will never allow for plagiarism publishing, however you will never see such an absurd and paranoia like in case of Google AdSense.



Technically one will earn a bit more with AdSense since he wouldn’t have to pay any percent of his income in favor of the company providing the partnership program. But again, AdSense may seem convenient only for the people living in the USA, Canada and maybe Western Europe. They send paychecks which should be cashed within 2 months. As it has already been mentioned, a letter can be delivered even in several weeks only. Moreover, in many countries it appears to be difficult to cash a check issues by an American bank.

Partnership programs are very flexible and despite you’ll have to lose a small part of your earnings for the commission; you can get money to your bank account or even to a local electronic payment system which is popular in your country. All in all, partnership programs provide much wider range of payment methods and basically people from nearly any country can find something suitable.



Our mission is to give relevant and useful information while the decision is always up to you. We just suggest that you think twice, weigh all pros and contras and choose the option you like more.