First News Review

    First News

    I’m a really big advocate of encouraging children to read, both my boys are competent readers. I think it’s important for children to read non-fiction as well as fiction and learning about what is happening in the world really helps them at school. We’ve been reading the First News children’s newspaper for the last 2 weeks.

    What is First News?

    First News is a subscription based weekly newspaper designed for children aged 7 – 14 years old. While this is quite a varied age group there is something in it for all age groups. There are 28 different sections including;

    • Big News
    • Week in Pictures
    • Home News
    • World News
    • Animal News
    • Puzzle time
    • Game zone
    • Sports

    My boys have enjoyed reading it and have taken different things away from each of the sections. William is 9 and in year 5, Ben is 8 and in year 3 at school. They have different reading abilities and different interests and it’s been nice to see that this paper can cater for both of them. They having been looking forward to getting a new copy through the post every Friday and I have to referee who get’s to read it first! Continue Reading

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